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Halfway through, Huanhuan felt like she was about to die.

She sat down on the stairs and started panting.

“I-I cant take it anymore.

Im dying!”

The envoy saw that her legs were trembling and knew that she was indeed close to dying.

He squatted down helplessly.

“Ill carry you up.”

“How can I do that!” Huanhuan said, but she quickly climbed onto his back and sat obediently.

The envoy had never seen such a duplicitous female.

He didnt know whether to laugh or cry at her actions.

He strode up the stairs with her on his back.

He must have climbed this mountain often.

Even with a person on his back, he was still fast.

After climbing the mountain and arriving at the entrance of the temple, his expression still looked very natural.

Huanhuan had no choice but to give him a thumbs up.

“Youre an expert!”

The envoy lowered her to the ground and adjusted his clothes.

After making sure that his appearance was neat, he stepped forward and said to the guard at the entrance of the temple, “Ive brought the witch doctor of the Rock Wolf Tribe to participate in the last round of the trial.”

The guard glanced at Huanhuan behind him and frowned.

“Why is it a female”

And she looked familiar.

He felt like he had seen her somewhere before.

The envoy smiled bitterly.

“You might not believe me, but the witch doctor of the Rock Wolf Tribe is indeed a female.”

Although the guard was surprised, he knew that the envoy would not lie about such a thing.

He turned slightly to make way.

“Go in.”

The envoy thanked him and walked into the temple with Huanhuan.

This was Huanhuans first time in the temple of the City of 10,000 Beasts.

As the largest temple on the beast continent, this place looked even more spacious and magnificent than Huanhuan had imagined.

The entrance was a very spacious hall.

The ceiling was supported by eight stone pillars.

There was a lifelike painting of a myriad of beasts carved into the ceiling.

The floor was so polished that one could almost see ones own reflection when one stepped on it.

The envoys footsteps were very light.

Huanhuan had no choice but to lighten her steps as well.

The two of them carefully walked in.

The 10 elders of the Elders Association were all here.

First Elder sat in the middle.

The envoy knelt in front of him.

“Greetings, First Elder.

Ive brought the witch doctor of the Rock Wolf Tribe.”

Huanhuan did not kneel.

She stood rooted to the ground and met First Elders gaze.

The envoy turned around and gave her a look, indicating that she should quickly kneel down and greet him.

First Elder stared at Huanhuan, his expression changing again and again.

In the end, he looked extremely ugly.

“Youre Lin Huanhuan!”

Huanhuan knew that he would definitely recognize her, so she couldnt be bothered to deny it.

She admitted frankly, “Thats right, its me.”

“How dare you come here!”

“Im innocent.

Why wouldnt I dare to come!”

“What a righteous person!” First Elder laughed in anger.

“Men, tie up this criminal who murdered Mather and lock her in jail!”

The guards rushed into the temple to arrest her.

Huanhuan immediately called out Little Lotus and Little Green.

Both sides were about to attack when a calm voice came from the side door.

“What are you arguing about”

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice and saw the prophet walk in through the side door.

His pace was very steady.

His long blond hair fell down his cheeks to his waist.

He wore a white shark silk robe that swayed gently with his steps.

He was like an immortal from a painting, peerlessly handsome.

His appearance immediately silenced the crowd.

First Elder, who was indignant just now, immediately stood up, knelt down, and bowed respectfully.

“Greetings, Prophet.”

The other beasts knelt and bowed.

“Greetings, Prophet.”

Finally, only the prophet and Huanhuan were still standing in the entire hall.

First Elder was very dissatisfied.

“Lin Huanhuan, how dare you not bow when you see the prophet How dare you!”

The prophet waved his hand.

“It doesnt matter.

She doesnt have to kneel to me.”

Hearing this, not only First Elder but the other beasts were also stunned.

They did not expect the prophet to treat Huanhuan differently.

Did the two of them know each other

The prophet walked slowly to Huanhuan.

His eyes were covered by the white shark silk veil, but Huanhuan could still feel him looking through it at her face.

His voice was faint.

“Its been a long time.”

Huanhuan smiled shyly.

It seemed that every time she met him, she was put in a dilemma.

The prophet motioned for the others to rise.

First Elder took a step forward.

“Prophet, this female murdered Mather.

We have to put her in jail immediately and execute her as a warning to others!”

Huanhuan looked at him speechlessly.

What feud did First Elder have with her that he insisted on killing her

She said defensively, “I didnt kill Mather.

You saw him leave, Prophet.

You should be able to testify for me.”

The prophet agreed.


The 10 elders were stunned again.

Especially First Elder.

He said impatiently, “But the evidence is conclusive.

Lin Huanhuan killed Mather…”

“Youve been misled by the real murderer.

Mathers death has nothing to do with Huanhuan.

I saw it with my own eyes.

It cant be fake.”

Since the prophet had already said so, no matter how unwilling First Elder was, he could only shut his mouth and stop talking about imprisoning Huanhuan.

However, Huanhuan refused to let First Elder go.

She raised her chin.

“Didnt you claim that I killed Mather Now, I have a witness—the prophet.

As it turns out, youve wronged me!”


First Elder pursed his lips, his expression extremely ugly.

Huanhuan snorted.

“I know youre the first elder and have a high status.

It doesnt matter even if you wrong a small female.

But do you know that because of your confusion, I was almost burned to death Xuan Wei was also forced to leave the City of 10,000 Beasts and become a fugitive!”

The prophet looked at First Elder and asked indifferently, “You wanted to burn Huanhuan to death You involved Xuan Wei too”

First Elder wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

“Its a long story.

Ill report it to you another day.”


Huanhuan immediately said, “Theres no need to wait for another day.

Ill help you report it to the prophet today.

Otherwise, youll suddenly be confused again and twist the facts.

You might continue to fool the prophet.”


“What nonsense are you talking about When have I ever fooled the prophet!”

“If you hadnt fooled the prophet, why didnt you tell him that Xuan Wei was forced to leave the City of 10,000 beasts and became a fugitive”

First Elder defended guiltily, “Its just a small matter…”

Huanhuan sneered.

“Xuan Wei is one of the 12 divine guards.

His status in the temple is not low, right He was forced to leave, yet youre saying this is just a small matter If the other divine guards hear this, I wonder what theyll think.”

First Elder could not answer.

His face was covered in a cold sweat, and he was even more furious at Lin Huanhuan for being so unreasonable.

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