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In order not to be recognized, Huanhuan deliberately smeared black charcoal on her face.

She wrapped herself in an animal hide cloak and wrapped herself tightly.

Her hair was all tied up, and she wore a small hat.


With her current appearance, she didnt even need a veil to walk into the City of 10,000 Beasts openly.

The guards didnt recognize her at all.

As she passed the announcement wall, Huanhuan glanced at it and saw a stone slab hanging on the wall.

On the stone slab was her portrait.

Well, it was a very abstract portrait.

The art was as exaggerated as Picassos.


It was a little too far-fetched to think that they could catch her using the portrait on the slab.

Huanhuan thought that with this portrait, those guards would definitely not recognize her even if she hadnt put on a disguise.

Shuang Yun saw the portrait too and couldnt help but laugh.

The guard guarding the announcement wall immediately questioned, “What are you laughing at”


I just think the portrait is especially good.”

The guard raised his head and puffed out his chest proudly.

“Of course.

This was personally drawn by First Elder!”


Shuang Yun nodded.

“No wonder its so good.”


“This is a replica of First Elders painting.

We cant see the original.”

The guard took the opportunity to publicize how good First Elders painting skills were.

Many nobles in the city were his fans.

It was said that one of his paintings could be sold for 50 intermediate crystals at the Golden Leaf Chamber of Commerces auction.

Shuang Yun nodded again.

“Its indeed quite expensive.”

The price was worth 10 Huanhuans.

Huanhuan saw the mischievous look in his eyes and elbowed him.

“Stop talking nonsense and leave.”

There were indeed many people in the city.

Bai Di carried Huanhuan while Shuang Yun walked beside him.

Xue Ling was too impatient to be squeezed in with these beasts and flew into the sky.

“Ill wait for you at the Golden Leaf Chamber of Commerce.”

With that, he flew toward the Golden Leaf Chamber of Commerce with Xue Hui.

As Shuang Yun blocked the surrounding beasts to prevent them from touching Huanhuan, he said to her, “I think First Elders drawing skills arent as good as yours.”

Huanhuan smiled.

“You can tell good from bad”

“I think as long as it looks real, its good.

Your drawings look more realistic than First Elders.”

“Thats not necessarily true.”

Shuang Yun said, “If you dont believe me, you can draw something and have the Golden Leaf Chamber of Commerce auction it.

The price will definitely be much higher than First Elders works.”

“Forget it.

I dont want to be in the limelight.”

She wished she could wrap herself from head to toe so that no one would recognize her.

It was better to let First Elder enjoy his fame as a painter.

She just had to save her life.

After crossing two streets, they finally arrived at the Golden Leaf Chamber of Commerce.

The guards at the entrance of the chamber of commerce had already received instructions from the president.

When they saw them, they immediately opened the door and let them in.

The Jing father and son were still the same.

Jing Fu smiled amiably.

“Esteemed guests, please sit.”

Bai Di said, “Youre too kind, President.”

Jing Fu quickly said, “Your Highness, dont call me President.

Just call me by my name.”

Shuang Yun also came forward to greet him.

Jing Fu sized him up and praised, “Youre indeed a young talent.

Youre already the leader of a tribe at such a young age.

Your future will definitely be limitless.”

Both sides exchanged some pleasantries before returning to their seats.

A servant knelt in front of Huanhuan with a basin of water.

“Please use the water.”

Huanhuan was stunned.

Jing Liang smiled, and the mole at the corner of his eye swayed.

“Your face is too dirty.

Youll look better after you wash it.”

Huanhuan was very calm.

“No, I think Im fine like this.”

Jing Liang leaned toward her.

When she wasnt looking, he suddenly reached out and rubbed his face against hers.

Huanhuan frowned.

Jing Liang shook his dusty fingers and asked with a smile, “Are you sure this is okay”

Huanhuan wanted to retort,Its none of your business, but she had to pretend to be obedient because she was under his roof.

“If you think I dont look good like this, I can leave now.”

Jing Fu quickly said, “Youve just arrived.

How can you leave now Ah Liang likes to joke with people.

Dont lower yourself to his level.”

Huanhuan nodded slightly and said nothing else.

The attendant holding the basin retreated.

Jing Fu was a businessman who knew how to talk.

Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and Xue Ling were all beasts who had seen a lot of the world.

Of course, they had many things to talk about as well.

The four of them chatted happily.

Jing Liang supported his chin with one hand, his gaze lingering on Huanhuans face.

No matter how he looked at it, the layer of charcoal on her face was an eyesore.

He really wanted to wash her face himself.

She was a beautiful woman, but she had to embarrass herself like this.

Huanhuan felt uncomfortable under his gaze.

She turned slightly so that the back of her head was facing Jing Liang.

Only then did she feel better.

Xue Ling took out 10 red crystals and placed them on the table.

“These 10 crystals are a gift for you, President.

I hope you can make an exception.”

As for what it meant bymaking an exception, everyone knew.

Jing Fu picked up a red crystal and looked at it.

It was bright and translucent.

It was a rare red crystal.

He smiled humbly.

“Elder Xue Ling, youre indeed sincere.”

Xue Ling leaned back and said calmly, “As long as Huanhuan is safe, it doesnt matter how many crystals I need to fork out.”

Jing Fu smiled.

“Elder Xue Ling, youre really generous.

Im impressed!”

After accepting the red crystals, Jing Fu got someone to bring over 20 bone tablets and place them in front of Shuang Yun.

Each bone tablet was engraved with the image of a lion.

Jing Fu said, “You have to keep these bone tablets well.

In the future, when the guards interrogate you, take out the bone tablets and youll be able to pass smoothly.”

Shuang Yun put away the bone tablets and thanked him.

Bai Di said, “Now that were done, we should go.

President, well be taking our leave now.”

“Its rare for you to come.

Why dont you stay a few more days”

Bai Di politely declined.

“We still have things to do.

Its not convenient for us to stay any longer.”

“In that case, I wont force you.” Jing Fu stood up.

“Ill send you off.”

“Youre too kind, President.”

Bai Di held Huanhuans hand and walked out of the chamber of commerce.

Jing Liangs voice came from behind.

“If you havent found a place to stay, you can come to the Golden Leaf Chamber of Commerce to look for me again.

I dont have much at home, but I have many guest rooms.”

Bai Di smiled.

“Thank you.”

Jing Liang looked at Huanhuans face again as if he felt sorry for her.

Then, he turned around and left.

As soon as he left, Huanhuan heaved a sigh of relief.

They had finally sent this troublesome guy away.

Shuang Yun leaned over and asked, “Whats your relationship with Jing Liang Why did he keep staring at you just now”

Huanhuan grinned, revealing snow-white teeth.

“Maybe its because Im so beautiful.”

Shuang Yun looked at her dirty black face and couldnt speak for a long time.

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