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In fact, most beasts had never seen fire.

Beasts were naturally afraid of fire.

Even after evolving into beast people, they still had a natural fear of fire.

Bai Di was one of the few beasts who had seen fire before.

He had personally witnessed the destructive power of fire.


He looked into the little females eyes.

“Do we have to use fire”

Lin Huanhuan nodded.


He picked her up resignedly.

“Ill take you to find tinder.”

Lin Huanhuan asked slowly, “Cant we make fire by twirling sticks”

“Twirling sticks for fire How”

Lin Huanhuan found two sticks and began to vigorously twirl them to start a fire.

However, after twirling the sticks for a long time until her palms were almost sore, she still could not get a single spark.


She was annoyed.

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TV shows were indeed full of lies!


In the end, Bai Di couldnt endure it anymore.

He licked her palms as his heart ached.

“Stop it.

Ill take you to find tinder.”

Lin Huanhuan blushed from his licking.

She withdrew her hands in embarrassment and changed the topic.

“Arent you going to the Wolf Tribe”

He savored the taste of the little female and said, “Lets go to the Wolf Tribe first.

Ill take you to find tinder after the witch doctor has treated you.”

Lin Huanhuan immediately said, “Im not sick.

I dont need to see a witch doctor.”

“If youre not sick, why did you suddenly faint before this”


Lin Huanhuan could not answer.

She couldnt possibly say that he was the one who made her faint!

He hugged her.

“Dont be afraid.

Ill just get the witch doctor to take a look at you.

Sick or not, youre still my female.

Ill take care of you forever.”


Lin Huanhuan froze.


She lost both her parents when she was young and had been living in her uncles house.

Although her uncles family did not abuse her, they did not show her much concern.


When she was sick, there was no one to take care of her.

All she could do was hide under the covers and cry secretly as she held the photos of her parents.


The extreme lack of kinship made her both sensitive and lacking in confidence.


She thought that she would never be loved by anyone and was only destined to die alone.


His words were the warmest ones she had ever heard in her life.

No one had ever held her and said they would take care of her forever.

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He was the first.

Lin Huanhuan wanted to push him away, but in the end, she could not bear to part with this moment of warmth.

Her arms quietly fell back down to her sides, and she allowed him to hug her.

Bai Di ate all the wild boar meat, then turned into a big white tiger.

He carried Lin Huanhuan, and they went on their journey.

They encountered wild animals along the way, but Bai Di had eaten enough and wasnt interested in such prey.

He intended to ignore the animals and continue on his way.

Lin Huanhuan remembered the mission issued by the system.

She hesitated, then finally chose to speak to Bai Di.

“I wish to have two more hides.

Is that okay”

Even though he didnt understand the little females request, he agreed without hesitation.

On their way, he hunted five animals in a row.

He carefully peeled the fur off each animal and washed it before handing it to his little female.

The sight of the little female holding the hides in delight made him happy.

“Is this enough” he asked gently.

“If not, Ill go and kill some more animals for you.”


Lin Huanhuan quickly shook her head.

“No need.

These are enough.”

She saw the blood on his face and body, as well as the scratch of a wild animal on his arm.

She felt both touched and guilty.

Lin Huanhuan reached out and wiped the blood off his face.

“Thank you.”

It was the first time the little female had touched him of her own accord.

Delighted, he pulled her into his arms and nuzzled his face into her hair.

“Youre my female.

Ill do anything for you.

You never have to thank me.”


The big tiger seemed to enjoy hugging her.

At first, Lin Huanhuan was a little embarrassed, but as time passed, she got used to it.

She pushed his chest.

“Go wash yourself.”

Killing five animals in a row had made Bai Di reek of blood.

But there was no water source in the area, and Bai Di could only find a few leaves to clean himself with.

At this moment, Lin Huanhuan was talking to the system in her mind.

System No.

438: “Youve collected enough animal hides.

The novice mission has been completed.

The novice gift bag has been issued.

Host, please take note!”

A cloth bag suddenly appeared in Lin Huanhuans hand.


She carefully opened the cloth bag.

Inside was a wooden container as thick as her thumb.

It was hollow.

She opened the lid and found that there was kindling inside.

Seeing that she could make fire with this kindling, Lin Huanhuan was very happy.

In addition to the kindling, there was also a sheepskin illustrated book in the cloth bag.

A few words were written on the cover,Ancient Flora and Fauna Illustrations, First Edition.

Lin Huanhuan opened it and took a cursory look.

She realized that it recorded the characteristics and functions of many animals and plants.

‘This is a good gain!

With it, Lin Huanhuan would be able to distinguish which plants could be used as medicine and which plants could be eaten.

This would be very helpful to her!


Lin Huanhuan carefully put away the book and the kindling.

By the time Bai Di had cleaned the blood from his body and returned to his little female, he saw that she had a small cloth bag on her back.

The little female seemed afraid that he would ask about the origins of the small cloth bag, as her gaze was avoiding his.

He couldnt help but smile.

His little female had a secret!

But it didnt matter.

When they spent more time together in the future, he would slowly unravel all her secrets.

Bai Di turned into a tiger again and carried his little female away.

The Wolf Tribe was the largest pack of beasts in the area.

Not only were there many of them, but they were also very good at hunting together.

Their powerful attacks made the other beasts around very afraid of them.

The Wolf Tribe was established halfway up the rock mountain.

The terrain on the mountain was complicated.

If someone unfamiliar with the area barged in, they would easily get lost.

There was a clearing at the foot of the mountain where the Wolf Tribe held a market every ten days.

The surrounding beasts would come with their own goods and exchange them for what they needed.

It just so happened that there was a market today, and there were many beasts gathered at the foot of the mountain.

Everyone was choosing their goods, and the scene was very lively.

Bai Di shifted back into human form and he helped Lin Huanhuan to adjust the animal hide around her body.

Her entire body was tightly wrapped in animal hide, and only half of her face was exposed.

“Stay close to me later.” He warned.

“Dont run around.

There are many bad beasts in the market.

If they find out youre a female, theyll snatch you away and sell you.”

Lin Huanhuan blinked slowly.

“Sounds like theyre traffickers.”


Lin Huanhuan explained slowly, “The bad guys who abduct women… I mean, females and children.”

“Yes, those bad guys are traffickers.

You have to be careful.

Never leave my side.

Got it”

Seeing how serious Bai Di was, Lin Huanhuan became serious as well.

“Yes, Ill remember.”


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