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Those beasts were very short.

Their skin was strangely green, and their claws were sharp.

They were extremely fast.

They were very cunning and deliberately blocked the front and back exits, blocking the wolf beasts in the canyon.

The wolf beasts reacted quickly as well.

They quickly regrouped and followed the command of the Silvery Frost White Wolf to fight the enemy.

Huanhuan was protected in the middle of the team.

The green-skinned beasts noticed Huanhuans existence.

Among them, the smallest green-skinned beasts jumped up and stepped on the rock wall to pounce on Huanhuan!

The lotus suddenly darted out, opened its petals, and bit the green-skinned beasts head!

Blood splattered.

Huanhuan could even hear the sound of his neck bones breaking.

The green-skinned beasts head was bitten off and spat to the side.

Xue Ling wanted to rush down to help, but because the canyon was too narrow and his wings were too big, he would definitely be stuck if he flew down.

He had to think of another way.

“Ill bring her up!” Xue Hui flew downward.

Her wings were much smaller than Xue Lings.

If she flew sideways, she could fit in the canyon.

After Xue Hui flew down, she picked up Huanhuan and told Bai Di, “Ill bring Huanhuan up.”

The white tiger roared, “Protect her!”

Xue Hui carried Huanhuan into the sky.

When they flew out of the canyon, the world instantly became much emptier.

The clouds in the sky seemed to be within reach.

Xue Ling smelled blood and saw that she was covered in it.

He quickly reached out and took her.

As he checked her body, he asked nervously, “Are you injured”

Huanhuan said slowly, “Im not injured.”

“Then this blood…”

Huanhuan was helpless.

“When Little Lotus bit one of the beasts, their blood accidentally splashed on me.”

At this moment, the lotus had already returned to its little bud form and was quietly resting on her hair.

It did not look as fierce as when it bit the beast just now.

Xue Ling roughly checked Huanhuans body to make sure that she was not injured before he was relieved.

He hugged Huanhuan with one hand and poked the lotus with the other.

“In the future, when you bite someone, remember to stay away from your mother.

Dont splash blood on her.”

The skullcap responded, “Okay.”

Huanhuan looked down, but because she was too far away, she couldnt see the exact situation.

She could only hear some chaotic shouting.

Seeing that Xue Ling and Xue Hui could see clearly, she quickly asked about the situation below.

Xue Ling said, “Dont worry, theyre all small fries.

Bai Di and Shuang Yun can handle them.”

It didnt take long for the battle below to end.

Xue Ling flew across the canyon with Huanhuan and landed at the exit.

Not long after, Huanhuan saw Shuang Yun, Bai Di, and the wolf beasts walking out of the canyon.

They were more or less stained with blood.

Two of them were slightly injured.

As for the 30-odd green-skinned beasts, their corpses were all left in the canyon.

They were all dead.

As they had just experienced a bloody battle, these guys all had a murderous aura.

Huanhuan was not afraid at all.

She jumped to the ground and ran over to hug the Silvery Frost White Wolfs neck.

“Are you okay”

The Silvery Frost White Wolf lowered his head and rubbed her cheek.

“Dont worry, the enemy has been completely wiped out.

We won.”

The white tiger walked over and looked down at her.

“I didnt scare you, did I”

Huanhuan shook her head and said no.

She reached out and touched his big furry head.

“Are you hurt”

“No, were all fine.”

Huanhuan bandaged the wounds of the two injured people while Xue Hui helped.

Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and Xue Ling were discussing something not far away.

Shuang Yuns expression was solemn.

“We checked the corpses of those enemies just now.

They were all green lizard beasts with slave marks on their bodies.

They should be war slaves.”

Xue Ling asked, “Do you know whose battle slaves they are”

Bai Di recalled the appearance of the slave mark.

“That mark is in the shape of a crescent moon.

It looks like the emblem of the temple of Dark Moon City.”

“From the looks of it, this group of green lizard beasts was sent by the Dark Moon Temple.” Xue Ling smiled ambiguously.

“I didnt expect the Dark Moon Temple to be the first to lose control.

I thought it would be the Hundred Tempering Snake Tribe!”

Bai Di said, “If I remember correctly, the swamp area is up ahead.

There are swamps everywhere.

Its perfect for snakes.”

Shuang Yun thought for a moment.

“If I were a snake, I would definitely choose to attack there.”

Xue Ling sighed calmly.

“Then youll be in trouble.

The swamp is their home ground.

You four-legged beasts will probably suffer.”

Shuang Yun and Bai Di looked at each other and smiled in unison.

“Thats not necessarily true.”

After resting for a while, the team set off again.

In order to avoid being attacked again, Huanhuan was carried by Xue Ling.

She was in the sky for the rest of the journey.

Traveling was really boring.

Before long, Huanhuan leaned into Xue Lings arms and fell asleep.

When she woke up, the sun was almost setting.

Huanhuan took out dried meat and water from her space.

She asked, “Have you all eaten”

Xue Ling replied, “Yes, Ive eaten.”

Huanhuan brought the jerky to his mouth.

“Do you still want some”

Xue Ling smiled seductively.

“If you feed me, Ill eat it.”

“Then open your mouth.”

“I want you to feed me with your mouth.”

Huanhuan blushed.

“Even at this point, youre still acting like a hooligan!”

Xue Ling laughed softly.

“I like you and want to be close to you every moment.

This is every male beasts instinct.

Its not called being a hooligan.”

“Youre clearly being a hooligan, but youre still making excuses for yourself,” Huanhuan muttered.

“Are you eating the jerky or not If not, Ill eat it myself.”

Just as she was about to take the jerky back, Xue Ling suddenly lowered his head and opened his mouth to bite the jerky.

Whether it was intentional or not, the tip of his tongue swept across Huanhuans fingertips.

The warm and moist touch made Huanhuans heart tremble.

She quickly released her fingers and let him eat the jerky.

Xue Ling slowly chewed the jerky, his eyes fixed on Huanhuan.

It was as if what he was biting was not the jerky but the little female in his arms.

Huanhuans scalp went numb from his gaze.

She thought to herself that he was just eating jerky, but he actually felt lustful.

He was really amazing.

Huanhuan didnt dare to look at him again.

She quickly looked away and lowered her head to eat her jerky.

The team quickly entered the swamp area.

As far as the eye could see, there were swamps of various sizes.

The swamps were filled with the corpses of small animals that had accidentally trespassed.

The stench of decay filled the air.

Even Huanhuan, who was far away, could smell it.

The Silvery Frost White Wolf smashed down, and the water on the surface of the swamp immediately froze.

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