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Huanhuan touched her nose and smiled awkwardly.

“Maybe I got the wrong person.


The male beast said, “I smell river seafood on you.”

Huanhuan waved the big crabs in her hand.

“You mean these two crabs, right”

After shaking them, she remembered that there was something wrong with his eyes and quickly lowered her hand.

“Im sorry.

I forgot that you cant see.”

He said calmly, “Its fine.”

Huanhuan stared into his eyes for a moment.

His amber pupils flickered with faint starlight.

They looked very beautiful.

There was nothing wrong with them.

She couldnt resist asking, “What happened to your eyes”

“I was sick once before.

Then I couldnt see.”

“I see.” Huanhuan sighed inwardly.

It was a pity that he couldnt see with such beautiful eyes.

She asked, “Why are you here alone Wheres your family”

“I dont have any family.”

Huanhuan was stunned for a moment and quickly apologized.

“Im sorry.

I shouldnt have asked so much.”

He said, “It doesnt matter.”

Huanhuan looked at him, who was motionless and staring straight ahead.

His beautiful eyes couldnt find focus.

She couldnt help but feel sorry for him.

She asked, “Where do you live”

He said, “In the forest up ahead.”

Huanhuan glanced at the forest ahead.

She could only see the lush trees and no sign of houses.

She asked, “Can you go back by yourself”

“It should be possible.”

Huanhuan thought that since he could come out alone, he should be able to go back alone.

She scanned the surroundings with her eyes.

The forest wasnt too far away.

It shouldnt take long to send him back and turn back.

She said, “Shall I walk you into the forest”

“Thank you.”

Huanhuan picked up a stick and placed the other end in his hand.

“Ill walk you so you dont fall.”

The male beast tightened his grip on the wooden stick.

“Thank you.”

Huanhuan handed the crabs to Little Green and walked toward the forest with the male beast.

As she walked, she asked, “I still dont know your name.”

The male beast was silent for a moment before saying, “Ah Xing.”

“Your name is Ah Xing What does it mean”

“I dont know.”

Most beasts could not read.

In their opinion, names had no meanings.

Huanhuan said, “My name is Lin Huanhuan.

You can call me Huanhuan.”

Ah Xing answered, “Alright.”

Huanhuan walked in front and didnt see the male beast staring at her without blinking.

His deep gaze was like a huge vortex that wanted to drag her into it and never let go.

This Ah Xing was none other than Xing Chen, whom Huanhuan had not seen for a long time.


He had been sleeping at the bottom of the river.

When Huanhuan passed by the river, the mark he had left on her worked.

Xing Chen immediately felt her presence.

Xing Chen emerged from the water and saw Huanhuan.

But she didnt recognize him.

It made sense.

Shed only seen him as a teenager.

Shed never seen him as an adult.

Looking at her standing in front of him and talking with a smile, not feeling afraid at all, Xing Chen couldnt help but remember the days when she had taken good care of him in the Sea of Illusions.

It was the warmest time of his life.

Every time he thought about it, he felt almost happy.

Unfortunately, ever since Huanhuan found out about his true identity, she had been afraid of him.

She ran every time she saw him, afraid that he would capture her.


Xing Chen didnt like seeing her like that.

Amidst her fear, there was also disgust.

It was the same way others looked at him.

So when Huanhuan asked him, he deliberately lied and said that he couldnt see.

He knew that this little female in front of him would always involuntarily soften when faced with weak and harmless people.

As he expected, Huanhuan sympathized with him and took the initiative to send him back.

She was no longer afraid of him or disgusted by him.

It was as if they were back in the Sea of Illusions.

Their relationship was warm and harmonious.

Xing Chen couldnt bear to break the warmth.

He wanted to continue like this.

It didnt matter if he was lying.

If the lie was exposed and she discovered his true identity, it would not be too late for him to bring her back to the Sea of Illusions.

Anyway, she couldnt escape.

If Huanhuan knew what Xing Chen was thinking, she would definitely run away in fear.

Unfortunately, she didnt know anything now.

Daddy System was still asleep.

There was no way to remind his silly girl to be careful of strangers.

After Huanhuan sent Xing Chen to the entrance of the forest, she glanced at the road ahead.

It was difficult to walk in the forest.

The ground was filled with uneven tree roots and slippery moss.

Even normal people would easily fall here, not to mention the blind Ah Xing.

Huanhuan couldnt help but ask again, “Can you go back alone”

Xing Chen said, “Yes.”

“Then… Then go ahead.

Ill watch you go.”

Xing Chen used a wooden stick as a crutch and felt his way into the forest.

He thought to himself that if she turned around and left, he would immediately take action and bring her back to the Sea of Illusions.

Even if she refused, he wouldnt let her go.

He walked away.

With every step, his mood worsened.

His gloom almost overflowed.

Huanhuan did not leave.

She saw that Ah Xing was walking very slowly and carefully.

It was really heart-wrenching.

Everyone was responsible for caring for the disabled!

Huanhuan repeated this sentence three times in her heart.

Finally, she made up her mind and ran over.

She took the other end of the stick and said, “Let me walk you home before I leave.”

Xing Chens mood immediately improved.

His red lips curled into a happy smile.


Huanhuan was still as kind and cute as ever!

The kinder and warmer she was, the more he wanted to drag her into the abyss with him.

Huanhuan walked ahead and focused on finding her way.

When she looked down, Xing Chen noticed the butterfly mark on the back of her neck.

What should have been a dark purple mark was now dark red.

No wonder he had failed to find her location by relying on the aura of the mark.

It was because the mark was covered by someone elses aura.

When Huanhuan wasnt looking, Xing Chen reached out and gently swept his fingers across the back of her neck.

The dark red butterfly mark immediately turned dark purple again.

Huanhuan was unaware of this.

After walking for an unknown period of time, Huanhuans legs were a little sore, but there was still an endless forest in front of her.

Unable to resist, she stopped and sat down on a tree root.

“How long before we reach your house” she asked.

“Its not far.

Youll see my house after a while.” Xing Chen paused and asked in a low voice, “Are you tired”


Not only am I tired, but Im also a little hungry.”

Xing Chen said, “I remember theres a fruit tree nearby.

Ill pick some for you.”

“No, I have food with me.”


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