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Once she knew that Ah Xing was Stardust, Huanhuan immediately cowered.

She retreated behind the sand slope and whispered, “So what do we do now”

The system shouted, “What else can we do Run!”

Huanhuan was very hesitant.

“What if Xing Chen catches up to me”

“You still have to run!”


“But what”

Huanhuan looked not far away.

“I think I see him walking over.”

After dealing with Xin Hong and the other beasts, Xing Chen strode in her direction.

If she ran now, he would definitely discover her.

The system immediately panicked.

“Why is he so fast!”

Huanhuan was also very desperate.

“I dont know either!”

The system said, “Ill hide first!”

“Then what should I do”

“Dont be afraid.

Daddy will pray for you.


As soon as it finished speaking, the system ran away.


No matter how hard Huanhuan shouted, it did not appear again.

The speed at which this system ran away was comparable to a rocket!

Xing Chen quickly walked up to Huanhuan.

His eyes were still level as if they were unfocused.

His voice was especially cool at night.

“Why are you squatting here”

Huanhuan blurted out, “I thought you couldnt see How did you know I was squatting”

Xing Chen: “…”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Huanhuan regretted it so much that she wanted to slap herself.

She quickly tried to salvage the situation.

“I mean, how did you guess that I was squatting Youre right.”

Xing Chen said, “Hehe.”

Huanhuans scalp went numb from his smile.

Had this guy sensed that something was wrong!

She quickly changed the subject.

“Where are Xin Hong and his accomplices”

Xing Chen said, “They were all taken care of.”

Huanhuan: “…”

As expected of the demon king.

He had no problem fighting against 10 beasts alone!

Xing Chen asked, “Do you want to know how they were taken care of”

Huanhuan shook her head like a rattle.

“No, no, no! I dont want to know anything bloody and violent!”

Xing Chen laughed again.


Huanhuan wanted to beg him to stop laughing.

If he continued to laugh, she was afraid she would run.

At the same time, the sleeping Hou Yan knew about her mates deaths through the mate contract.

She kept crying when she woke up.

The 10 male beasts who were left behind to guard her surrounded her to comfort her.

They promised her that they would definitely avenge Xin Hong and the others.

As Xing Chen did not deliberately hide his figure, some beasts quickly discovered his existence.

Two beasts quickly walked over and realized that in addition to Xing Chen, there was also Lin Huanhuan squatting behind the sand slope.

“What are you doing here”

Huanhuan continued to squat on the ground and lied without changing her expression, “Im peeing.”

The beast pointed at Xing Chen again.

“What about him”

Xing Chen also looked at Huanhuan and continued to smile.

“Thats right.

What am I doing here”

Huanhuan really wanted to remind him, “Demon King, have you forgotten your persona Youre blind now.

You dont have to turn to look at me when you speak!”

She smiled sheepishly.

“Hes keeping watch for me.”

The two beasts looked at them skeptically, as if they were still estimating how trustworthy Huanhuans words were.

Huanhuan thought to herself,Hurry up and leave before the demon king attacks.

Otherwise, you wont be able to leave even if you want to.

Hou Yan was crying harder and harder.

The two beasts were very worried.

They couldnt be bothered to continue questioning Huanhuan and Xing Chen.

They turned around and quickly ran toward Hou Yan.

Before long, those beasts discovered more than 10 corpses, including Xin Hongs.

When Hou Yan heard the bad news, she cried and fainted.

The beasts suspected that Xing Chen and Huanhuan had killed Xin Hong and the others, but after repeated checks, they could not find any wounds on the remains.

They could not confirm their guess.

Moreover, from the way the dozen beasts died, they seemed to have been frightened to death by something extremely terrifying.

It seemed like a ghosts doing.

The beasts were extremely superstitious about ghosts, especially in this desert.

There had been rumors of ghosts.

At this moment, it seemed to be true that the deaths of Xin Hong and the others were related to ghosts.

Once this matter involved ghosts and gods, the remaining 10 beasts did not dare to continue investigating.

Even though they were puzzled, they quickly packed their things and left this terrifying place with Hou Yan.

Huanhuan and Xing Chen continued to follow them.

The group of travelers, which originally had more than 20 beasts, suddenly lost more than a dozen beasts.

It immediately became much quieter.

Xing Chen said he was going to carry Huanhuan.

How would Huanhuan dare to let the great demon king carry her This was no different from a sheep entering a tigers den!

She quickly waved her hand.

“No, I can walk.”

Xing Chen stared at her face.

“Why are you rejecting me”

Huanhuans scalp went numb from his gaze.

She subconsciously turned her head to avoid his gaze and whispered, “Its too hard for you to carry me.

I dont want you to work so hard.”

Although he knew that she might not mean it, he was still quite happy.

He liked being cared for.

Xing Chen said, “Im not afraid of hard work.”

Huanhuan wanted to say that she was afraid!

But in the end, she didnt dare say it.

She could only shake her head to show that she was determined.

Huanhuan was originally leading Xing Chen forward, but because Huanhuan was too slow, she unknowingly was led by Xing Chen.

She stumbled as she walked.

Xing Chen said, “If you walk in my footsteps, you wont fall.”

Huanhuan did as he said.

She placed her feet on the footprints he left behind.

She didnt fall again.

Xing Chen turned sideways and looked at her as she lowered her head and carefully searched for his footprints.

She looked especially cute when she stepped on them seriously.

In the afternoon, they encountered a very terrifying sandstorm.

The beasts fled in a hurry, looking for a place to hide from the sand.

In order to facilitate their movements, they had to throw away some of their supplies.

They finally found a sand slope.

Everyone hid behind it and built a sand wall to block most of the sand.

The sandstorm blew for half a day until the sun was almost setting.

They rested for the night and continued their journey the next day.

The group of travelers was gradually using up their food and water.

Especially water.

It was more important than food.

If they didnt drink water in the desert for a while, the beasts would get dehydrated.

They had to strictly control their water intake.

Other than Hou Yan, the rest of the team could only get a little water every day.

That bit of water was not enough.

Those beasts were so thirsty every day that they wished they were dead.

In comparison, Huanhuans life was much more comfortable.

There was enough water stored in the space to last her for years.

She didnt have to worry about hunger and thirst at all.

When the beasts saw that she could bring out a lot of water and food every day, they finally couldnt help but have evil thoughts again.

They werent after money this time but survival.


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