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At the signal from Xue Hui, Ah Gui knelt down and kowtowed to Huanhuan.

“I apologize for what my father did.”

Huanhuan was not used to others kneeling, but she knew that she had to put on airs at this moment so that others would not underestimate her.

She said calmly, “The people you need to apologize to are Divine Wood and the saintess, not me.”

Ah Gui said, “You represent the Divine Wood now.”

“If I were really the Divine Wood, Id never forgive you.”

Ah Gui apologized again.

“Its our fault.

As long as you forgive us, well do anything.”

“If I asked you to dig up Bi Huans body and whip it, would you be willing”

Hearing this, Ah Gui immediately looked up.

His eyes widened as he retorted angrily, “My father is already dead.

Isnt this enough to atone for his sins Why cant you even let go of his corpse!”

His composure disappeared in an instant, and he returned to being the impulsive and awkward youth.

Xue Hui quickly pressed Ah Guis shoulder and advised him in a low voice, “Calm down!”

Ah Gui shook off her hand.

“I know what my father did was wrong.

Im willing to bear the consequences on his behalf and accept any punishment! But that doesnt include insulting my fathers remains!”

He was still angry at this point.

He stood up and added loudly, “Ill fight anyone who dares to touch my father!”

Xue Hui tugged at his wrist.

“Have you forgotten what I told you before!”

Ah Gui seemed to remember something and stopped talking, but he still straightened his neck.

He had no intention of bowing his head and compromising.

Seeing that he was not listening to her, Xue Hui could only turn her head and say slowly, “Ah Gui is young and impulsive.

Dont lower yourself to his level.”

Huanhuan said casually, “I know.

Hes indeed impulsive.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have angered his father back then.”

Hearing her mention his father, Ah Gui recalled the past.

His eyes turned red, and he felt even worse.

Huanhuan said slowly, “If you knew this wouldve happened back then, would you still have done it”

Ah Gui clenched his fists.

“I admit that I was insensible back then.

Im willing to change now!”

“Change” Huanhuan smiled.

“Since you said so, Im willing to give you a chance.”

Both Ah Gui and Xue Hui froze.

Huanhuan said, “Do you know Mayne”

Ah Gui looked confused.

Xue Hui said, “I do.

Hes one of the stewards of the Golden Leaf Chamber of Commerce.”

Huanhuan nodded.


Mayne has set up a branch on the rock mountain.

Every month, he takes a group of fellows to and from the rock mountain and Sun City.

Theyre commonly known as running merchants.

Ah Gui, go and join Mayne.

Ill give you six months to learn and sharpen yourself.

When you can complete a business trip on your own one day, Ill take responsibility for your fathers mistakes.”

Xue Hui was still a little hesitant.

It was very difficult and boring to be a running merchant.

Moreover, there was a high chance that they would encounter all kinds of emergencies along the way.

The risk was very high.

Even with an old merchant like Mayne leading the way, it was difficult to guarantee that they would reach their destination safely.

But Ah Gui didnt think too much about it.

He agreed without hesitation.

“Okay! Ill definitely succeed!”

Huanhuan took out another elementary contract scroll.

“I dont like empty promises.

Sign the contract.”

She wrote down the details and stated the deadline.

She also wrote that the profits earned by the business had to be no less than 50 mid-grade crystals.

Xue Hui frowned.

“Ah Gui, you should think it over carefully…”

“Ive thought it through!” Ah Gui quickly stamped the contract scroll.

“Its just a business trip.

Its nothing to me!”

Huanhuan put away the scroll and smiled.

“Its good for young people to have ambition.”

Xue Hui sighed.

At this point, she could only say to Ah Gui, “I hope you can persevere and not give up halfway.”

Ah Gui was full of confidence.

“Ill make it.

Dont worry!”

Ah Gui was full of confidence.

“Ill make it.

Dont worry!”

Xue Hui read the words on the contract scroll.

The words were unfamiliar.

She shouldnt be able to recognize them, but miraculously, she could understand what they meant.

This contract scroll was indeed magical!

She pressed her thumbprint to the scroll.

The words on the scroll flashed darkly, and a pattern of a crown of thorns appeared on the back.

The contract was officially in effect!

Huanhuan put the scroll away.

It was finally done!

Xue Ling opened the wine jar and poured everyone a bowl of fruit wine.

“Come, lets celebrate the joining of the Divine Wood clan!”

It was their first time drinking.

It tasted strange in their mouths, but after a few more sips, they realized that the more they drank, the better it tasted.

Xue Hui narrowed her eyes.

“This is fruit wine I saw the Golden Leaf Chamber of Commerce sell it in the City of 10,000 Beasts previously.

Presumably, those wines were also taken from the rock mountain, right”

Huanhuan nodded.


“Those fruit wines are very popular in the City of 10,000 Beasts.

Theyre about to be sold for a sky-high price by the Golden Leaf Chamber of Commerce.

The father and son of the Jing family must have made a lot of money.”

Huanhuan smiled.

“Thats why I asked Ah Gui to learn how to run a business.

When he can run a business independently, he wont have to rely on the Golden Leaf Chamber of Commerce anymore.

He can also sell things in the various beast cities and earn more.”

Speaking of this, Xue Hui couldnt help but look worried.

“Im worried that Ah Gui is too young and will suffer outside.”

Ah Gui defended himself loudly.

“Dont treat me like an idiot, okay Im very smart.

I wont lose out!”

Huanhuan also said, “Young people should go out and explore.

Only when he suffers will he realize how childish he is now.”

Ah Gui was unhappy.

“Who are you calling childish!”

Xue Hui slapped the back of his head.

“How rude.

You have to be respectful to Lady Huanhuan!”

Ah Gui held his head and muttered, “Can you stop hitting my head You cant just touch a male beasts head!”

“If youre not obedient, Ill have to hit you!”

“Im not a child anymore.

Why should I be obedient!”

Chang Gu and Xue Ling clinked bowls with each other, then chatted while drinking slowly.

Both of them could hold their liquor well.

After drinking a jar of fruit wine, they were still not drunk.

After eating and drinking his fill, Xue Ling carried Huanhuan to a clean place to sleep.

When he woke up the next morning, he went home with Huanhuan.

Xue Hui followed with the Divine Wood clan.

After returning home, Huanhuan immediately instructed someone to tidy up the empty rooms in the temporary residence.

When the Divine Wood clan arrived, they would move in.

According to the rules of the Rock Wolf Tribe, the Divine Wood clan had to live in the temporary residence for three months.

They could only officially live on the rock mountain after they gathered enough work points.

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