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“Since Huanhuan was wronged, well withdraw the arrest warrant for her and Xuan Wei first.

As for the first elder…” At this moment, the prophet glanced at First Elder indifferently.

“After the trial ends, go to the altar and kneel.

As for how long youll kneel for, Huanhuan will make the decision.”

Huanhuan wished that First Elder would kneel until the end of time, but she knew she shouldnt cross the line.

The prophet had given her face.

She couldnt make things too difficult for him.

She said especially obediently, “Ill go along with your arrangements, Prophet.”

The prophet gave her a half-smile as if he had seen through her little trick.

He said to First Elder, “Seeing that youre old, go kneel for seven days.”

First Elders face turned pale.

He gritted his teeth but agreed.


“When one gets old, one is easily confused.

However, the position of an elder is very important.

You cant be confused often.

If this happens again, Ill have to consider changing the members of the Elders Association.”

The last sentence was said casually by the prophet, but when it fell into the ears of the 10 elders, it was like a bomb dropping into the water.

Their minds immediately exploded.


The Elders Association respected First Elder.

Anyone with any sort of ambition wished to climb to the position of First Elder.

First Elder heard the threat in the prophets words and couldnt help but tremble.

His expression became even uglier.

“Thank you for your reminder, Prophet.

Ill remember it and never do it again.”


“Ill get someone to investigate the murder of Mather.” The prophets eyes were covered by the shark silk veil, but he seemed to be able to see into the hearts of everyone present.

“As soon as I find out who tampered with this matter, Ill deal with them according to the law.”

The 10 elders lowered their heads, looking very terrified and ashamed.

The prophet usually lived in seclusion.

Unless it was a serious matter, he rarely appeared.

The matters of the temple were basically handled by the Elders Association.

Power could inflate peoples hearts.

Many of them had become blinded by greed after obtaining power, and they became more and more unscrupulous.

They did not expect the prophet to strike them in the head and wake them from their beautiful dreams.

It also made them break out in a cold sweat.

Although the prophet was gentle and did not hurt people easily, he would be merciless whenever he attacked.

There would be no room for negotiation.

The prophet said indifferently, “Its getting late.

Start preparing for the last round of the trial.

Huanhuan, follow me.”

He turned and walked toward the archway at the back of the hall.

Huanhuan quickly followed.

The elders followed as well.

The envoys and guards were left in the hall.

Through the archway was a fully enclosed room.

The floor of the room was covered in thick and soft animal hide.

It was very comfortable to step on.

Huanhuan followed the prophet in.

She immediately saw that the wall facing the door was actually polished with an entire slab of black crystal!

The wall was extremely smooth.

Standing in front of it, one could clearly see ones own reflection.

It was basically a huge full-length mirror.

How much was such a large black crystal worth!

The prophet said, “Sit down, all of you.”

Huanhuan obediently sat on the carpet, and the prophet sat opposite her.

The elders sat down neatly against the walls on both sides.

They all kept a distance from the prophet.

The prophet took out a glass of water and held it in front of Huanhuan.

“Drink this.”

Huanhuan took the cup and leaned close to smell it.

She didnt smell anything.

She asked curiously, “What is this”


Huanhuan hesitated for a moment.

In the end, she picked up the cup and took a sip of water.

It tasted a little sweet like spring water.

The prophet said, “Finish it.”


Huanhuan drank the entire cup of water.

The prophet took the empty cup and set it aside.

“Is there anyone or anything youre particularly afraid of” he asked gently.

Huanhuan thought about it carefully, then shook her head.

“Are you sure Or is it just because nothing comes to mind right now”

“I guess I cant recall anything for the time being.” Huanhuan yawned.

“Are you tired”

“Im not tired.” Huanhuan tried to open her eyelids.

“Im just a little sleepy…”

“Then go to sleep.”

Huanhuan wanted to stay awake, but in the end, she couldnt resist the invasion of sleep.

She fell to the ground and closed her eyes to sleep.

The prophet had someone bring a blanket and cover her with it.

First Elder asked respectfully, “Has the Dream Control spell taken effect”


“Yes.” The prophet raised his right hand and pressed it against the black crystal wall.

With his palm as the center, the originally dark black crystal immediately lit up and quickly spread in all directions.

Soon, the entire wall became clear.

A blurry figure gradually appeared on the wall…

Huanhuan opened her eyes.

She sat up and realized that there was no one beside her.

The entire room was empty.

Where had the prophet and the others gone

Puzzled, Huanhuan stood up and walked out the door, wanting to ask the others.

But when she walked around the temple, she didnt see anyone.

Her doubts grew.

At this moment, Huanhuan heard some faint sounds.

She stopped and tried to identify the source of the sound.

Huanhuan followed the sound and found a nest of iron worms!

The thin and long worms twisted into a ball, making her extremely nauseous.

Why was there such a disgusting thing in the temple!

The worms surged toward her.

Huanhuan was so frightened that she ran.

She ran for an unknown period of time, but the iron worms behind her kept chasing after her.

What was worse was that not far in front of her, another nest of white rock worms suddenly appeared.

There were worms in front and behind her, and there were walls on both sides.

Huanhuan had nowhere to run and was almost desperate.

At this moment, Huanhuan was already surrounded by the worms with her back against the black crystal wall.

She was about to be swallowed by them.

The prophet and the elders saw this clearly.

First Elder frowned and said, “Logically speaking, the things that appear in ones dream when being controlled should be what one is most afraid of.

Is she most afraid of these worms But where did she see so many worms”

Second Elder said in a low voice, “A tribe came to report that not long ago, white rock worms, iron worms, and ghost moths appeared on the beast continent.”

First Elder was very surprised.

“Isnt the insect disaster over Why are there suddenly so many insects!”

“Uhh, I dont know…”

The prophet said indifferently, “So many insects have appeared, but you still dont know anything.

I really dont know what youre busy with every day.”

The elders lowered their heads, not daring to speak again.

On the black crystal wall, Huanhuan, who had already fallen into despair, suddenly disappeared!

The elders immediately widened their eyes and saw Huanhuan appear again.

She had broken away from the worms and was standing in a clearing nearby.

The worms that should have been extremely ferocious seemed to have seen their natural enemy at this moment.

They did not even dare to look at Huanhuan.

They were so frightened that they fled and disappeared in the blink of an eye!

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