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After a night of being outside the mountain, Lin Huanhuan was even hungrier.

Unable to resist, she took out the five sweet fruits again and quietly ate one of them.

Sang Ye frowned at her pitiful appearance.

“Are you hungry”

Before Lin Huanhuan could speak, her stomach let out a loud grumble

Well, her stomach had already given a very clear answer.

Sang Ye sat up.

“The snowstorm outside has eased a little.

Im going out to see if theres any prey.”

Lin Huanhuan quickly said, “Youre still injured.

Dont move!”

Sang Ye pulled off the cloth on his waist, revealing the wound that had almost completely healed.

He said quietly, “My wound is healed.

Hunting is no problem for me.”

Lin Huanyue looked at his waist in a daze.

The wound that was still bloody yesterday had almost healed, leaving only a faint scar.

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This was amazing! In just one night, the wound had healed!

As if seeing through her doubts, Sang Ye explained indifferently.

“My physique is different from ordinary people, and my recovery speed is faster.”

So he was gifted!

Lin Huanhuan was convinced.

Sang Ye tidied up his clothes again.

“Is there anything else you want to ask”

Lin Huanhuan shook her head.

Sang Ye said, “Then Im going out to hunt.

Stay here obediently and dont run around.”

She wanted to say that he didnt have to go through the trouble, but when she met his cold gaze, she didnt dare say what was on her mind.

She could only say, “Alright.”

It was winter, and the animals in the forest were hibernating.

It wouldnt be a problem to leave her alone here.

After Sang Ye left, Lin Huanhuan quickly walked out of the cave.

There was no sun today, and there were tiny flakes of snow in the air.

She had to open her eyes wide for a long time before she managed to pinpoint the direction of the rock mountain.

She wondered how Shuang Yun and Bai Di were doing They must be worrying about her.

She had to hurry back!

Lin Huanhuan wanted to leave a note for Sang Ye, but there was neither pen nor paper here.

Besides, Sang Ye might not recognize the words she wrote.

After a moments hesitation, she decided to leave.

Anyway, she had only met Sang Ye once.

Even if she left, Sang Ye wouldnt take it to heart.


Lin Huanhuan ran in the direction of the rock mountain.

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She surveyed her surroundings as she walked and found several wild fruits.

After referring to the sheepskin illustrated book, she selected an edible wild fruit and stuffed it into her mouth.


The taste of the wild fruit was not good.

The flesh was dry, and there was a bitter astringent taste in her mouth.

After eating the fruit, though, her hunger eased a lot.

Lin Huanhuan slowly perked up and continued on her way.

The entire forest was already covered in snow, and it was impossible to see the path on the ground.

In order to avoid stepping into pits, Lin Huanhuan found a branch.

As she walked, she would use the branch to make out the path.

After confirming that it was safe, she continued forward.

However, this slowed her progress considerably.

It was getting dark again, but the rock mountain was still on the far horizon.

Lin Huanhuan was a little discouraged.

She was really useless.

She couldnt even walk back after walking for two days.

She had finished eating the wild fruits.

All she had left were the four sweet fruits.

Hungry and cold, she had to eat two sweet fruits.

The sweetness made her want to cry with happiness.

She suppressed her hunger and carefully put the remaining two sweet fruits into her fanny pack.

Then, she began to look for a place to seek shelter from the wind and snow.

Her luck was worse this time.

She searched for a long time but could not find a place to spend the night.

Hunger and cold drained her of her strength.

She walked slower and slower until she fell to the ground with a thud.

Cold slush splashed onto her face.

How cold!

“What are you doing here”

Lin Huanhuan struggled to raise her head.

She looked over and saw Sang Ye standing in front of her.

He was still very pale, his long dark hair almost blending into the night.

He looked at her, his cold black eyes devoid of warmth.

Lin Huanhuan acutely sensed that he did not seem to be in a good mood.

She got up carefully while rubbing her arms, which were almost frozen.

Her voice shook due to the cold.

“I want to go home.”

Sang Ye frowned.

“Wheres your home”

The distant rock mountain had long since been camouflaged by the night.

Lin Huanhuan could not find the exact direction.

She could only say dryly, “I live on a rock mountain.”

Sang Ye said bluntly, “There are no rock mountains around here.”

Lin Huanhuan lowered her head and stopped talking.

Sang Ye draped a furry piece of animal hide over her and said coldly, “Come back with me.”

Lin Huanhuan looked at him eagerly.

“Can you send me home I really want to go home.

Please help me.”

Sang Yes gaze became colder and darker.

“Why must you go home”

“My family is waiting for me to return.”

“Family Your parents”

Lin Huanhuan whispered, “No, theyre my mates.”

Sang Yes expression changed slightly.

When he first saw her, he had smelled the scent of two male beasts on her, but it was so faint that he assumed it was left by her father or brother.

To his surprise, the scent came from her two male mates.

Sang Ye grabbed her wrist and pulled her in front of him.

He questioned in a low voice, “Youve already mated”

Lin Huanhuan blushed and shook her head.


Sang Yes expression softened slightly.

He slowly picked Lin Huanhuan up in his arms.

“Since you didnt mate, youre not considered true mates.

Even if you dont go back, it wont matter.

Youd better come with me obediently.”

Without waiting for Lin Huanhuan to object, Sang Ye quickly carried her and started walking into the night.

The cold wind blew so hard that it hurt.

Lin Huanhuan could only shut her mouth

They would soon reach the cave.

The originally narrow and cramped cave had been deepened by Sang Ye, so it looked quite spacious.

Sang Ye slowly placed Lin Huanhuan on a grass pile, then took out two stones.

With a light strike, sparks burst between the stones.


He used the sparks to light a fire.

Lin Huans eyes slowly widened.

“Are these phosphorus stones”

“You call them phosphorus stones We call them flint.” Sang Ye handed her the stones.

“Take them and play with them if you want to.”

Lin Huanhuan took the stones and sniffed them.

They did smell like phosphorus powder.

They certainly looked like phosphorus stones.

Phosphorus powder had a very low ignition point.

With a little friction, it could produce sparks.

She did not expect this world to have phosphorus stones.

It seemed that this world was not completely different from her original world.

Some things should still be connected.

In the cold winter, prey was scarce.

Sang Ye had only caught an animal that looked very much like a hare.

The fur on its body had been peeled off and was now draped over Lin Huanhuans body.


Sang Ye washed the meat with ice and snow.

He tore off the most tender piece of meat and roasted it on the fire.

Then, he brought it to Lin Huanhuans mouth.

“Arent you hungry Hurry up and eat.”


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