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The system sighed helplessly.

“I thought youd never remember.”

“I just have a bad memory, not dementia.

How can I never remember!”

“Id rather you didnt remember.”

Huanhuan snorted.

“Tell me the truth.

Whats your relationship with the prophet”

The system was silent for a long time before throwing out a bomb.

“Would you believe me if I said I was the prophet”

Huanhuan was so frightened that her hand trembled and the fruit fell to the ground.

She asked in disbelief, “Youre joking, right”

The systems tone was grim.

“Im not joking.”

“B-But youre too…” Huanhuans mind went blank from the stimulation.

She couldnt speak clearly.

“Actually, to be specific, Im just a part of the prophets body.”

Huanhuan covered her head.

“Wait, slow down! What do you mean by a part of your body Why do I feel that I understand every word you say, but when the words are put together, I dont understand it at all!”

“The prophet used part of his soul and flesh to make me.”

Huanhuan tried to digest what it had said.

“You mean youre a replica of the prophet” she asked.

“No.” The system smiled bitterly.

“Im not even a replica.

Im just a tool he created.

A tool that looks extremely similar to him.”

Huanhuan was so shocked that she didnt know what to say.

“Havent you always wondered who chose you”

Huanhuan muttered, “Could it be the prophet…”

“Yes, he chose you.

He asked me to disguise myself as a system and attach myself to you.

I planted the Divine Wood seed in your body and taught you alchemy and the Dance of the Gods… These were all tasks he assigned me.

I used your trust in me to complete them.”

Toward the end, the systems voice was so low that it was almost inaudible.

Those so-called missions were not arranged for Huanhuan but for it.

Huanhuan opened her mouth and asked with difficulty, “Why did you choose me”

“I cant say.”

Huanhuan: “…”

The air suddenly became heavy.

After a long time, Huanhuan heard the system ask dryly, “Are you angry”

Huanhuan said nothing.

“Im sorry.

I shouldnt have used you.

If youre willing to give me another chance, Ill try to make it up to you.”

Huanhuan shook her head.

The system was disappointed.

“Why are you shaking your head Arent you going to give me a chance to make it up to you”

“Its not what you think,” Huanhuan explained.

“Im just wondering if youll be punished if you cant complete the tasks the prophet assigned you.”

“I dont know.”

Huanhuan asked again, “Then if you complete all the tasks, will you leave me”

The system couldnt answer.

It said dryly, “Maybe…”

“Did the prophet set a deadline for completing the missions”

“Three years.”

“Three years.” Huanhuan calculated.

“It should be almost two years since the day I transmigrated to the beast continent.

In that case, we only have a year left.”

She reached out and picked up the fruit on the ground.

She curled her fingers around it and clenched her fingers.

“Ill do my best to cooperate with you to complete the missions within this year.

You try to down the speed of completing the missions until the last day of the three-year deadline.

Well split up then, okay”


“If were meant to separate, then well try to treasure every day we have together, okay”

The system felt suffocated.

After a long time, it squeezed out a word.


Huanhuan smiled happily.

“Then we have a deal!”


The light in the cell was dim.

Huanhuan, who was inside, could barely tell the difference between day and night.

She got the system to tell her jokes when she was bored.

The system said, “Why dont I show you a movie”

Huanhuan was pleasantly surprised.

“You can play movies”

“Yes, Im connected to the internet in your world.

Ive downloaded a few movies with good reviews.

Do you want to watch them”

Huanhuan nodded vigorously.

“Lets watch!”

The system selected a suspenseful movie for her to watch.

She leaned back against the wall.

She held sunflower seeds, peanuts, and fruits in her arms.

She began to concentrate.

The movie was an image formed in her mind.

She only had to close her eyes to watch it.

When people saw her, they would only think that she was sleeping.

When the movie reached its climax, Huanhuan had even forgotten about the sunflower seeds.

She held her breath as she watched the protagonist chase after clues.

Just as the protagonist was about to find the identity of the real murderer, the system suddenly said, “The murderer is his teacher.”

Huanhuan: “…”

The system continued, “His teacher is schizophrenic.

He usually looks gentle, but when hes agitated, he becomes very extreme.

All of this started when he was young…”

Then, he summed up the entire movie in 200 words.

The originally exciting and suspenseful movie immediately became boring after knowing all that.

Huanhuan was furious.

“Do you know that those who give spoilers will be beaten to death!”

The system snorted.

“Well, you deliberately ate fruits in front of me! Werent you just bullying me!”

Huanhuan: “…”

She had never seen such a petty system!

The system asked, “I have a few good shows here.

Do you want to watch them”

Huanhuan asked hopelessly, “Are there any happy shows”

“You like those childish animations”

The corners of Huanhuans mouth twitched.

“Its only those kinds that cant get spoiled.”

Hence, the system began to play the cartoon calledPleasant Goat and Big, Big Wolf in her head.

At first, Huanhuan thought that this cartoon was very childish.

After watching it, she actually thought that this cartoon wasnt bad.

The system also thought that this cartoon was quite good.

Hence, the two of them watched the show for two days.

When the stone door was opened again, Xuan Wei jumped down.

He saw Huanhuan sitting on the ground with her back against the wall.

Her eyes were closed, and she was holding a large pile of snacks in her arms.

There was a strange smile on her face…

It was as if she had gone crazy.

Xuan Wei was stunned for a moment before waking her up.


The system reluctantly paused the cartoon.

Huanhuan opened her eyes and was very surprised to see Xuan Wei in front of her.

“Why are you here”

“I came with Bai Di and Xue Ling.

When I heard that you were imprisoned, I came to see you.” Xuan Wei looked her up and down.

“I was worried that your life in prison would be difficult.

Now, it seems that youre doing well.

My worries were unnecessary.”

Huanhuan stretched out her leg and kicked the seeds on the ground to the side.

She smiled awkwardly and said, “I was just trying to have fun while I was alone here.



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