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Lin Huanhuan fled in fear.

When she got up the next morning, she was still in shock.

Yesterday, Shuang Yun actually said that he wanted to mate with her!

Lin Huanhuan covered her face.

She must have been dreaming last night.

Shuang Yun hated females very much.

How could he want to mate with her!

After Lin Huanhuan had mentally prepared herself, she slowly walked out of the bedroom.

Bai Di had finished preparing breakfast.

He smiled gently at Lin Huanhuan.

“Come and eat.”

Lin Huanhuan looked around and heaved a sigh of relief when she didnt see Shuang Yun.

After last nights conversation, she didnt even know how to face him now.

It would be better to avoid him for the time being.

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Lin Huanhuan finished the broth Bai Di had made.

It was as delicious as ever, and she couldnt stop praising it.

Shed just finished breakfast when Mu Xiang came to the door with her male mate.

Lin Huanhuan took out some fruits from the cellar and began to teach Mu Xiang how to make jam.

Mu Xiang started learning with a serious attitude.

Her male mate was called Jiu Yuan.

He was tall, burly, and steady in his work.

He was very protective of Mu Xiang and he was a reliable beast.

In the entire Rock Wolf Tribe, he was the most powerful male beast, only second to Shuang Yun.

Not wanting to disturb his female learning to make jam, Jiu Yuan sat in the outer room with Bai Di and chatted with him.

Mu Xiang finally made a jar of jam and stretched her limbs.


Lin Huanhuan said, “Do you want to rest”

Mu Xiang might be a female, but she wasnt weak.

Shed only made a jar of jam.

She didnt feel tired, she just felt bored.

She rolled her eyes and suddenly approached Lin Huanhuan.

She asked in a gossipy manner, “I heard that you took in Patriarch Shuang Yun”

The wordstook in made Lin Huanhuan feel embarrassed, but she still answered truthfully, “We did become mates.”

Mu Xiang was pleasantly surprised.

“Youre incredible! You could even take down a male who has always hated females! Youve really made us females proud!”

Lin Huanhuan was even more embarrassed by the praise.

“It just happened somehow.”

“Dont be so modest! Previously, a few females in our tribe were making bets to see who could take down the leader of the Rock Wolf Tribe.

In the end, we all lost and youre the only winner.

Youre now the most powerful female in our Rock Wolf Tribe!”

Lin Huanhuan couldnt help but blush again.

“Im really not that powerful…”

Mu Xiangs smile widened at her shy appearance.

“Tell me.

Is Patriarch Shuang Yuns penis thick Is it long Are his techniques good”

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These questions were too provocative!

Lin Huanhuan was so embarrassed that her face was red.

“Y-Youre talking nonsense.

I didnt do that with Shuang Yun.”

“Huh!” It was Mu Xiangs turn to be surprised.

“You didnt mate Then how did you become mates!”

Lin Huanhuan calmed down and told her about Shuang Yuns evolution.

“I see.” Mu Xiang looked enlightened.

“I was wondering how you managed to take down Patriarch Shuang Yun.

So, he was forced to become your mate!”

Lin Huanhuan lowered her eyes.


Mu Xiang put her arm around her shoulders and said with a tone of authority, “Even though he was forced, you dont have to be afraid.

Anyway, hes your mate now.

Just sleep with him and hell never escape you!”

Lin Huanhuan broke out in a cold sweat.

“I wouldnt dare sleep with him.”

“Why wouldnt you Is he unwilling”

Lin Huanhuan recalled what Shuang Yun had said last night and couldnt help but blush again.

“Its not that hes unwilling…”

“Since hes not unwilling, that means hes willing!” Mu Xiang said quickly, “I knew it.

How could any male refuse to mate with a female Besides, Patriarch Shuang Yun seems to like you very much!”

Lin Huanhuan was very surprised.

“Does Shuang Yun like me”

“Why would he mate with you if he doesnt like you Have you forgotten how Shuang Yun treated Li Wei the last time she came looking for trouble Thats how he treats females he doesnt like.

Think about it.”

Lin Huanhuan silently compared Shuang Yuns attitude toward Li Wei and her.

She found that they were indeed different.

Though he always made snide remarks at her, he was always on her side when it mattered.

He had even ventured out into the snow-covered forest to find Bai Di for her.

Thinking of this, Lin Huanhuans mood couldnt help but become ambiguous.

Mu Xiang said to her, “Youre just too timid.

Any other female wouldve pounced on Patriarch Shuang Yun by now.”

Lin Huanhuan looked down at her small physique.

“My size doesnt allow it.”

“Then lure him in and let him overwhelm you!”

Lin Huanhuan thought about mating, and the first image that came to mind was of the night when the drunk Bai Di had been on top of her, trying to force his way into her body.

His penis was too thick and long for her to handle.

If Bai Dis size was considered average among male beasts, she would never be able to mate with a male beast.

Thinking of this, Lin Huanhuan was a little depressed.

Was she too useless

Mu Xiang asked, “Whats going on You look sulky.”

Lin Huanhuan recalled Mu Xiang mating with two male beasts at the same time.

She couldnt help but blurt out, “Dont you feel pain when you mate”

As soon as she asked this, Lin Huanhuans face turned red.

Gosh, what had she just asked How embarrassing!

Before Lin Huanhuan could change the topic, Mu Xiang said, “No, I feel very comfortable and refreshed!”

She observed Lin Huanhuans expression and asked tentatively, “Do you find it very painful and uncomfortable”

Although she was ashamed, Lin Huanhuan still nodded slowly.


“Why Is it because your mate isnt very skilled”

Lin Huanhuan lowered her head and said in a very soft voice, “I dont know either.

Regardless, it just hurts a lot.

It feels as though Im being torn apart.”

Mu Xiang looked as if she understood.

“I suppose its because that spot of yours is too small for a males penis.

Thats why its making you feel so miserable.

This has actually happened to a female before.”

Lin Huanhuan immediately asked, “Then how did she resolve the problem”

“Theres a fruit that stimulates the females body, making that part of her more flexible and elastic.

You can use it to minimize the pain of mating.”

Lin Huanhuan was very curious.

“What fruit is that”

“Its called Sourcing Leaf Fruit.

It grows deep in the jungle and is very difficult to find.

The tree only bears fruit in winter.

Its rather troublesome.

You can ask the old witch doctor.

Perhaps he would have some.”

Lin Huanhuan moved her gaze to the entrance to the cellar.

A jar full of Sourcing Leaf Fruit was stored there.


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