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There were only 10 beast cities on the entire beast continent.

There were six low-level beast cities, three middle-level beast cities, and one main city.

Ever since the Beast God unified the beast continent, these numbers had never changed.

For millions of years, many beast cities had fallen for various reasons.

Every time a beast city disappeared, a new beast city would replace it.

This rule had been passed down until now.

The greatest wish of any tribe was to be promoted to a beast city and occupy a place on the beast continent.

Now that this opportunity had finally appeared, all the tribes who heard the news were in an uproar.

They had to fight for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

“Putting aside those small tribes, there are only 23 powerful tribes who have the chance to compete for the position of beast city.

According to the rules, these 23 tribes will have three rounds of competition.

Only the three tribes that advance to the last round are qualified to go to the City of 10,000 Beasts and accept the final trial.

Only the tribe that passes the trial and obtains the permission of the prophet and the Elders Association can obtain the qualification to build a beast city.”


Mayne paused, and his tone was involuntarily excited.

“Your Rock Wolf Tribe is among these 23 tribes! As long as you can defeat the other 22 tribes, youll be qualified to build a city!”


When Jiu Yuan and Feng Lan heard this, they both looked excited.

However, Shuang Yun looked thoughtful.

“Calm down first.

We still have to consider this matter.”

Jiu Yuan immediately asked, “Patriarch, why are you still hesitating This is such a good opportunity!”

“This just means that we cant afford to be impulsive in any way.”

Looking at Shuang Yuns calm appearance, Jiu Yuan and Feng Lan involuntarily calmed down.

Their hot heads also regained their rationality.

Shuang Yun said to Mayne, “Thank you for bringing us this news.”

Mayne smiled.

“Actually, I was tasked by others to come here and deliver the news.

My loyalty lies to another.”

“At whose request did you come here”

“Its His Majesty the beast king of the Sun City.

He asked me to tell you this news and ask you to participate in this competition to obtain the qualifications to build a beast city.”

Shuang Yun frowned slightly.

“Can you be more specific”

“The thing is…”

It turned out that as medium-level beast cities, Sun City and Dark Moon City each had a recommendation spot.


The tribe they recommended could skip the first three rounds and directly enter the last round of trials.

The tribe recommended by Dark Moon City was the snake tribe of the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

Just by hearing this name, one could tell that the Hundred Tempering Snake Tribe had a very close relationship with Dark Moon City.

The Hundred Tempering Snake Tribe was the largest tribe in the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

They were very powerful.

Over the years, with the support of Dark Moon City, they had developed rapidly.

If they participated in the trial, they had a high chance of winning.

If the Hundred Tempering Snake Tribe obtained the right to build a city, it would be equivalent to adding a powerful arm to Dark Moon City.

This was a very disadvantageous situation for Sun City.

Mayne lowered his voice.

“In order to stop Dark Moon Citys scheme, the beast king of Sun City will choose the Rock Wolf Tribe.

He intends to recommend you for the final trial.”

So this situation also involved Dark Moon City…

Shuang Yun thought for a moment.

“This matter is important.

I need to think about it.”

Mayne quickly said, “Of course, but theres not much time.

When I left Sun City, the competition between the tribes had already begun.

Including the time I took to get to the rock mountain, there are only two weeks left.

Youd better tell me the answer in the next two days.

Ill send someone back to Sun City immediately to tell His Majesty the answer.”

“Yes, Ill get back to you on this tomorrow.”

After dinner that night, the children went upstairs to sleep.

Shuang Yun gathered the adults for a family meeting.

He repeated what Mayne had said earlier in the day in front of everyone.

Xue Ling smiled.

“This is a great opportunity.

We can take the opportunity to obtain the qualifications to build a city.

We can openly expand our territory later.

We dont even have to build a fortress.”

Bai Di pondered.

“Youve forgotten something.

Huanhuan is still wanted in the City of 10,000 Beasts.

You and I are also on the citys patrol team.

If we go to the City of 10,000 Beasts to participate in the trial, well probably be arrested and thrown into jail before we even enter.”

Shuang Yun quickly said, “Im worried about that.”

Of course, it was a good thing to be able to build a beast city.

However, because of Huanhuans previous encounter in the City of 10,000 Beasts, the relationship between the Rock Wolf Tribe and the city was very stiff.

If they couldnt solve the problem of Huanhuan being a wanted female there first, the Rock Wolf Tribe wouldnt be able to participate in the trial smoothly.

Huanhuan thought for a moment.

“Why dont I go to the City of 10,000 Beasts to turn myself in I didnt kill Mather in the first place.

I was wronged.

I can take this opportunity to clear my name.”

Bai Di rejected her suggestion without hesitation.



“The Elders Association has a deep prejudice against you.

If they had been willing to listen to your explanation, Xuan Wei wouldnt have had to take you away by force.

If you take the initiative to run back now, youll be walking right into their trap.

Theyll definitely seize the opportunity to try and burn you at the stake again!”

Huanhuan thought of the old fellows in the Elders Association and was immediately discouraged.

“Why do they have to pin the blame on me I didnt offend them!”

Xuan Wei, who had been silent all this while, finally said, “Because they needed to find a scapegoat.”

Huanhuan was slightly stunned, but then she reacted.

“Could it be that those old fellows from the Elders Association know who the murderer is They deliberately pinned the blame on me to cover for the real murderer!”

“These are just my guesses.

I have no evidence to prove them.”

Huanhuan said angrily, “If thats the case, those elders are too bad!”

Bai Di stroked her head.

“You cant go to the City of 10,000 Beasts until the truth is out.”

“What about the trial This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

If we miss it, who knows when well get another chance”

“Yes, we have to get the qualifications to build a beast city.

As for how to get them, we still have to discuss it slowly.” Bai Di thought for a moment.

“Ill go back to Sun City tomorrow and meet Bai Luo personally to ask whats going on with the promotion of a new beast city.

Ill also ask about the City of 10,000 Beasts.”

Shuang Yun agreed immediately.


Bai Di looked at Xuan Wei.

“Do you want to go back with me”

Xuan Wei asked, “Can I go back”

“Of course.

Sun City is your home.

Youre welcome home anytime.”

Xuan Wei thought for a moment, then nodded.

“Alright, Ill go back with you to see Bai Luo.”

In the past, he was a little afraid of Wen Qian.

Now that he was extremely powerful, it was not easy for Wen Qian to lay a finger on him.

In that case, so what if he went back to take a look!

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