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The high priest of Dark Moon Temple was born with divine eyes and could see scenes from thousands of kilometers away.

However, Wen Qian of Sun God Temple did not have this ability.

It was not until more than half a month later that Wen Qian received a reply from his spy and learned everything that had happened in Red Crystal City.

The city lord of Red Crystal City was killed.

His son and his trusted subordinates were also eliminated.

They were all killed.

Even Wen Qian, who had always been calm, was so angry that his expression changed.

“A bunch of trash! The other party walked right up to their doorstep but they still failed! They deserved to die!”

The attendants knelt on the ground, trembling.

They did not dare to look up at the furious high priest.

Wen Qian took a deep breath and tried his best to suppress the anger in his heart.

“Go and send a letter to the Elders Association in the City of 10,000 Beasts.

Tell them that the Rock Wolf Tribe killed innocent people in Red Crystal City.

Theyre simply lawless.

They have to be disqualified from the trial and severely punished!”


The guard lowered his head and left the temple.

Then, he turned into a tiger and ran out of the city.

A beast walked out of the darkness outside the temple.

This person was Xuan Wei.

He heard the conversation in the temple and immediately transformed into a white tiger.

He quickly chased after the guard who was in charge of delivering the letter.

Before the guard could react, Xuan Wei had bitten his neck.

Xuan Wei buried the corpse and cleaned up the scene before quickly returning to the palace.


He found Bai Luo and told him the news that the spy had brought back.

Bai Luo frowned.

“I didnt expect the city lord of Red Crystal City to join hands with Wen Qian.

This old man is really tired of living.

He even dares to attack the royal family.”

“The matter in Red Crystal City has blown up.

Even though Ive killed the guard who sent the letter, this matter will eventually reach the ears of the Elders Association in the City of 10,000 Beasts.”

“Ill send someone to Red Crystal City to stabilize the situation and support an obedient beast to the throne,” Bai Luo said slowly.

“The city lord of Red Crystal City had become more and more muddle-headed over the years.

He allowed his son to do many things that offended others.

Many beasts in Red Crystal City are his enemies.

As long as we gather them and convict the city lord of Red Crystal City, we should be able to suppress this matter.”

He paused and added, “Keep a close eye on Wen Qian.

Before the new city lord of Red Crystal City takes over, dont let him have the chance to contact the City of 10,000 Beasts.”

Xuan Wei replied, “Dont worry, Ill keep an eye on him myself.”

Bai Luo smiled.

His gloomy face instantly returned to its usual sunny appearance.

“With you around, Big Brother, I feel much bolder!”

“Theres not much I can do.

Youre still in charge of Sun City.

After all, youre the king here.”

Bai Luo walked out of the door and looked at the setting sun in the distance.

“In the past, I tried my best to sit on this throne.

Now that Im really sitting on it, I miss the days when I was a prince.

Back then, I didnt have to care about anything.

I just had to be myself every day.”

Xuan Wei stood a meter behind him and said calmly, “I thought Bai Di would be the one to sit on the throne.

I didnt expect it to be you.

Youve surprised me.”

Bai Luo chuckled.

“Second Brother gave me the throne.

He doesnt want the throne.

He only wants his little female.”

Xuan Wei said, “Bai Di looks the most rational, but hes actually more emotional than anyone else.”

Only Bai Di would let go of a throne that was at his fingertips for a female.

Bai Luo smiled bitterly.

“I used to think so too, but Ive changed my mind now.

Second Brother is actually still very rational.

He knows how difficult it is to sit on this throne, so he didnt want it and gave it to me.

Now, Im trapped in this palace and cant get away from the pile of work every day.

Meanwhile, hes playing around with his little female.

I heard that he even has children now, right”

“Yes, they gave birth to two male beasts, Big White and Little White.”

Bai Luo asked excitedly, “Are they cute”

Xuan Wei smiled.

“Theyre very cute, just like Bai Di when he was young.”

“If only I could see those two tiger cubs with my own eyes.

Currently, there are no cubs in the family here.”

Xuan Wei said, “When the Rock Wolf Tribe builds a new beast city, you can congratulate them on behalf of Sun City and visit Big White and Little White.”

Bai Luos eyes lit up.

“Thats a good idea!”

He calculated carefully.

“If Im not wrong, Second Brother and the others should be arriving in the City of 10,000 Beasts soon.”

“Yes, theyre almost there.”

Bai Luo immediately walked back and muttered, “Time really flies.

I have to quickly think of what gift to give my two nephews.”

He took two steps and suddenly stopped.

He turned to look at Xuan Wei.

“What did you give the cubs”

“I only gave him two golden crystals.”

Bai Luo criticized bluntly, “You actually gave crystal coins to children How tacky!”

Xuan Wei: “…”

He hadnt expected to run into Bai Di there, and he certainly hadnt expected Bai Dis mate to give birth at that time.

He didnt have anything good with him, and only the two golden crystals were barely presentable.

He smiled.

“Then try to give something thats not tacky to Big White and Little White.”

“Of course!” Bai Luo smiled and left.

Bai Luo and Xuan Wei were right.

Bai Di and the others were very close to the City of 10,000 Beasts.

They stopped by the river nearby to rest.

Shuang Yun said, “At this rate, we should be able to reach the City of 10,000 Beasts by noon tomorrow.”

Xue Hui took the initiative to volunteer.

“The rest of you should rest here tonight.

Ill go to the city to find out more.”

Shuang Yun agreed.

Huanhuan said, “Be careful on the way there.”

Xue Hui responded and transformed into a snow eagle before flying toward the City of 10,000 Beasts.

It wasnt until the next morning that Xue Hui returned.

She landed and transformed back into human form.

She spoke as she got dressed.

“I talked to the Jing father and son of the Golden Leaf Chamber of Commerce.

They said that the Elders Association hasnt given up on chasing Huanhuan and Xuan Wei.

It seems that they insist on arresting the two of them.”

Huanhuan was helpless.

“Theyre really persistent.”

Shuang Yun asked, “Are the inspections in the city strict now”

“The requirements issued by the Elders Association are indeed strict, but there are many beasts coming from other tribes in the city.

The area of the four forces in the outer city is filled with people.

You should understand that the more people there are, the more trouble therell be.

Many guards will push the inspection work to the forces in that area in order to save effort.”

Bai Di understood and asked, “How many crystal coins do we need to offer to make things convenient for us”

“The Jing father and son of the Golden Leaf Chamber of Commerce said that they only want 10 medium-grade crystal coins.”

Huanhuan clicked her tongue.

“They really know how to take advantage of the situation.”

Xue Ling agreed readily.

“10 it is!”

Wasnt it just crystals He had plenty of them!

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