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Huanhuan had been trying to liven up the atmosphere, trying to make Bai Di and Xuan Wei talk more.

Although Huanhuan had promised Xuan Wei not to tell Bai Di his true identity, she still wanted Xuan Wei and Bai Di to communicate more.

However, Bai Di remained calm from beginning to end.

He did not interact much with Xuan Wei, who he suspected was his big brother.

As for Xuan Wei, although he wanted to talk to his brother more, he was worried that if he said too much, Bai Di would sense that something was wrong.

He could only keep a straight face the entire time.

Seeing that they were treating each other coldly, Huanhuan felt very discouraged.

Her efforts were in vain.

No one appreciated it.

It wasnt that no one appreciated it at all.

He Guang did.

No matter what Huanhuan said, he would agree with her.

Coupled with his good manners, he didnt seem too solicitous and did not let the atmosphere cool down.

After eating and drinking their fill, He Guang got the beast soldiers to clean up the place.

Then, everyone went back to rest.

Huanhuan lay under the blanket and looked at Bai Di, who was wiping his body at the door.

“Why didnt you talk to Xuan Wei just now”

Bai Di wiped a soaked cotton handkerchief across his chest, leaving glistening wet marks on his chest muscles.

“Why should I talk to him” he asked casually.

“Dont you suspect he might be your brother You should talk to him more.

You might get some of the information you want out of him.”

Bai Di wrung out the cotton handkerchief.

“I cant get the desired result no matter how hard I try.”

Huanhuan instigated, “If you dont try, how do you know that nothing will happen”

Bai Di glanced at her with a strange expression.

“You seem very interested in Xuan Wei.

Do you know something”

This guys senses were too sharp! Huanhuan felt guilty and quickly avoided his gaze.

She pretended to be indifferent.

“I was just chatting casually.”

Bai Di emptied the bucket.

He was only wearing an animal hide skirt, and there were still traces of water on the surface of his skin.

When he approached, Huanhuan could smell the faint vapor emanating from his body.

He put his arms around her and kissed the top of her head.

“Go to sleep.”

Just as she was sleeping, Huanhuan suddenly heard a scream!

She woke immediately and opened her eyes.

Bai Di was sitting up now.

He quickly got out of bed.

“The sound came from next door.

Im going to take a look.

Stay here and dont go anywhere.”

Huanhuan nodded obediently.


She was protected by the skullcap and Little Green.

This was the camp, and there were beast soldiers everywhere.

Bai Di wasnt worried about her safety.

He lit the torch and stuck it in the ground, giving Huanhuan some light in case she was afraid.

Bai Di rushed out of the tent without looking back.

The person who lived next door was He Xuan.

Because he was the closest, Bai Di was the first to rush into He Xuans tent.

He saw him lying on the ground, twitching and wailing in pain.

Bai Di strode over and yanked him to his feet.

“Whats wrong with you”

He Xuan was already thin.

His eyes were sunken, and he kept howling.

Bai Di tried to calm him down, but he pushed him away.

He was sick, but he was surprisingly strong.

Caught off guard, Bai Di took two steps back.

He Xuan took the opportunity to run out.

“Stop!” Bai Di wanted to stop him, but He Xuan didnt seem to hear him.

Helpless, Bai Di could only hurry after him.

He had to keep an eye on him so that he wouldnt get lost.

He Xuan ran very quickly.

Bai Di chased after him while shouting at the patrolling beast soldiers, “Go tell His Highness He Guang that his brother has gone crazy!”

When the beast soldiers saw He Xuans appearance, he indeed looked like he had gone crazy.

They didnt dare to delay and quickly split into two teams.

One team went to look for He Guang to report the matter, while the other followed Bai Di to chase after He Xuan.

He Xuan ignored everyones shouts and obstruction as he rushed straight into the forest.

The deep night immediately swallowed his figure.

Bai Di and the beast soldiers chased him into the forest, looking for him.

The entire camp had become busy because of He Xuans sudden madness.

Beast soldiers in a hurry could be seen everywhere.

Huanhuan pushed open the door and peeked out.

The camp was filled with beast soldiers running.

She searched with her eyes wide open, but she couldnt find Bai Di.

She could only return to the tent and crawl under the blanket.

The lotus drooped down and rubbed against her cheek.


Huanhuan touched it.

Suddenly, something small fell from the top of the tent.

Huanhuan was shocked.

She quickly looked up and saw that there was a small hole at the top of the tent.

The moonlight shone through the hole, making it stand out in the night.

She looked down again and saw a small pink worm in front of her.


That must be what had just fallen.

Huanhuan was quite afraid of insects, especially soft things like this.

She instinctively felt disgusted.

She took the bone knife from her space and swept it to the ground.

Then she raised her foot and prepared to step on it.

However, before her foot landed, she saw the pink worm suddenly roll to the side and quickly grow bigger!

In the blink of an eye, it became a big fleshy worm half the height of a human.

Its abdomen was round as if it was pregnant.

Huanhuans expression changed.

The big pink worm opened its mouth and pounced at her!

Huanhuan hurriedly rolled to the side and dodged its attack.

At the same time, the skullcap and Little Green also rushed out!

Little Green wrapped itself around the big worms body.

The lotus opened its petals and bit the worms head.

The worm let out a shrill cry.

Huanhuan felt a chill run down her spine.

What kind of insect was this It was actually so terrifying!

The lotus bit off half of the worms head, and Little Green threw the worm away.

It fell to the ground, and its flesh-pink body began to squirm violently as if it was enduring a huge pain.


Huanhuan originally thought that it was in so much pain because it had been bitten.

However, when she saw the worm rubbing its abdomen against the ground, she suddenly had a bad feeling.

Was this big bug going to give birth here!

The thought of countless small insects crawling out of its stomach made Huanhuans scalp tingle.

She felt nauseous.

She quickly took out her bow and nocked an arrow.

She aimed at the worms stomach, planning to finish it off before it gave birth!

Little Lotus and Little Green obviously sensed the danger and pounced on the worm first.

Their attacks agitated the big worm.

It twisted and rubbed even more intensely, ignoring the attacks of Little Lotus and Little Green.

There was a whoosh.

The arrow was shot and hit the big worms abdomen!


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