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In the end, Feng Lan brought a few companions to hunt nearby.

Seeing that the little mushrooms they gave out were being looked down on, the Moonlight Mushrooms lowered their caps in disappointment.

Huanhuan touched them.

“If they dont eat them, Ill eat them!”

The Moonlight Mushrooms were immediately happy again and gave her a large handful of small mushrooms.

She found some firewood and started a fire.

She asked Bai Di to help make a pot.

After boiling the water, she threw in the washed mushrooms and took out some dried meat.

She added seasoning and slowly cooked them.

Before long, the fragrance of mushroom soup filled the air.

Huanhuan looked up at the forest not far away and muttered softly, “Why arent Feng Lan and the others back yet”

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard a hurried wolf howl!

From the sound, it was coming from the forest.

Shuang Yun immediately stood up.

“Its Feng Lan.

Theyre under attack! Ill bring people over to take a look.

Xue Ling and Bai Di, stay here to protect Huanhuan!”

He transformed into a Silvery Frost White Wolf and headed straight for the forest with the wolf beasts.

Huanhuan was very anxious.

“Will they be fine”

Bai Di stroked her head.

“Dont worry.

Theyll be back safely.”

Not long after, Shuang Yun, Feng Lan, and the others walked out of the forest.

When they returned to the team, Feng Lans neck was bleeding.

The other beasts were basically fine.

Huanhuan quickly took out the crispy fruits to stop the bleeding.

As she bandaged his wound, she asked what had happened.

Feng Lan said, “You were right before.

Those snake beasts didnt go far.

They were hiding in the forest and attacked us in the dark while we were hunting.

I was careless and injured my neck.”

Huanhuan looked at the wound on his neck.

“With the depth of your wound, if you were unlucky, your entire neck would have been cut off!”

Feng Lan smiled.

“My luck is indeed good!”

Bai Di asked, “What about the snake beasts”

Shuang Yun wiped the blood off his body and said casually, “Two ran away.

The rest were all killed.”

“Did the Hundred Tempering Snake Tribe send them”

“I think so.”

Xue Ling said half-jokingly, “First, it was the Dark Moon Temple, and now, its the Hundred Tempering Snake Tribe.

Their cooperation is not bad.

If we were unlucky, we might really have died here today.”

Bai Di groaned.

“They obviously did it on purpose.

The sneak attack at One-Line Sky was just a test.

Even if they couldnt kill us, they could exhaust us.

The snake beasts in the swamp were their main force.”

“But now that weve killed their main force, they should be more obedient after this, right”

Bai Di looked thoughtful.

“I hope so.”

Shuang Yun reminded them, “Dont forget, theres still the Sun Temple.”

Xue Ling patted Bai Di on the shoulder.

“Youre more familiar with the Sun Temple.

Who do you think Wen Qian will send against us”

“Wen Qian doesnt like to fight head-on.

He likes to play with peoples hearts.

Sowing discord and using others to kill are his most common methods.”

The corners of Shuang Yuns mouth twitched.

“Dont tell me youre saying that theres a traitor in our team!”

Bai Di said, “That shouldnt be possible.

Other than me, the others we brought out this time are all wolf beasts and feathered beasts.

No matter how far Wen Qian extends his influence, he wont be able to reach the Rock Wolf Tribe or the feather tribe.”

“So what are you saying”

Bai Di thought about it.

“I remember were going through Red Crystal City next, right”

“Yes, whats wrong with Red Crystal City”

“Red Crystal City has been attached to Sun Citys name all these years.

Theyre one of the forces of Sun City.”

Shuang Yun frowned.

“Do you mean that the Red Crystal City will help Wen Qian deal with us That shouldnt be the case.

Youre the second prince of the Sun City.

The current beast king is your biological brother.

The city lord of the Red Crystal City wont have the guts to be ruthless to you!”

Bai Di said, “He doesnt need to have guts.

Hell be doing it for revenge.”


Xue Ling quickly reacted.

“Is it for revenge”

Bai Di sighed.

“Yin Jie is the only son of the city lord of the Red Crystal City, but I forced the city lord to break his own sons legs.

Yin Jies life is ruined.

Do you still think the city lord of the Red Crystal City doesnt hate me”

Shuang Yun was still confused.

He didnt understand who Yin Jie was.

Bai Di explained what they had experienced in the Red Crystal City.

After hearing this, Shuang Yun was very dissatisfied.

“Yin Jie actually dares to have designs on Huanhuan You went too easy on him by only having his legs broken.

If I see him later, Ill kill him!”

Xue Ling smiled.

“Sure, well be in the Red Crystal City soon.

You can find a chance to kill Yin Jie later.

Ill keep a lookout for you.”

“Dont go back on your word!”

“Dont worry, I mean what I say!”

Bai Di interrupted them.

“Thats enough.

Stop adding fuel to the fire.”

Shuang Yun and Xue Ling had no choice but to stop talking about killing Yin Jie.

Bai Di thought for a moment.

“For safetys sake, well circle around the Red Crystal City later.

Itll take a few more days, but we dont have to fight the city lord directly.

Itll save us a lot of trouble.”

Shuang Yun immediately said, “No! If we bypass the Red Crystal City, how can we kill Yin Jie!”

Xue Ling also looked like he was watching a show.

He chimed in, “Its just the Red Crystal City.

Even if we barge in, they wont dare to do anything to us!”

Bai Di looked at them coldly.

“Cant you behave yourselves”


Shuang Yun scratched his short silver hair.

“Actually, if the city lord of the Red Crystal City really wants to take revenge, even if we take a detour, theyll definitely find a way to stop us on the way.”

Xue Ling helped analyze.

“There are only a few roads leading to the City of 10,000 Beasts.

As long as the city lord of the Red Crystal City puts in a little more effort, hell definitely set up an ambush on the way.

At that time, theyll be in the dark while well be in the light.

Our position will be very passive.

Instead of that, we might as well pass through the Red Crystal City openly and gain the initiative.”

“Thats right, thats right.

Well fight them openly.

Whoever has the strongest fist will be the boss!”

Bai Di glanced at Shuang Yun.

“You just want to take the opportunity to take revenge on Yin Jie, dont you”

Shuang Yun grinned.

“It would certainly be good if we have a chance to kill Yin Jie.”

“Then arent you afraid that the city lord of the Red Crystal City will summon the entire citys beasts and trap us in the city There are many soul beasts in the Red Crystal City, and there are many experts among them.

If we really fight, our chances of winning are basically zero.”

“Dont worry, they wont dare to cause too much of a commotion,” Xue Ling said casually.

“No matter what, youre the royalty of Sun City and Bai Luos biological brother.

Unless the city lord of the Red Crystal City really intends to fall out with Bai Luo and become the enemy of Sun City, he wont dare to attack you openly.

At most, hell arrange for some assassins in the city to ambush you.”

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