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Huanhuan watched as the worms in front of her receded like a tide, and her tense heartstrings finally relaxed.

She wiped away the nonexistent cold sweat and turned to look at the handsome man beside her.

She let out a long sigh.

“Little Brat, thank goodness for your help.

Otherwise, I wouldve been scared to death!”

The systems eyes were covered by a white shark silk veil, and his long golden hair was as bright and smooth as the moonlight.

He looked exactly like the prophet!

He reached up and touched her head.

“This is a dream.

Everything is fake.

You dont have to be afraid.”

Those worms were too realistic.

She did not expect them to be fake.

Huanhuan felt a lingering fear.

“Why am I in a dream again”

“Youre being controlled by someone.”

Huanhuan was stunned for a moment.

She recalled what had happened before she fell asleep and immediately thought of the cup of water the prophet had given her.

“Did the prophet use Dream Control on me!”

The system nodded.


Huanhuan was heartbroken.

“But why did the prophet let me see so many insects in my dream Doesnt he feel disgusted!”

“This dream will trigger the thing your subconscious fears most.

So many bugs appeared because youre most afraid of them.”

“So, I actually attracted those bugs”

“You could say that.”

Huanhuan leaned close to him.

“Dad, you have to protect me!”

The system lifted her chin.

“You call meDaddy when you need me butLittle Brat when you dont.”

Huanhuan chuckled.

“This is your territory.

I can only rely on you!”

“The prophets Dream Control is very powerful.

I might not be his match.”

Huanhuan cheered him on.

“Dont be afraid.

I believe you can definitely take him on!”

At this moment, in front of the black crystal wall, the elders were discussing why Huanhuan could suddenly dodge the attacks of those bugs in her dream and even scare them away.

“Could it be that she has some hidden ability that can restrain the bugs”

“If thats the case, why didnt she use that ability earlier Think about how she was chased all over by the bugs.

She didnt look like she had the ability to deal with them then.”

“Youre right.”

While the elders were discussing, the prophet was looking calmly at the black crystal wall.

His gaze seemed to penetrate the wall and land on Huanhuan in the dream.

Others couldnt see it, but the prophet could.

Beside Huanhuan stood a male who looked exactly like him.

At the same time, the system in the dream seemed to sense the prophets gaze.

He suddenly looked up in the direction of the prophet.

Their gazes penetrated the dimension and met in the air.

Then, many terrifying and disgusting things appeared in the dream one after another, mainly bugs.

Huanhuan hugged Daddy Systems long legs tightly.

He would kill whatever she encountered.

A few nests of insects were nothing to him.

They were all cleanly dealt with by Daddy System.

Under the escort of Daddy System, Huanhuan rushed out of the temple unimpeded.

Second Elder exclaimed in surprise, “She successfully walked out of the temple! She passed the trial!”

First Elders face was tense, and he was in a bad mood.

The dream was over.

But Huanhuan was not awake yet.

The prophet said, “All of you, get out.”

The elders got up and left.

Finally, only the prophet and Huanhuan were left in the room.

The prophet raised his hand and pressed it against the black crystal wall.

A moment later, the wall revealed a figure.

It was a figure that looked exactly like the prophet.

They faced each other like reflections.

The prophet said, “You helped her pass the trial just now.

You were helping her cheat.”

The system smiled indifferently.

“You can report me.”

The prophet stared at the figure in front of him.

“Youve changed.”

“Have I”

“In the past, you would never have broken the rules for others.”

“That can only mean that I was too stupid in the past.”

The prophet said slowly, “Youre gradually getting out of my control.

I should destroy you just to be safe.”

The smile disappeared from the systems face.

“Are you going to kill me”


“Youve done too many things that are against the rules for Lin Huanhuan.”

“Because shes worth it.”


The prophet asked calmly, “Have you forgotten that I asked you to look for her so that she could complete the mission”

“Shell get the mission done.

Ill help her…”

“If she completes the mission, youll have to separate from her.

Will you bear to do that Stop fooling yourself.

You cant bear to.

In the future, youll definitely break the rules for her again.”

The system was speechless.

Not only did they look extremely similar, but they also knew each other very well.

Even without saying anything, they could guess what the other was thinking.

Therefore, the systems thoughts could not be hidden from the prophet.

The system argued, “If you destroy me, no one will urge Huanhuan to complete the mission.”

“I can get someone else to…”

“Huanhuan wont listen to others.

She only believes in me.”

The prophet looked at him.

“Then Ill erase your memories and make you return to your calm and controlled self.”

At his words, the system finally looked shaken.

“The memories between me and Huanhuan are the most precious to me.”

The prophet saw the sadness on his face.

Their faces were identical, so much so that the prophet had the illusion that he was seeing another version of himself grieving.

If one thought about it in another way, the system could indeed be considered another him.

The prophet said, “I dont understand.

Why are you so protective of her”

“Ill let you see for yourself.”

The system disappeared from the black crystal wall.

After a while, the scene of him watching a movie with Huanhuan appeared on the wall.

“I know.

The murderer is the protagonists teacher.

Hes actually a schizophrenic…”

Huanhuan, who had been spoiled, was very angry.

“Stick your face out.

I promise I wont beat you to death!”

The scene changed to the bedroom at home.

The system said, “I didnt betray you.”

Huanhuan had tears in her eyes.

“Yes, you didnt betray me.

You were just using me.”


“Dont cry.”


The scene then switched back to the prison.

Huanhuan said, “Ill do my best to cooperate with you to complete the mission within this year.

Try to slow down the speed of completing the mission until the last day of the three-year deadline.

Well part ways after that, okay”


“If were meant to separate, then well try to treasure every day we have together, okay”


Huanhuan smiled happily.

“Then we have a deal!”


The systems memories were like a movie replay.

Scene after scene appeared on the black crystal wall.

Every scene was filled with laughter and tears.

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