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Huanhuan slowly put down the bone knife that was covered in blood.

She applied fragrant and crispy fruits to the wound, then wrapped the cloth around her neck.

She asked, “How long will my pain be blocked”

The system said, “Dont worry, itll last until you recover.”

“Thats good.” Huanhuan heaved a sigh of relief.

She wiped the bone knife clean and stuffed it into the space along with the blood-stained hide.

Xue Hui walked in with the food and frowned as soon as she entered.

“Why does this house smell like blood”

Huanhuan said slowly, “I accidentally fell and hurt my neck.

I bled a little.”

When she saw the thick cotton around her neck, her frown deepened.

“How could you be so careless Are you seriously injured Show me.”

Huanhuan quickly waved her hand.

“Its okay.

The bleeding has stopped, and it doesnt hurt much.

Its not as serious as you think.”

Seeing that she was relaxed and indeed not in pain, Xue Hui was slightly relieved.

“Youre always so worrisome.

Sit down and eat.”

Xue Hui brought mostly vegetables and fruits.

They were all raw.

There was also some fresh fish meat.

Huanhuan finished all the fruits and picked some vegetables to eat.

The fish was raw.

She tasted it with the mentality of eating sashimi and realized that it tasted a little fishy.

After that, she didnt touch the plate of raw fish again.

The members of the Divine Wood clan were vegetarians, so it was normal for them to not like meat.

Therefore, when Xue Hui saw that Huanhuan did not like meat, she did not find it strange at all.

Xue Hui looked at Huanhuans face and suddenly said, “You look even prettier than last time.”

Huanhuan touched her cheek and smiled shyly.


“When you reach Divine Wood City, therell definitely be many outstanding male beasts pursuing you.

Arent you going to consider finding a few more male beasts to be your mates”

Huanhuan quickly said, “Forget it.

The four at home are already too much for me.

If there are a few more, Ill be tortured to death.

Please spare me.”

Xue Hui chuckled.

“Youre very beautiful.

Its only right for many male beasts to pursue you.

If youre unwilling, just ignore them.

You dont have to look so afraid.”

Huanhuan was still not used to being praised for her looks.

She changed the topic.

“Why are you in the City of 10,000 Beasts”

“Im here on behalf of the Divine Wood Temple to attend this years sacrificial ceremony.

Im also here to discuss business with the Golden Leaf Chamber of Commerce.”

“I see.” Huanhuan paused and asked curiously, “I heard you mention several sacrificial ceremonies.

What are sacrificial ceremonies”

“At this time of year, the City of 10,000 Beasts holds a sacrificial ceremony.

The prophet is in charge of presiding over it.

The other three temples have to send envoys to the City of 10,000 Beasts to participate in the sacrificial ceremony.

Some witch doctors of large tribes will also receive invitations to the sacrificial ceremony.”

It was a supreme honor for any witch doctor to receive an invitation to the sacrificial ceremony.

Huanhuan had never heard of sacrificial ceremonies when she was in the Rock Wolf Tribe.

Perhaps it was because the Rock Wolf Tribe was too remote and their strength was only above average among many tribes.

They had yet to reach the peak and were not qualified to be invited to the ceremony.

However, this was not important to Huanhuan.

She even wished that the City of 10,000 Beasts could ignore the Rock Wolf Tribe.

It would be best if they could never focus on the Rock Wolf Tribe.

Only then could the Rock Wolf Tribe live peacefully.

Xue Hui looked at her and suddenly said, “The day after tomorrow is the sacrificial ceremony.

Are you coming with me”

Huanhuan pointed to her nose.

“Can I go”

“Every envoy can bring an attendant.

If you dont mind, you can pretend to be my attendant.”

Hearing her words, Huanhuans mind immediately became active.

The sacrificial ceremony sounded very grand!

It was rare for her to come here, and she was just in time for the sacrificial ceremony.

It would be a pity not to take a look.

Huanhuan smiled brightly.

“Yes, Ill go with you.”

Xue Hui said, “The sacrificial ceremony is about to begin.

Therell be many beasts in the city.

If you want to join in the fun, you can tell me.

Ill take you out for a walk.”

How would Huanhuan dare to go out Xing Chen was in the city.

What if she bumped into him!

She shook her head quickly.

“Im not going anywhere.

Ill stay here.”

“Thats good.

There are too many people in the city.

Its easy to cause trouble.

Your face is especially attractive.

Its safer to stay here.”

Xue Hui realized that the dress on Huanhuan was too big, so she said, “I only have this set of clothes with me.

Ill get someone to make you a new dress later.”

Huanhuan waved her hand.

“No need.

Its fine for me to make do.

Ill wash my own dress later and dry it before continuing to wear it.”

Xue Hui didnt force her.

“If you want to dry your clothes, do it in the yard.

Ill tell the guys here not to touch your things.”

Huanhuan was very grateful.

“Thank you!”

Looking at her obedient and cute appearance, she couldnt help but reach out and pinch her cheek.

It felt better than she imagined.

Huanhuan stood rooted to the ground, not understanding why her face was being pinched for no reason.

Xue Hui smiled.

“Dont look at me with such a cute expression.

Ill be tempted to hug you.”

Huanhuan blushed at her teasing.

Xue Hui called over an attendant to bring the bath water and unfinished food out.

Huanhuan, who was full, yawned.

Seeing that she was tired, Xue Hui found a blanket and spread it on the carpet.

“Rest first.

Im going out to do something.

I might not be back for dinner tonight.

Ill get someone to bring dinner for you.”

Huanhuan was about to say that she had food and didnt need anyone to deliver it, but on second thought, she didnt have anything like a bag on her.

Her hands were empty.

It was obvious that she didnt have any luggage.

What would she say if she said she had brought food and Xue Hui asked her where it was

The matter of her interspatial ring had to be kept a secret.

In the end, Huanhuan agreed obediently.


Xue Hui tucked her in, got up, and walked out of the lounge.

At this moment, Xing Chen was still standing at the entrance to the city, quietly waiting for Huanhuan to come and find him.


But he waited from dawn until dark.

It was dark until dawn the next day.

The surrounding patrols had changed several times, but Huanhuan still did not appear.

There was a lot of cold dew on his black robe.

Xing Chen looked up slightly, revealing his pale handsome face hidden under the hood.

He opened his palm, and a dark purple butterfly flew out.

The butterfly flew around before returning to his fingertips.

The butterfly told him that the mark had been destroyed.

It couldnt find where she was.

Xing Chen closed his fingers, crushing the butterfly.


All the warmth she had given these days had turned into bubbles.

When he looked back now, he saw nothing but illusions.

It was all fake.

Xing Chen closed his eyes, and his pale face instantly turned as cold as ice.


‘Run, then.

Lets see how far you can get.

He released his fingers, and the broken pieces of the butterfly fluttered down.

The next time he saw her…

He would just crush her…


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