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During dinner, Shuang Yun kept saying to Lin Huanhuan, “Eat more meat.

Thats how youll have the strength to mate later.”

Lin Huanhuan was so angry that she wanted to throw the roasted meat at his face.

She scowled at him.

“I dont want to mate with you!”

Shuang Yun argued back.

“But you already promised me…”

“Even if I did agree to mate with you, it doesnt have to be now!”

Shuang Yun tried his best to convince her.

“Its winter now, which is the best time for beasts to mate.

If our cubs can be born in spring, therell be an abundance of food.

Theyll definitely grow very strong!”

Lin Huanhuan insisted, saying, “No, I wont mate with you now.”

“If you dont mate with me now, who will you mate with” Shuang Yun was furious.

The roasted meat in his hand was squeezed by his grip.

Lin Huanhuan was slightly startled, and her gaze instinctively turned to Bai Di.

Even if she had to mate, shed prioritize Bai Di.

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Bai Di was the first beast shed seen since coming into this world.

Hed always been kind to her.

His place in her heart was unshakable.

The sudden appearance of Shuang Yun made her feel guilty towards Bai Di.

She wanted to make it up to him as much as possible.

Bai Di happened to be watching her too, and his lips were curved into a smile when she glanced his way.

“Have you had enough”

He was already extremely handsome, and when he smiled, he was even more devastatingly beautiful.

Lin Huanhuan couldnt help but blush and reply softly, “Yes, Im full.”

“Then go rest.

Ill clean up.”

“Let me clean up with you.”

Shuang Yun watched the interactions between the two of them.

Although there was nothing special about them, they shared a tacit understanding, and it felt like no one else could intrude.

It made him feel like a third wheel.

Shuang Yun suddenly panicked.

He grabbed Huanhuans wrist, his dark green eyes locked on hers.

“You want to give birth to Bai Dis child first, dont you”

Lin Huanhuan couldnt answer, and her face was filled with embarrassment.

Seeing her panic and dodge, Shuang Yuns heart immediately sank.

She didnt need to open her mouth to say anything.

Her reaction had given him the answer.

Shuang Yun released his grip, rose in silence, and walked away.

Lin Huanhuan did not chase after him.

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Hed have to face this sooner or later anyway.

If he couldnt handle it, he could wait for the three months to end when their mate contract would automatically dissolve.

Hed then be free again.

When she and Bai Di had finished cleaning up the place and were ready for bed, Bai Di made her bed for her as usual.

Then, he prepared to walk away.

Lin Huanhuan suddenly grabbed his wrist.

“Wait a moment.”

Bai Di stopped.

“What is it”

Lin Huanhuan avoided his gaze.

Her face was red, and her voice was so soft that it was almost inaudible.

“Y-You can stay tonight.”

He looked surprised.

“Arent you afraid I might do something like that to you again”

She stammered, “I-Im not afraid to do that with you.

Im just… afraid of the pain…”

“Im sorry,” he said.

“It was my fault for hurting you the last time.” He was overwhelmed with guilt, and his heart ached for her.

Lin Huanhuan took out the Sourcing Leaf Fruit in her fanny pack and said dryly, “Mu Xiang told me that using this can help relieve my pain, so Ill try it with you first.”

Since they had decided to become mates and spend the rest of their lives together, there was no avoiding s*x.

Although it made Lin Huanhuan feel embarrassed to take the initiative to speak about it, she still mustered the courage to say what was on her mind.

Bai Di had been kind to her, and she wanted to be kind to him.

Bai Dis heart melted.

He held the little female in his arms gently as if she were the most precious treasure in the world.

“You dont have to force it.

Even without mating, youll always be my mate.

Ill always love you.”

Lin Huanhuans eyes turned red.

Her voice shook as she asked, “Do you love me”

“Of course.

Youre the one I love the most.”

Lin Huanhuan had received too little love in her life, so she cherished everything she got.

“Nothing else matters as long as you love me.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and tilted her head back, kissing his face with clumsy movements.

The softness of her lips on his cheek made his heart flutter.

Although he was a fierce tiger, his heart was filled with tenderness at this moment.

Bai Di lowered Lin Huanhuan onto the stone bed, her soft, petite body falling onto the animal hide.

Her delicate face was flushed, and her long eyelashes fluttered.

She was so nervous.

He kissed her on the lips before speaking in a low and gentle voice, “Let me know if it hurts.

Ill stop immediately.”

Lin Huanhuan did not dare to look at his face.

She closed her eyes and replied, “Mhm.”

As if opening a gift, Bai Di removed her hide dress.

Her fair and tender skin was as smooth as cows milk.

Bai Di felt an inexpressible urge inside him, but his strong sense of self-control kept him sober.

He bent his head and kissed her all over with a sense of devotion.

Her fair body was stained an alluring red.

It was like a rose that had just bloomed and was waiting to be picked.

Bai Di put the fruit in his mouth, chewed it, and smeared the juice on the little female.

As soon as the green-colored juice touched her body, it immediately stimulated her to secrete a slippery transparent mucus.

The fragrance of the fruit filled the air and Lin Huanhuan felt her body getting hotter and hotter, while her wet eyes were filled with confusion and desire.

Bai Di leaned close to her and whispered, “Can I go in now”

Lin Huanhuan was extremely embarrassed.

She covered her face and said softly, “Yes.”

He kissed the back of her hand, his gaze incredibly affectionate.

“Ill be gentle.”

She still felt a little uncomfortable when he put it in, but it wasnt nearly as painful as the last time.

She could just about bear it.

He had been watching her carefully to detect any changes in her expression.

He saw her frown and stopped what he was doing.

“What is it” he asked nervously.

“Does it hurt”

Lin Huanhuan whispered, “Its… Its alright…”

Relieved to know she wasnt in pain, he continued.

At this moment, Lin Huanhuan felt a warm current flowing out from under her!

The familiarity of it terrified her.

She opened her eyes at once and pushed him away from her.

Bai Di was aghast.

“What happened Did I hurt you”

Lin Huanhuan slowly reached for the space under her.

Her hands were covered in blood.

Bloody hell! It was her bloody period again!

Bai Di saw the blood on her hands, and his face paled.

“I hurt you again! I—”

“Its not your fault!” Lin Huanhuan quickly interrupted him.

“Its my period again.

I bleed non-stop for a few days every month.

Youve seen it happen before.

Its fine.”

She had actually gotten her period while she was in the middle of having s*x.

How embarrassing!



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