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Huanhuan pulled Bai Di and Xue Ling to the outer city and found the beast who opened the gambling den.

She realized that he was the owner of a gambling den.

She poured a full bag of bone tablets onto the table.

“I bought all of these.

According to the 28-to-1 odds, you should give me 8,400 green crystals now.”

8,400 green crystal coins was definitely not a small sum.

As soon as the owner of the gambling den heard the number, he was furious.

“We dont have that many crystal coins,” he said gruffly.

“Oh! Are you going back on your word” Huanhuan slapped the table.

“Im telling you, if you dont take out 8,400 green crystals today, Ill tear down your gambling den!”

Under normal circumstances, the gambling dens boss would get his thugs to teach the troublemakers a lesson before throwing them out.

However, the troublemaker was a delicate and cute female.

Although her face was covered by a veil and her entire face could not be seen, one could tell from her big watery eyes that she was definitely a rare beautiful female.

Faced with a female, especially a beautiful female, male beasts always had the urge to be extra kind.

The owner said, “I dont want to go back on my word, but I really dont have that many crystal coins here.

Even if you tear down my gambling den, I cant take out more than 8,000 green crystals.”

Huanhuan was not fooled at all.

“How dare you open a gambling den without money You must be joking!”

At that moment, Thaine walked in.

He was surprised to see Huanhuan and Bai Di.

“Why are you here”

Bai Di said, “We won the bet with the bone tablets we bought.

We came to get the crystal coins.”

“Oh, Im here to get money too.” Thaine took out a hide bag and poured out all the bone tablets inside.

They were all bone tablets of the Rock Wolf Tribe.

There were about a hundred of them.

Huanhuan counted for him.

“There are a total of 103 bone tablets here.

According to the odds, you should be able to earn 2,884 green crystals!”

Thaine couldnt help but click his tongue.

“So much money! Im really going to be rich this time!”

Unexpectedly, the owner of the gambling den took out a bag, grabbed a handful of crystal coins, and threw them on the table.

“For your sake, take these crystal coins and distribute them.”

Thaine glanced at the crystal coins.

There were not even 200, let alone 2,000.

He immediately frowned and said unhappily, “Youre scamming me!”

The owner of the gambling den said, “I only have these crystal coins.

Its fine if you dont want them.”

Huanhuan could tell that this guy was a troublemaker.

He would do whatever he could.

He had no intention of paying up according to the agreement.

She gathered the crystal coins and counted them.

“Theres a hundred in total.

You still owe me 8,300 crystal coins.”

“Hey! Why are you so stubborn, little female Its good enough that I can give you a hundred crystal coins.

Take them and leave quickly.

Dont disturb my business!”

As the owner spoke, he pushed Huanhuan out.

In the process, he accidentally touched her hand.

He was surprised to find that her skin was very delicate and smooth.

It felt very good to touch.

Unable to resist, he grabbed her hand and touched it twice more.

His smile was very wretched.

“If you can stay and play with me, Ill consider giving you the remaining 8,000 crystal coins.”

Huanhuan smiled faintly.

“How do you wish to play”

The owners claws were about to touch her chest.

“Of course…”

However, before his fingers could touch her, Little Green suddenly appeared and whipped him away!

Seeing that their boss had been beaten up, the thugs in the casino rushed toward Huanhuan!

Bai Di pulled Huanhuan behind him and kicked the nearest thug.

The owner of the gambling den struggled to his feet.

He covered his wounded cheek and cursed fiercely, “Catch the three of them! Ill kill them today!”


Xue Ling casually waved his hand and threw a fireball at the owners hide skirt.

The hide skirt burned, and the owner screamed and rolled on the ground.

Someone beside him wanted to save him, but they were too frightened by the fireball in Xue Lings hand to approach.

Xue Ling said calmly, “If anyone dares to save him, Ill burn that person too.”

Bai Di and Thaine were quick and efficient.

They quickly beat the thugs to the ground.

Bai Di casually grabbed a beaten beast and asked, “Wheres the money”

The man was afraid that they would hit him again.

He quickly said, “Its in the small room at the back.

Theres a piece of hide hanging on the wall.

If you pull the hide open, you can see a small hole.

The money is in there.”

When the owner of the gambling den heard that his subordinate had revealed his secret, he was so angry that he wanted to kill someone.

However, he was still burning and had no time to spare.

He could only watch as Bai Di walked into the small room.

Before long, Bai Di walked out with a bulging hide bag.

He placed the bag on the table, and there was the crisp sound of crystal coins colliding.

He waved at Huanhuan.

“Come and count.”

Huanhuan ran over and opened the bag.

She saw that it was filled with sparkling green crystals.

Her eyes lit up.

She counted carefully and then distributed 2,884 green crystals to Thaine.


She said, “These are your winnings.

Count them and see if Im wrong.”

Thaine smiled heroically.

“I dont know how to count.

You can count for me.

I believe you.”

Huanhuan counted the remaining green crystal coins.

There were exactly 8,320.

She put 8,300 of them into her bag, then threw the remaining 20 crystal coins to the gambling den owner who was still rolling on the ground.

“Im easily satisfied.

I only take the money I won.

Ill return these 20 crystal coins to you.

Take them.”

Bai Di picked up the bag filled with crystal coins and said to Xue Ling, “Lets go.”

Xue Ling retracted his fireball.

Huanhuan walked out of the gambling den with Bai Di in one hand and Xue Ling in the other.

After saying goodbye to Thaine, they went home.

Huanhuan and the other two returned to the stone house in the inner city and realized that Shuang Yun had returned.

Shuang Yun saw Bai Di carrying a bulging hide bag and asked curiously, “Whats in there”

“Theyre all green crystal coins.

We won them by buying bone tablets.” Huanhuan smiled proudly.

Most of the beasts did not think highly of the Rock Wolf Tribe.

They all threw their money at the Hundred Tempering Snake Tribe.

They did not expect the Rock Wolf Tribe to become the dark horse of this trial.

In the end, they all lost.

Only Huanhuan and Thaine won.

Huanhuan touched the bag of green crystals in front of her and said with a smile, “Not only was I able to prove them wrong, but I also made money out of it.

This deal is really worth it!”

Bai Di was amused by her miserly look.

He stroked her head.

“As long as youre happy.”

Shuang Yun took out the green crystal disc.

“The King of Beasts gave this to us.

In addition, he told me something.”

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