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No matter how much First Elder asked, the two guards could not repeat what they had said before.

They couldnt be blamed for not having enough willpower.

Huanhuans face was too beautiful.

Because they had dropped the ball on the spot, this public trial that should have gone smoothly suddenly became difficult to progress.

Seeing that the whispers between the beasts were getting louder, First Elder directly decided.

“I dont care what tricks you used just now.

The evidence of you killing Mather has been conclusive.

Dont even think about getting rid of your crime of killing the envoy!”

Huanhuan sneered.

“Are you planning to wrongly accuse me”

First Elder ignored her mockery and waved his hand.

“Tie her to the stake!”

The guards reached out to grab Huanhuan, wanting to tie her up and drag her out.

Huanhuan put her hand behind her back and quietly took out the bone knife from her space.

When the guard approached, she suddenly pulled out the bone knife and slashed!

The guards wrist was cut, and blood spurted out.

This sudden change frightened all the beasts present, especially the two princes.

They immediately stood up and shouted, “Why is there a knife on her Didnt you search her!”

The guards surrounded Huanhuan, intending to swarm her and restrain her.

Shuang Jing watched the drama with a disinterested expression.

“A poor performance by a bunch of weaklings.

How boring.”

With that, he disregarded everything that was happening and walked out of the temple.

Seeing that Huanhuan was about to be grabbed, the silent Xuan Wei suddenly moved.

He grabbed Huanhuans wrist and pressed her behind him.

“Stop it,” he said.

Huanhuan was grabbed tightly and could no longer move.

Seeing that she was restrained, the guards retreated.

First Elder already hated this female who kept causing trouble.

He frowned and said in a low voice, “Hurry up and bring her out.

Tie her to the stake!”

Xuan Wei nodded.


He carried Huanhuan and strode out of the temple, followed by his guards.

The public trial ended there.

The two princes had no interest in something as ferocious as burning a female.

They returned to the palace.

Only some bolder beasts followed behind the guards, planning to watch the execution.

In the Elders Association, a few of them left one after another for various reasons.

In the end, only First Elder and Second Elder went to the execution ground to be in charge of supervising the punishment.

The execution ground was very simple.

In the middle of the flat clearing stood a thick and tall stone pillar.

Xuan Wei carried Huanhuan to the pillar.

As he pretended to tie her up, he whispered in her ear, “After I send you down the mountain, leave with Xue Hui immediately.

Dont look back, understand”

Huanhuan quickly asked, “What about Little Lotus and Little Green”

“Xue Hui has found them.

Theyre safe now.”

Huanhuan relaxed.

“Thats good.”

First Elder and Second Elder were at the back of the group.

They had yet to reach the execution ground.

Xuan Wei glanced at the guards and suddenly pushed Huanhuan.

He whispered, “Run.”

Huanhuan ran without thinking!

Seeing that she had run away, the guards were about to chase after her when they heard Xuan Wei say, “Wait here for the elders.

Ill go and capture her.”

Hence, the guards stopped and watched as Xuan Wei chased Huanhuan down the mountain.

Not long after, First and Second Elders arrived at the execution ground.

When they saw that there was no one at the stake, they quickly asked, “Wheres the female”

A guard took a step forward and replied, “She ran away just now.

Lord Xuan Wei went after her.”

Second Elder responded, “I see.”

However, First Elder acutely sensed that something was amiss.

With Xuan Weis strength, how could he let a little female run away Moreover, he had been chasing after her for so long, but they still hadnt returned…

He suddenly remembered that Xuan Wei had gone to visit Huanhuan last night.

His heart skipped a beat.

Oh no, it was a trap!

First Elder immediately ordered, “That traitor, Xuan Wei, actually helped an outsider escape.

Go and get them back!”

The guards all looked at him in a daze, not understanding what he meant.

First Elder said angrily, “What are you all standing here for Go after them! If they escape today, youll all be punished!”

The guards did not dare to delay any longer and ran chased down the mountain.

If Xuan Wei really betrayed them, these guards were no match for him at all.

First Elder immediately said to Second Elder, “Go and call Shuang Jing over!”

“Okay, Im on it!”

At this moment, Xuan Wei had already turned into a tiger and was carrying Huanhuan down the mountain.

The wind blew past his ears, and Huanhuans hair danced in the wind.

She grabbed the white tigers armor tightly with both hands, afraid that she would be thrown off.

Xuan Wei was extremely fast and arrived at the foot of the mountain in the blink of an eye.

Xue Hui was already waiting at the foot of the mountain.

As soon as she saw Huanhuan, she immediately walked up to her.

“Youre finally down! Ive been waiting at the foot of the mountain for a long time.

I thought something had happened to you!”

Huanhuan jumped off the tigers back.

Xue Hui picked her up and spread her wings to fly into the sky.

At this moment, the pursuers had already reached the foot of the mountain.

Xue Hui looked down at Xuan Wei.

“Shall we rush out together”

The guards were no match for the two of them.

If they worked hard, they could easily break out of the encirclement.

Xuan Wei noticed a figure rushing down the mountain.

Without looking up, he said, “Take Huanhuan and leave first.

Ill stay behind to bring up the rear.”

Xue Hui hesitated.

“Can you do it alone”

“Of course, I can!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the figure had already rushed down the mountain and appeared in front of Xuan Wei like a bolt of lightning.

It was Shuang Jing!

Xuan Wei pounced without hesitation and fought with Shuang Jing.

Xue Hui realized that a feather patrol was flying over not far away.

If she delayed any longer, she and Huanhuan would not be able to leave.

She made up her mind and flew out of the city with Huanhuan in her arms.

Huanhuan shrank into the arms of Xue Hui.

A small flower bud emerged from the collar of Xue Hui.

Huanhuan saw it and immediately looked surprised.

It was the skullcap!

Then, another vine crawled out.

The two of them burrowed into Huanhuans arms and nuzzled her cheek affectionately.

Xue Hui looked down and saw how intimate the three of them were.

She explained, “These two little guys were locked in the storeroom.

I stole them when the guards werent looking.”

Huanhuan was filled with gratitude.

“Thank you!”

The City of 10,000 Beasts was huge, but it was nothing to birds who were good at flying.

They quickly flew out of the inner city.

Xue Hui saw a fiery figure ahead and said, “Someones here to get you.”

Huanhuan immediately turned around and saw Xue Ling stopping in the air not far away.

The huge wings behind him were as dazzling as the sun.

She smiled involuntarily.

“Xue Ling!”


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