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The City of 10,000 Beasts was very lively in the morning.

On behalf of the Rock Wolf Tribe, Shuang Yun went to ask the guards about the specific process of the trial.

Huanhuan and Bai Di waited for them.

Xue Ling flew to the building beside him and observed the nearby terrain.

Huanhuan saw a group of beasts gathered not far ahead.

They kept shouting something and looked like they were having fun.

She was curious.

“What are they doing”

Xue Hui glanced at the beasts and said, “Theyre betting.”

“Betting On what”

“Theyre betting on who will be the final winner of this trial.”

Huanhuan found it interesting, so she pulled Bai Di over to watch.

Xue Hui followed.

The beasts were gathered by a wall.

There were four large symbols carved side by side on the wall.

The symbols looked a little like hieroglyphics.

The beast who had carved the symbols obviously had lousy skills.

The carvings were crooked.

Huanhuan widened her eyes and took a long time to recognize the symbols.

The first was a snake, and the last was a wolf.

The two in the middle were completely weird and random symbols.

She couldnt recognize them at all.

Bai Di said, “One is the lizard tribe from the Big Dipper River Zone and the crocodile tribe from Tian Wu Lake.”

Huanhuan looked shocked.

“Are those lizards and crocodiles This persons imagination is about to break through the horizon and rush into the universe!”

“Whats a universe”

Huanhuan thought for a moment and really couldnt answer this profound question.

She said calmly, “Lets put the topic of the universe aside for now.

Lets see how theyre gonna bet.”

The way these beasts betted was very simple.

They would use crystal coins to buy the bone tablets of the tribe they felt would win.

The more people bought those bone tablets, the higher the price and the lower the odds.

And vice versa.

Beasts couldnt write.

To make it easier to count, they used leaves instead of numbers.

In front of the wall were four large wooden boxes.

Each wooden box was marked with the corresponding tribal symbols.

Every time a bone tablet was sold, someone would place a leaf in the corresponding wooden box.

The wooden box that represented the Hundred Tempering Snake Tribe had the most leaves.

It was almost full.

Next to the box of the Hundred Tempering Snake Tribe were the wooden boxes of the lizards and crocodiles.

They sold relatively fewer bone tablets, and the leaves only reached half the boxes.

Huanhuan looked expectantly at the last wooden box.

She realized that there were only a few leaves in the box!

There were no more than 10.

Only a few people thought that the Rock Wolf Tribe would win!

Were these beasts blind!

Huanhuan was furious.

“I want to buy bone tablets too!”

Bai Di asked, “Whose tablets are you going to buy”

“Of course, its the bone tablets of our Rock Wolf Tribe! Buy as many as you can!” Huanhuan said angrily.

“We cant let them underestimate our Rock Wolf Tribe!”

Bai Di stroked her head and smiled indulgently.


When no one was looking, he took out a large handful of green crystals from his space.

Then, he squeezed into the crowd and placed all the green crystals on the stone table.

He said, “I want to buy the bone tablets of the Rock Wolf Tribe.

Ill buy as many as I can.”

Many beasts stopped what they were doing and looked at Bai Di.

The beast in charge of distributing the bone tablets couldnt help but ask again, “Are you really going to buy the bone tablets of the Rock Wolf Tribe”


A beast saw that Bai Di was smiling and looked like an easy-going beast, so he kindly reminded him.

“I dont know where this Rock Wolf Tribe came from, but they managed to get recommended to the last round of the trial because they have the backing of Sun City.

I heard that their strength is only slightly better than that of ordinary small tribes.

Its impossible for them to be a match for the other three tribes.

I suggest you buy the bone tablets of the Hundred Tempering Snake Tribe.

The chances of winning are higher.”

Bai Di said gently, “My little female asked me to buy the bone tablets of the Rock Wolf Tribe.

I just want to make her happy.

It doesnt matter if I win or lose.”

“Oh, I see!”

The beasts looked enlightened.

Most females were arrogant and willful.

In order to make them happy, male beast mates often spent a lot of money.

Everyone had seen such cases often and was used to it.

There were even male beasts who secretly envied Bai Di for having a mate.

Even if they wanted to spend a lot of money, they had no one to please.

Bai Di returned to Huanhuan with a bulging hide pouch.

Huanhuan opened the pocket and took a look.

It was filled with bone tablets engraved with the image of the Rock Wolf Tribe.

Bai Di said, “I bought 300 of them.”

“Why are there only 300”

“The beast who sold the bone tablets said that no one would buy the bone tablets of the Rock Wolf Tribe.

It would be a waste to carve more, so he only prepared 300.”

Huanhuan was very unhappy.

“Were being looked down on.”

Bai Di picked her up with one hand and placed her in the crook of his arm with the other.

“Its better to be looked down on,” he said.

“That way, we can pretend to be weak before slapping them in the face.”

Hearing this, Huanhuan immediately smiled again.

“Thats right! Well use our strength to slap their faces and make them regret it!”

When Xue Ling saw Shuang Yun return, he jumped down from the top of the building and landed steadily beside Huanhuan.

Shuang Yun led the wolf beasts through the crowd and walked over quickly.

“Todays trial starts at noon.

The gathering place for the trial is the training ground of the Oath Bird Army.”

The Oath Bird Army was an army in name, but it was actually an armed group formed by the beasts.

Those who could join this organization were all powerful soul beasts.

The positions in the army were divided by star patterns.

It was an organization that completely relied on strength to determine their status.

It was also because of this that the beasts of the Oath Bird Army had an almost perverted desire for power.

They would do anything to become stronger.

Bai Di couldnt help but think that if these lunatics knew that Huanhuans flesh and blood could treat illnesses and even increase the chances of awakening soul beasts, they would definitely devour her until there was nothing left!

Bai Di hugged Huanhuan tighter.

“No matter what happens later, dont say a word or take a step away from me.”

Huanhuan nodded in agreement.

Shuang Yun and Xue Ling naturally thought of Huanhuans special physique.

They stood on either side of her, protecting her.

Xue Hui and the other wolf beasts followed closely behind.

They walked into the territory of the Oath Bird Army in an extremely guarded state.

There were strong male beasts everywhere on the road.

Even Huanhuan, who was not a soul beast, could feel that the air was filled with uneasiness.

It was as if every breath was mixed with violence.

At this moment, only a little spark was needed to ignite this street.

They kept a low profile and followed the indicators to the training ground.

This was the largest training ground in the entire outer city.

It was more than 2,000 square meters.

The lizards of the Big Dipper River Zone and the crocodiles of Tian Wu Lake had already arrived at the training ground.

The two sides were clearly separated and did not communicate with each other.

When the Rock Wolf Tribe appeared, the Big Dipper Lizard Tribe and the Tian Wu Crocodile Tribe turned to look at them in unison.

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