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After Jing Liang left, Huanhuan heaved a sigh of relief.

The systems voice emerged.

“I think he still suspects you.”

Huanhuan said, “Suspects me of what I did come from the rock mountain.

Xue Hui can testify to that.”

“Perhaps hell suspect you along with Xue Hui.”

“Surely not” Huanhuan was very surprised.

“Isnt his father old friends with Xue Hui Logically speaking, they should trust Xue Hui very much, right”

“Thats not necessarily true.

Merchants are the most scheming.

Theyd rather believe in something rather than nothing at all.

You have to be careful from now on.

Dont let them be suspicious of you again.”

Huanhuan nodded.

“I understand.”

Just as the system had expected, after Jing Liang left, he immediately got someone to look into Huanhuans stay in the city thus far.

He then compared the results with what Ah Jiang and Huanhuan had said.

After confirming that there was no mistake, he gradually believed Huanhuans words.

But he still had some doubts.

If there was nothing wrong with Huanhuans identity, why did she hide her method of entering the city in the first place Moreover, she had not mentioned her friend since she arrived at the chamber of commerce.

She did not seem worried about her friends safety at all.

Jing Liang told his father about this.

Jing Fu thought for a moment.

“The sacrificial ceremony is about to begin.

Get someone to keep an eye on them.

Its fine as long as they dont cause any trouble at this juncture.”

He could leave the other small matters for later.

Huanhuan realized that there were several male beasts patrolling outside the house.

She knew that she was being watched.

Xue Hui seemed to sense this, but she didnt know that it was because of Huanhuan.

She only thought that Jing Fu was doing this as a precaution.

After all, tomorrow was the sacrificial ceremony.

At this critical moment, nothing could go wrong.

Otherwise, the entire chamber of commerce would be blamed.

Huanhuan took the slate out of her space.

Bai Di had written on it.

Bai Di and Xue Ling were already on their way to the City of 10,000 Beasts.

They would arrive in two days at the earliest.

Huanhuan felt a little relieved to know that Bai Di and Xue Ling were coming.

She kissed Bai Dis handwriting on the stone slab, then closed her eyes and fell asleep while feeling content.

Early the next morning, Huanhuan was woken up by Xue Hui.

The two of them quickly finished their breakfast and left the chamber of commerce.

Coincidentally, as soon as they walked out of the chamber of commerce, they bumped into four old acquaintances.

One of them was Arched Eyes.

When Huanhuan saw him, he saw Huanhuan too.

Arched Eyes immediately jumped up.

“How dare you appear here!”

Xue Hui turned to Huanhuan and asked her what was going on.

Huanhuan briefly explained how she had been bullied after entering the city.

There were very few descendants of the Divine Wood clan, so the people were very protective of every one of the clansmen.

When Xue Hui found out that Huanhuan had been bullied, she immediately looked at the man with slanted eyes with hostility.

Arched Eyes still remembered the last time he was beaten.

Seeing that his enemy had delivered himself to him, he immediately transformed into a curly-haired hyena and bared his teeth as he pounced at Huanhuan!

Seeing this, his companions transformed into their beast forms and attacked with him.

The snow eagle let out a cry and swooped down.

Her sharp claws grabbed the mans neck and quickly flew into the sky.

Huanhuan raised her head and lifted her hand to block out the piercing sunlight.

They were flying so high!

Arched Eyes three companions wanted to save him, but they couldnt fly.

One of them noticed Huanhuan beside him.

With a thought, he pounced on her!

He planned to catch her and use her in exchange for Arched Eyes.

It was a good plan, but unfortunately, the skullcap didnt agree.

It jumped out with a whoosh, opened its petals, and revealed a circle of sharp fangs.

It bit the attackers shoulder, and blood splattered.

The man howled in pain.

His companions tried to rush forward to save him, but Little Green slapped their faces.

Xue Hui finally flew back.

She threw the man down from midair, smashing him.

As for his three companions, they were also lying on the ground after being taught a lesson by the skullcap and Little Green.

They were barely alive.

Seeing this, the employees of the chamber of commerce were so frightened by the skullcap and Little Green that they did not dare to approach.

It was not until Jing Liang heard the news and rushed over that Huanhuan let the skullcap and Little Green retreat.

Xue Hui did not look like she had just bullied anyone at all.

She transformed back into her human form and put on her clothes.

She said frankly, “These four guys bullied Huanhuan.

Ive taught them a lesson now.

Ill send you some herbs later as compensation.”

Jing Liang only glanced at the four of them before looking away.

He smiled and said, “They do need to be taught a lesson.

Thank you for your help, Aunt Xue Hui.

Theres no need for compensation.”

Seeing that it was getting late, Xue Hui said goodbye, spread her wings, and flew into the sky with Huanhuan in her arms.

Jing Liang got someone to drag the four guys away and clean them up.

The surrounding beasts who had watched the commotion also dispersed.

Xue Hui looked like a tall, beautiful female, but she was quite strong.

She carried Huanhuan all the way without any difficulty.

They went through the outer city and reached the entrance of the inner city.

Xue Mei handed over a small token polished from stone and handed it to the guards guarding the city to check.

The guards stepped aside to make way after making sure.

Xue Hui then flew into the inner city with Huanhuan.

Compared to the bustling and crowded outer city, the inner city was much emptier.

At a glance, there was a large grassland.

There were many houses scattered on the grassland, which were where the beasts lived.

There were forests on both sides, and some beasts lived in these forests.

At the end of their line of sight was a tall mountain.

Water fell from the top of the mountain, forming a rather spectacular waterfall.

There were already divine servants waiting by the roadside.

A divine servant stepped forward and bowed to Xue Hui.

“Lord Envoy from the Divine Wood Temple, please follow me.”

The divine servant led the way.

Xue Hui brought Huanhuan across the grassland.

When they approached the waterfall mountain, they realized that there was a very majestic palace halfway up the mountain.

Xue Hui said that this was the palace.

A little farther away from the palace was a temple.

Huanhuan was a little surprised.

The palace of Sun City was separated from the temple.

In addition, she had heard from Xuan Wei that the relationship between the royal family and the temple was usually not too harmonious, so she thought it was the same in the City of 10,000 Beasts.

Unexpectedly, the palace and temple of the City of 10,000 Beasts were so close to each other.

A large number of houses were gathered at the foot of the mountain.

These were the residences of the noble beasts.

Xue Hui landed on the ground and put Huanhuan down.

There were already many beasts gathered here.

Most of them were nobles who lived here.

There were also some witch doctors who had come from elsewhere.

As the oracle of the Divine Wood Temple, Xue Hui received special treatment.

The divine servant led Xue Hui forward to a position closest to the front.

Huanhuan followed behind Xue Hui.


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