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After watching the systems memories, the prophet was silent for a long time before speaking softly.

“The memories are very interesting.”

The system said nothing.

The prophet didnt seem to care about his silence.

He took a few steps.

“Im trapped in this temple.

I can never get out.

This place is like a cage.

There are walls everywhere.

Wherever I go, its cold.”

He turned sideways to look at the system on the black crystal wall.

“Im really a little envious of you.”

The system remained silent.

The prophet suddenly suggested, “Why dont we make a deal Ill give you the position of prophet.

Youll give me Huanhuan.

Ill follow her to see the outside world.

Youll stay in this temple and enjoy supreme power.”

The system didnt expect him to say that.

He looked stunned.

“Youre joking, right”

“Im serious.

If you nod, we can swap identities immediately.”

The corners of the systems mouth twitched.

“And you say I dont follow the rules.

I realize youre even more ridiculous than me when youre crazy.”

The prophet smiled.

“Ive been here for too long.

Im sick of it.”

“Arent you afraid that Ill take the opportunity to take over your body and snatch everything from you”

“You can take all of this as long as youre willing to trade Huanhuan.”

The system stared at him as if to see what he was thinking.

The prophet accepted his scrutiny calmly and waited quietly for his answer.

After a long silence, the system said, “No.”


“Huanhuan is more important to me than anything else.”


The prophet said, “But shell be dead before long.”


The systems expression changed slightly.

“How do you know”

“I can see what she can see with the Prediction Mask.

Dont forget, I gave you that mask.”

“Do you know wholl kill her”

“I dont know who the killer is,” the prophet said quietly.

“But I can save her life.”

The system perked up.

“Please save her!”

The prophet said meaningfully, “I can save her, but you…”


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Huanhuan finally woke up.

She opened her eyes and stared blankly at the ceiling for a long time before gradually coming back to her senses.

“Are you awake”

Huanhuan looked over and saw the prophet standing beside the black crystal wall.

There was a figure on the wall.

The figure looked exactly like the prophet.

They were like twins.

There was no difference between the two.

Huanhuan was stunned for a moment.

“You two…”

The figure on the wall moved.

“We were talking about something.”

Huanhuan asked hesitantly, “Youre Little Brat”

“As expected, you call meDaddy if you need help with something.

Otherwise, you call meLittle Brat.

Youre too good at manipulating the situation.”

Upon hearing this, Huanhuan immediately confirmed that the other party was the system.

She immediately got up and walked over.

“Why are you on this wall”

The prophet said, “This wall can be connected to dreams.

We saw your performance in the dream just now through this wall.

Little Brat can also show himself through this wall.”

Huanhuan tried to remember.

She had not said anything bad about the prophet in her dream just now.

She was relieved.

“Did I pass the trial”

“Yes, you passed.”

Huanhuan was very happy and extended her right hand.

“Little Brat, I passed the trial!”

The system also extended his right hand.


They high-fived across the wall.


Huanhuan looked around.

“Where are the others”

The prophet said, “I sent them all back.”

“Then we should go back too.

Its getting late.

Bai Di and the others are waiting for me at home.

Theyll worry if I go back too late.”

The prophet said, “Its getting late.

Why dont you sleep here for the night and go down the mountain in the morning”

Huanhuan declined his kindness.

She didnt like this cold temple.

She would lose sleep if she spent the night here.

She insisted on going down the mountain and going home.

The prophet didnt force her to stay.

He said, “Let me send you down the mountain.”

“How can I let you send me down the mountain personally I can walk down by myself.”

“The mountain path is long and dark.

Its not safe for you to walk alone.

Im worried.”


Hearing his words, Huanhuan could only say, “Thats too much trouble.”

“Lets go.”

Huanhuan looked back at the system on the wall.

“What about you”

“Of course, Im leaving with you.”

After the figure on the wall disappeared, it turned into a pale golden ball of light and entered her body.

Huanhuan touched her chest.

“Little Brat”

The systems voice sounded in her head.


Knowing that the system was back, Huanhuan immediately felt at ease.

The prophet was already out the door.

He looked back at Huanhuan.

“Why arent you coming”

“Im coming!” Huanhuan immediately followed.

The prophet led the way, and Huanhuan followed him.


The two of them walked out.

On the way, they encountered many attendants.

They faced the prophet and knelt silently.

They bowed respectfully and greeted him.

Along the way, Huanhuan could barely see the faces of those beasts.

Every time she realized their existence, they would already be kneeling with their foreheads pressed tightly against the ground, revealing only the top of their heads for her to see.

The journey down the mountain was very long.

She slowly walked down the stairs.

She had thought that it would be much easier to go down the mountain than up.

Unexpectedly, she had only walked less than a third of the way down when she was dizzy and her legs were trembling.

She put her hands on her knees and looked at the endless stairs in front of her.

She was panting.

She wanted to roll herself into a ball and go straight down the stairs.

The prophet in front sensed that the person behind him had stopped.

He stopped too and turned to her.

“Can you still hold on”

Huanhuan panted.

“I-I need to rest.”

The prophet said, “Its getting late.

At the rate were going, itll be dawn by the time you get down the mountain.”

“But I really, really cant walk anymore.”

“Let me carry you down.”

“Huh” Huanhuans eyes widened in surprise.

The prophet reached out with both hands and picked her up in his arms.

He walked steadily down.

The distance between the two of them suddenly shortened.

Huanhuan was a little uncomfortable.

Even though they were very close, his facial features were still perfect and flawless.

He almost didnt look like a real person.

In order to ease the awkward atmosphere, Huanhuan found something to say.

“Everyone seems to admire you.”


Huanhuan asked again, “Do you have any hobbies”


Huanhuan was very surprised.

“Dont you have any hobbies Then what do you do in the temple”



Huanhuan blinked.


“I think.

I sometimes think about the meaning of our existence, about the speed of time passing, about our past, present, and future…”

Huanhuan sweated.

“Whats the use of thinking about these things”

“Legend has it that as long as you think through the meaning of survival and time, you can touch gods.”

“Are there really gods in this world”

“God is in your heart.

If you believe in Him, Hes real.

If you dont believe in Him, Hes just a symbol.”


“You make it sound so mysterious.

I dont understand.”

“Youll understand in the future.”



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