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The white tiger tried to step on it.

“Theres a mud pool below.

The thickness of the ice is limited.

Only one beast can walk at a time.

If there are too many of us, the ice will easily shatter.”

The Silvery Frost White Wolf was still at the front, freezing the swamps one by one.

The white tiger followed behind and instructed the wolf beasts to step across the ice layer one after another.

Seeing this, Xue Ling, who was flying in the sky, couldnt help but chuckle.

“They sure know how to think of a solution.”

Huanhuan was smug.

“Bai Di and Shuang Yun are very smart!”

Unknowingly, the wolf beasts had walked to the center of the swamp.

The white tiger acutely smelled something fishy.

He immediately raised his head and roared, “Theres an enemy.

Be careful!”

As soon as his voice fell, more than 20 snake beasts rushed out of the pool beside the swamp!

The huge snakes twisted violently in the water.

Their tails shattered the ice, and the wolf beasts standing on the ice immediately jumped to the nearest land.

However, one or two of them were slightly slower and accidentally fell into the swamps.

Xue Ling glanced at the two feathered beasts behind him.

“Go help them.”

The two feathered beasts immediately bent down and rushed down.

They grabbed the two unlucky wolf beasts that had fallen into the swamp and pulled them up to the nearby land.

There was very little land in the swamp area.

The wolf beasts were forced to split up, making them unable to cooperate with each other.

The snake beasts took this opportunity to attack them one by one!

The Silvery Frost White Wolf was still trying to create ice to increase the area of activity for the wolf beasts.

However, every time he created ice, it would be shattered by the snake beasts.

The white tigers body kept releasing electricity.

The swamp was filled with water.

Water could conduct electricity.

Any snake beast that approached the white tiger would tremble from the electricity.

As a result, the number of snake beasts around the white tiger decreased.

The Silvery Frost White Wolf took the opportunity to jump to his side.

When he landed, thick ice instantly formed under his feet.

The wolf beasts nearby ran over.

However, there were still some wolf beasts scattered elsewhere who were being attacked by the snake beasts.

Xue Ling said in a low voice, “This cant go on.

Ill help them.”

Xue Hui immediately reminded him, “Theres water everywhere.

Your fire wont help.”

“Its okay.

Its just a few snakes.

I can take care of them without fire.”

Xue Ling handed Huanhuan to Xue Hui and asked her to help take care of her.

Huanhuan quickly grabbed his sleeve.

“Take me with you.”

“No, its dangerous down there…”

“I have a way to deal with that group of snake beasts.”

Xue Ling was slightly stunned.


Huanhuan shook the green crystal bead bracelet in her hand and smiled slyly.

“Youll see.”

Seeing how confident she was, Xue Ling carried her and rushed down.

As they approached the swamp, Huanhuan touched the green crystal beads.

“Choir, its your turn.”

A ball of light blue mushrooms emerged and landed in the swamp.

In an instant, they grew into large mushrooms.

They were clustered close together.

The caps of the fungi swayed slightly, emitting a pale blue ghostly light.

They sang happily.

“The water here is so cold, and the soil here is so soft~ We like it so much.

We want to grow up quickly~”

The snake beast closest to them raised their snake tails and tried to destroy the Moonlight Mushrooms.

As soon as the snake tails touched the Moonlight Mushrooms, countless light blue threads suddenly stretched out and wrapped around the snake tails.

In the end, the snakes were dragged into the group of Moonlight Mushrooms.

The Moonlight Mushrooms sang happily, “Come on~ Come on~ Play happily with me~”

Xue Ling was surprised.

“Whats that”

Xue Hui craned her neck to take a closer look.

“It must be the mycelium of the Moonlight Mushroom.”

The snake beasts fell into the group of Moonlight Mushrooms and were quickly drowned out by the dense group.

There was no more sound from them.

They were actually devoured by the Moonlight Mushrooms!

“Your blood~ Your flesh~ Everything you have is our nourishment~”


The Moonlight Mushrooms seemed to have obtained some kind of energy and began to quickly reproduce and grow.

In the blink of an eye, the mushrooms spread to the nearby swamps.

All the snake beasts that approached them were wrapped in the mycelium and dragged into the group of Moonlight Mushrooms.

The mushrooms ate them until there was nothing left.

Xue Ling clicked his tongue.

“Ive never seen such ferocious Moonlight Mushrooms.”

In his impression, Moonlight Mushrooms should be gentle and harmless.

They were completely different from the ones here.

Xue Hui couldnt help but look stunned.

“Me neither.”

The Moonlight Mushrooms grew without restraint.

The largest one had already grown to more than two meters tall! The huge mushroom cap shook gently, and countless thin fungi stretched out from below.

As long as the snakes touched them, they would immediately be dragged into the group of Moonlight Mushrooms and eaten.

The snake beasts were terrified.

They had to slither out of the swamp area to save their lives.

The Moonlight Mushrooms occupied the entire swamp area.

The originally damp and smelly swamp became an ocean of Moonlight Mushrooms.

Huanhuan looked down and could only see a large blue light.

She said to Xue Ling, “Lets go down.”


They landed on the land near the swamp area.

The Moonlight Mushrooms extended their thin hyphae and gently stroked Huanhuans calves and wrists while chanting happily.

“The aura of the Divine Wood, the most beautiful fragrance in the world~”

Huanhuan touched the nearest Moonlight Mushroom.

“You did well.”

Her praise made the Moonlight Mushrooms even happier, and their caps shook even more violently.

Huanhuan asked, “Where are my companions Can you help send them out”

The largest Moonlight Mushroom used its mycelium to wrap up Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and the wolf beasts.

It dragged them out of the swamp one by one and placed them in front of Huanhuan.

Huanhuan reached out and held the fungi.

“Thank you.”

The Moonlight Mushrooms sang happily, “The Divine Wood is our faith.

Were willing to do anything for you~”

Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and the others were covered in mud.

They looked disheveled, but fortunately, no one was injured.

They washed the mud off their bodies and shook their fur hard.

Xue Ling glanced at the sky.

“Its getting dark.

Lets rest here for the night before leaving.”

After two consecutive sneak attacks today, everyone was indeed tired.

Shuang Yun turned to the wolf beasts and said, “Rest here.”

Feng Lan called his five companions and planned to hunt nearby.

Huanhuan stopped them.

“The snake beasts have just left.

Perhaps they havent gone far and are still hiding nearby waiting for a chance to launch a sneak attack.

Its too dangerous for you to hunt now.”

“But our dinner…”

“Have this.” Huanhuan pointed to the Moonlight Mushrooms beside her.

“They taste like pork.

You should like them.”

The Moonlight Mushrooms immediately produced some small mushrooms and brought them to Feng Lan, inviting him to try them.

Feng Lan quickly retreated.

“No, no, no! Theres no need!”

Just the thought of these Moonlight Mushrooms eating people without spitting out their bones made his scalp tingle.

How could he dare to eat them!

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