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Why were they attacked by golden-tailed scorpions

This started with Hou Yan.

The fruits and vegetables had long been depleted.

Recently, she had been eating hard jerky every day, which made her feel nauseous.

She clamored for fresh meat.

Many wild animals lived in this desert.

Their meat could be eaten, but the best meat was naturally from the golden-tailed scorpions.

In order to please Hou Yan, the male beasts specially stopped to look for the golden-tailed scorpion.

In the end, they really found them.

Unfortunately, they did not find a single golden-tailed scorpion.

Instead, they found a large group of golden-tailed scorpions.

There were more than a hundred of them!

The roles of predator and prey were reversed.

The beasts fled crazily, doing everything they could to escape the pursuit of the golden-tailed scorpions.

This was the first time Huanhuan had seen golden-tailed scorpions.

These scorpions were even bigger than she had imagined.

They were about three to four meters long.

Their two large pincers were extremely sharp.

The barbs on their tails were golden and shone coldly in the sun.

Their meat was delicious, but their attack power was also very strong.

Especially since they were not only facing a single golden-tailed scorpion but a large group of them!

The beasts transformed into their beast forms and tried their best to escape.

They all had four legs, but Huanhuan only had two.

Coupled with the fact that she was the smallest in the first place, she was naturally the slowest.

She quickly fell behind the group.

Xing Chen reached down, picked her up, and ran with her.

The situation was urgent, and survival was more important.

Huanhuan couldnt care less about being intimate with him now.

She grabbed his clothes to prevent herself from being shaken off.

The beasts running in front noticed Xing Chen and Huanhuan at the back of the group and immediately had a plan.

Two of the beasts slowed down slightly.

They quickly fell behind the group and advanced parallel to Huanhuan and Xing Chen.

Huanhuan noticed the two beasts approaching and knew that they might be up to no good.

She quickly reminded Xing Chen, “Be careful!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the two beasts suddenly charged at Xing Chen!

Xing Chens expression did not change.

A pair of wings as thin as cicada wings suddenly grew on his back.

His clothes fluttered as he flew into the air.

The two beasts did not expect Xing Chen to fly.

The two beasts collided with each other fiercely and suddenly stopped.

The golden-tailed scorpions followed closely.

Before the two of them could react, they were devoured by the densely packed golden-tailed scorpions!

Huanhuan looked down.

When the golden-tailed scorpions crawled over, there were only two scattered skeletons left in the sand.

There was no flesh on them at all.

They had all been eaten by the golden-tailed scorpions.

These scorpions were really ferocious!

The two beasts could not satisfy the appetite of the golden-tailed scorpions.

They continued to chase after the fleeing beasts.

Xing Chen flew in the air and looked down at the dying beasts.

He was so cold that it was almost cruel.

Huanhuan said slowly, “Arent we going to save them”

“Save them for what To let them continue to harm us”

Huanhuan was very worried.

“But if we let them all die, no one will lead the way for us.”

Xing Chen asked, “Do you really want to get out of here”

“Of course.

Theres nothing here.

I have to eat a mouthful of sand every day.

Even my hair is filled with sand.

Its too uncomfortable.”

Xing Chen looked at her steadily, as if trying to determine if she was telling the truth.

The two of them were very close.

Huanhuan felt that all her thoughts were exposed under his gaze.

Her palms were sweating with nervousness.

Was the demon king going to tell her everything!

What was she going to do Fight him

However, with her strength, it was impossible for her to defeat him!

If she couldnt take an aggressive approach, she would use soft methods to influence him with the true kindness and beauty of human nature… Well, it didnt really make sense.

It was hard to change ones nature.

Xing Chens darkness came from his bones.

Any truth, kindness, or beauty was a joke to him.

He could not be moved.

Just as Huanhuan was at a loss, Xing Chen suddenly asked, “Where do you want to go after we leave this place”

Huanhuan replied cautiously, “Didnt they say they were going to the City of 10,000 Beasts Ive never been to the City of 10,000 Beasts.

We can go there.”

Xing Chen said, “The City of 10,000 Beasts is very noisy.”

Huanhuan thought to herself,If you think its too noisy, go back to your Sea of Illusions!

But she didnt dare say this because she was afraid!

She tried to look more natural.

“I like lively places.

Besides, its the most prosperous place on the beast continent.

Therell definitely be many interesting things there.

I want to take a look.

Itll be good to broaden my horizons.”

Xing Chen thought for a moment, then said, “Okay.”

Huanhuan didnt understand what he meant byokay.

She stared at him with wide innocent eyes.

Xing Chen said, “I havent been to the City of 10,000 Beasts in many years.

Its not a bad idea to accompany you there.”

Huanhuan wanted to grab his shoulders and shake him hard.

‘Ill go alone! Go home! The Sea of Illusions suits your temperament more than the City of 10,000 Beasts!

When she didnt respond, Xing Chen asked softly, “You dont agree”

His tone was calm, but her instincts told him that if she said no, he would immediately throw her into the sky!

There was no doubt that he would definitely do such a cruel thing!

Huanhuan quickly shook her head.

“I agree!”

“Why are you shaking your head if you agree”

Unable to answer, Huanhuan could only mock herself sullenly, “Maybe its because Im stupid.”


Her answer seemed to work.

He chuckled and seemed to be in a good mood.

Xing Chen carried Huanhuan and followed behind the golden-tailed scorpions.

High-speed movement was very dangerous for beasts, especially in the desert.

There was no water, and the temperature in their bodies would easily reach its peak after high-speed movement.

If they did not cool down in time, their lives would be in danger.

In order to escape, those beasts raised their speed to the maximum and ran desperately.

However, as time passed, their stamina gradually depleted.

Their internal organs seemed to be burning.

With every breath they exhaled, they felt as if their bodies were about to melt.

More and more beasts fell because they were exhausted.

They were all eaten by the golden-tailed scorpions that were following closely behind.

The scorpions plundered crazily and hunted bloodily.

This was a plot that played out every day in nature.

Xing Chen was already used to this.

His expression did not change at all.

When there was only one beast left, Xing Chen leaned down and rushed down.

He grabbed the beast who was on the verge of collapse and pulled him into the sky.

The golden-tailed scorpions immediately stopped after losing their prey.

They looked up at the sky and drooled.

Unfortunately, they could not fly and could only watch.

After confirming that they really couldnt reach the three prey, the golden-tailed scorpions had no choice but to scatter.

Huanhuan looked at the distant golden-tailed scorpions and couldnt help but call out to Little Lotus.

The lotus immediately flew out and bit the closest golden-tailed scorpion!

The scorpions had delicious meat!


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