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Of course, Yin Jie refused to admit that his father had given the red crystals to the assassins.

“My father is such a cautious beast.

How could he give such an obvious thing to these assassins Someone must have stolen his red crystals and deliberately framed him!”

Xue Ling smiled.

“If the city lord of the Red Crystal City were really cautious, he wouldnt have let so many assassins appear in the city in broad daylight!”

“These are two different things.”

Xue Ling waved the red crystal in his hand.

“But theres evidence now that theyre related.”

“Nonsense! My father never attempted to assassinate a royal!”

Huanhuan had been brought down the wall by Xue Hui and landed beside Bai Di and Shuang Yun.

Huanhuan told them about Xue Lings plan.

Bai Di said in a low voice, “Xue Lings methods are too rough.

He killed the city lord in front of the entire city.

The city lords trusted subordinates will definitely not let him off.”

However, Shuang Yun said, “I think Xue Lings move is not bad.

In any case, hes already been killed.

We just have to insist that he attacked first.”

“Its not that simple.

This matter involves the Sun Temple.

Wen Qian will definitely try his best to pin the crime of indiscriminate killing on us.”

“So what do we do now”

Killing intent flashed in Bai Dis eyes.

“Since weve already attacked, we cant stop.

It doesnt matter whether we kill another one or two.”

“You mean—”

“Kill Yin Jie and all the trusted subordinates left behind by the city lord.

Leave no one alive.

Therell be no evidence!”

Shuang Yun twisted his neck, his dark green eyes filling up with excitement.

“I like that idea!”

He had wanted to kill Yin Jie for a long time.

Bai Di stroked Huanhuans head, then said to Xue Hui, “Take care of Huanhuan.

Well leave immediately after were done.”

Xue Hui agreed.

Huanhuan took his hand.

“You have to be careful.”

Shuang Yun counted the number of people and led the wolf beasts back aggressively.

Huanhuan couldnt see into the city and was pacing back and forth anxiously.

She wanted Choir to help, but the system told her something.

“Moonlight Mushrooms can only grow in damp and dark places.

They wont grow in a dry environment like the Red Crystal City.”

Huanhuan, who could not help, became even more anxious.

Xue Hui asked, “Do you want me to fly you up so you can take a look”

Huanhuan nodded and said yes.

Xue Hui picked her up, spread her wings, and took to the sky.

As long as they lowered their heads, they could clearly see the situation in the city.

The city was in chaos.

Under Shuang Yuns lead, the wolf beasts went to capture the assassins.

Bai Di went to find the trusted subordinates left behind by the city lord and killed them all.


Xue Ling took advantage of his ability to fly and quickly found Yin Jie, who was drowned in the crowd.

He leaned down and grabbed Yin Jie.

Yin Jie shouted in fear, “What do you want Let go of me!”

Xue Ling smiled gently, heartlessly.

“Ill send you to accompany your father.”


Before Yin Jie could finish, Xue Ling let go.

Yin Jie immediately fell rapidly to the ground like a kite with a broken string.

He fell to pieces, his flesh all mangled.

The city lord and his son died one after another.

The guards in the city were leaderless.

Coupled with the assassins fleeing everywhere, the entire Red Crystal City was in chaos.

Some timid beasts hid at home, closing the doors and windows.

They did not dare to show their faces.

Not long after, the city lords trusted subordinates were all found and killed.

Shuang Yun ordered his men to put their bodies together with those of the assassins.

They formed a small mountain.

Xue Ling threw a fireball down and burned all the corpses.

The flames could almost burn the entire sky.

The smell of burnt meat filled the entire Red Crystal City.

Everyone in the city was in danger.

The white tiger paced the streets of the city like a cruel tyrant patrolling his territory.

His claws were stained with blood, and he was filled with killing intent.

He shifted his blue eyes, his cold gaze sweeping across the faces hiding behind the doors and windows.

He enunciated each word.

“You must have seen everything by now.

These are the consequences of attempting to assassinate the royal family.

If you dare to protect the accomplices, I guarantee that youll be burned to ashes with them!”

All the beasts who were swept by his gaze trembled in fear.

They hurriedly closed the doors and windows and retreated into the house.

The Silvery Frost White Wolf leaped onto the city wall and raised his head to howl.

The howl cut through the sky, indicating that they were the victors of this battle.

The feathered beasts spread their wings and flew over the city, searching for any survivors.

Perhaps they were scared out of their wits by their ferocious methods, but later, three more families handed over the assassins and the city lords trusted subordinates who were hiding in their homes.

Amidst the curses of the city lords subordinates and the assassins, their necks were bitten off by the wolf beasts.

Their corpses were then thrown into the sea of fire.

Huanhuan watched all of this from the sky and couldnt help but mutter, “We look like the villains in some TV shows.

We kill without batting an eyelid.

Sooner or later, well be cannon fodder.”


Xue Hui was puzzled.

“Huh What did you say”


It was not until the corpses were all burned to ashes that the fire gradually dissipated.

The Silvery Frost White Wolf howled again, signaling for them to gather.

The wolf beasts returned to their leaders side and left the Red Crystal City aggressively while reeking of blood.

Xue Ling flew to Huanhuans side.

His already dazzling eyes became even more dazzling after being dyed in blood.

“Do you think I looked handsome when I killed the enemy just now”

Huanhuan originally thought that he was handsome, but when she heard him say it so bluntly, she immediately felt that he was not handsome at all.

He was super childish!

She held out her arms.

“Carry me down.

I want to see how Bai Di and Shuang Yun are doing.”

However, Xue Ling said, “I smell of blood now.

Let Xue Hui bring you down.”

Huanhuan grabbed his sleeve.

“I want you to hug me.”

Xue Ling was left with no choice.

He smiled helplessly and sweetly as he pulled her into his arms.

Huanhuan nuzzled his chest.

He did smell very strongly of blood.

But he was safe.

That was enough.

Xue Ling carried her and flew down, landing beside Bai Di and Shuang Yun.

The white tiger and the Silvery Frost White Wolf had a few wounds on their bodies.

Fortunately, their injuries were not serious.

Huanhuan quickly stopped their bleeding and bandaged their wounds.

There were also other beasts who were more or less injured.

The worst was Feng Lan.

His right forearm had been completely bitten off.


Huanhuan stopped the bleeding, but she couldnt help him restore his arm.

He might have to be a crippled beast for the rest of his life.

In the wolf tribe, beasts with incomplete bodies could no longer fight and hunt.

They were useless.

They would end up either abandoned or depressed.

Feng Lan gritted his teeth and endured the pain from his wound.

His eyes were red as he begged, “Just find a place to put me down.

When you see Mu Xiang when you get back, help me apologize to her.

I cant go back anymore.”

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