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When Lin Huanhuan took the roasted meat, she noticed that Sang Yes fingers were burned.

He must have accidentally burned himself while roasting the meat.

“Your hand—”

Sang Ye looked down at his fingertips and said indifferently, “I was burned.”

His tone was very calm, as though he was not the one who had been burned.

He did not care at all.

Lin Huanhuan asked, “Does it hurt”

“I dont feel anything.”

Sang Ye sat far away from the fire.

He tore the remaining raw meat into pieces, put them in his mouth, and ate slowly.

It was clearly a barbaric move, but it looked exceptionally elegant and calm when he did it.

Lin Huanhuan looked at him in a daze.

“Dont you like cooked meat”

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“I dont like hot things.”

Lin Huanhuan subconsciously looked at the fire.

“The fire is hot…”

“I dont like fire.”

“But you were roasting meat on the fire”

Sang Ye glanced at her indifferently.

“Because you want to eat cooked meat.”

Because she wanted to eat cooked meat, he endured his distaste for fire and helped her roast the meat himself.

Lin Huanhuan was a little touched.

She suddenly felt that this cold-looking man in front of her was not as cold as he appeared.

Perhaps he was just not good at expressing himself

Lin Huanhuan finished the roasted meat in her hand and stood up to walk toward the caves entrance.

Sang Ye stared at her immediately.

“Where are you going”

Lin Huanhuan waved her greasy hands.

“Im going to wash my hands.”

Sang Ye put down the half-eaten meat and walked to the entrance, watching her every move.

Lin Huanhuan was helpless.

“Its the middle of the night.

Even if I want to run, I cant.

You dont have to watch me so closely.”

Sang Ye did not speak.

His dark eyes stared at her intently without any intention of compromising.

Lin Huanhuan had no choice but to let him be.

She knelt down and washed the grease off her hands with ice and snow.

Then, she picked up a clean ice crystal and put it in her mouth.

After eating so much roasted meat just now, her stomach was full of oil and grease.

She wanted to eat some ice.

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Lin Huanhuan saw Sang Ye staring at her mouth and thought that he wanted to eat it too, so she handed over an ice crystal.

“Do you want to eat it”

Sang Ye said flatly, “I dont like things this cold.”

Lin Huanhuan was very curious.

“You dont like hot things or cold things.

Is there anything in this world that you like”

Sang Ye stared at her face and said nothing for a long time.


Lin Huanhuan was already used to his reticence and did not mind it.

She went back into the cave, tidied the haystack, and lay down on it.

Sang Ye sat down not far from her.

He leaned back against the rock wall.

There was no color on his pale face and his long, thick lashes were slightly lowered, casting deep shadows.

His long dark hair fell down his face and the ends fell to the floor; they were thick as night.

Outside the cave, cold wind began to blow in again.

Cold snow rushed into the cave, making the flames sway.

Sang Ye glanced at the little female curled up in a ball from the cold and frowned slightly.

He got up and walked to the caves entrance.

He took off his gray-white robe, revealing his slender, pale body.

He tossed the robe aside, then reverted to his true form.

The black python was more than a meter thick.

His skin was covered in fine black scales.

A circle of silver-gray patterns could be vaguely seen below his neck and at the tip of his tail.


A diamond-shaped black gem was seen between the snakes eyebrows.

The snake coiled his body in circles, blocking the entrance.

His head rested over his coiled body, his dark eyes focused on the sleeping female.

They didnt leave her for a moment.

Sang Ye used his body to block the cold wind and snow outside the cave, so that the little female would be warm.

The next day, Lin Huanhuan woke up and opened her eyes only to see a huge snakes head.

Frightened, she rolled off the haystack.

Sang Ye opened his eyes.

When he saw that she was rolling to the ground, he extended his tail and gently pushed her up onto the haystack again.

Lin Huanhuan looked nervously at the python in front of her.

Her gaze stopped on the black gem between his eyebrows for a long time before she asked tentatively, “Are you Sang Ye”

The python did not open its mouth, but it could make a sound from its abdomen.

“Its me.”

Lin Huanhuan did not expect Sang Yes original form to be a snake! Moreover, he was such a huge python!

She was afraid of rats and snakes.

She looked at the huge python in front of her and felt goosebumps rise all over her body.

She couldnt resist asking, “Shouldnt snakes be in hibernation now Why arent you hibernating”

“After evolution, we dont need to hibernate.”

Lin Huanhuan whispered, “Can you turn back into your human form Youre scary like this.”

Sang Ye bowed his head.

His huge snakes head stayed a fists length away from her, his black snake eyes staring into hers.

“Do you think I look terrible like this”

Females generally did not like the appearance of pythons.

Sang Ye had endured many looks of disgust because of this.

Although those beasts who despised him never ended up well, appearance was still the most taboo thing for him.

What if the little female despised his appearance

He might as well swallow her whole, so that he wouldnt have to see the disgust on her face.


Sang Yes gaze made her scalp tingle.

She felt as if all the blood in her body had been frozen and she felt a chill run down her body.

She said shakily, “Youre not ugly.

Youre just… a little scary.”

Sang Ye looked thoughtful.

“Are you afraid of snakes”

Lin Huanhuan nodded and hurriedly admitted it.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

The python opened his mouth, flicked out his scarlet tongue, and gently swept it across her face.

“Dont be afraid.”

The tongue could be said to be the softest part of a snake.

It left a wet and slippery trail on Lin Huanhuans face.

Lin Huanhuan was so frightened that she almost fainted.

She covered her cheeks, her bright eyes round as a startled bunnys.

Sang Ye felt that the little female was really cute.

Unable to resist, he curled his snake tail around her, then lowered it to brush it lightly against her cheek.

“I wont hurt you.”

As if sensing his kindness, the fear in Lin Huanhuans heart eased a little.

She looked at the huge snakes head that was right in front of her.

Carefully, she reached out and touched it gently.

The cool, wet touch made her stiffen slightly.

The python looked at her, his snake eyes encouraging.

Lin Huanhuan gulped.

She suppressed the nervousness in her heart and reached out to touch his head again.

This time, she placed her hand there longer.

Sang Ye rubbed against her palm.

Lin Huanhuan looked at his gentle appearance and couldnt help but touch him again.

Sang Ye had swept her into his coiled form.

His scarlet tongue hooked her fingers, and his dark snake eyes were focused and affectionate.

Lin Huanhuan touched the snakes tongue for the first time.

The soft touch made her find the experience very novel.

She held his tongue and tickled it gently with her fingertips.

The python trembled, and its pure black eyes immediately turned dark red.


He couldnt help but wrap the little female tighter in his coils.

This way, she could only belong to him and no one else.


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