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Yi Wu knew there was no escape.

If this continued, she would only be killed.

She immediately emitted a rich fragrance.

Bai Di had smelled this fragrance before.

It was the infamous Fox Fragrance.

Once an adult male beast smelled it, their minds would be easily affected and they would become Yi Wus puppets!

Bai Di backed away as he pulled out the snow silk veil and covered his mouth and nose to avoid the fragrance.

However, he was too late.

He inhaled a small amount of Fox Fragrance, and his mind immediately became groggy.

Jiu Yuans situation was even worse.

After inhaling the Fox Fragrance, his eyes immediately became very unfocused.

He was like a puppet that had lost his instincts and life.

Yi Wu took the opportunity to break free.

Mu Xiang immediately went after her.

Yi Wu gave her a sinister smile and ordered Jiu Yuan, “Kill her!”

Jiu Yuan immediately changed directions, raised his claws, and grabbed at Mu Xiang!

Mu Xiang hurriedly retreated and dodged.

She stared at Jiu Yuan in disbelief.

“Are you crazy You actually attacked me!”

However, Jiu Yuan ignored her words and continued to attack Mu Xiang.

Mu Xiang did not dare to hurt him and could only dodge.

Yi Wu smiled happily as she watched them kill each other.

“Youll be torn to pieces by your most beloved mate! When you die, your mate will be my puppet.

Hell always do my bidding!”

Mu Xiang was furious, but there was nothing she could do.

She could only shout at Jiu Yuan, “Wake up! Open your eyes and look carefully.

Im Mu Xiang!”

Jiu Yuan had completely lost his mind at this moment.

He only knew to keep attacking Mu Xiang.

Xue Ling and Huanhuan, who were flying in the sky, realized that something was wrong.

They quickly swooped down and grabbed at Yi Wu!

Yi Wu reacted quickly.

She sensed danger approaching and rolled.

She was in pain from her severed tail but still managed to dodge the sneak attack.

Huanhuan jumped to the ground and ran to hug the white tigers neck.

“How are you”

Bai Di felt his limbs go weak.

It took a lot of effort for him not to fall.

“Im fine,” he said.

“Get Xue Ling to stop Jiu Yuan.

Dont let him really kill Mu Xiang.”

Without him saying anything, Xue Ling had already flown toward Jiu Yuan, grabbed him, and slapped him hard.

He hit him so hard that his mouth bled.

However, the effect was especially obvious.

Jiu Yuan immediately woke up from his chaotic state.

Seeing this, Mu Xiang rushed over and pushed Xue Ling away.

She accused him angrily, “What right do you have to hit my Jiu Yuan!”

Xue Ling sneered.

“If I dont hit him, how will he wake up”

“But you cant hit him so hard!” Mu Xiangs heart ached when she saw the blood in the corner of Jiu Yuans mouth.

She had even temporarily forgotten her anger at being chased by Jiu Yuan.

Xue Ling couldnt be bothered with Mu Xiang.

He turned around and realized that Yi Wu had run away when they werent looking.

He said to Huanhuan, “Stay with Bai Di.

Ill go after Yi Wu.”

Huanhuan nodded.

“Be careful.

Yi Wu has a lot of tricks.

Dont fall into her trap again.”

“Dont worry, I wont give her a chance to play tricks this time.”

Xue Ling had always remembered how he had drugged him.

This time, he had to settle the score with interest!

He spread his wings and chased after the smell of blood left behind by Yi Wu.

Yi Wu knew that someone was chasing her.

She endured the pain from her severed tail and gritted her teeth as she ran.

She knew that if she couldnt escape this time, she would definitely die!

As she ran, she prayed shed get away with it.

Perhaps the heavens heard her prayers.

She actually saw a very powerful beast team in front of her.

The leader was a lion.

He had the aura of a powerhouse.

It was obvious that he was not an ordinary beast.

Without hesitation, Yi Wu rushed toward the lion.

The lion reacted extremely quickly.

When he saw someone rushing over, he immediately bared his claws and prepared to counterattack.

Unexpectedly, when the person was a step away from him, they suddenly fell to the ground.

By now, Yi Wu was in human form.

She was naked, and her figure was curvaceous.

Her snow-white skin was garish with spots of blood.

She reached out to the lion, her eyes filled with tears as she begged in a trembling voice, “Please, please save me…”

The lions pupils constricted.

He was a normal adult male beast.

When he saw the female like this, a certain part of his body instinctively stood up.

He looked like he was going to press this female to the ground and f*ck her!

Yi Wu sensed the change in his gaze and knew he was thinking about her.

She was delighted, but large tears rolled down her cheeks.

At the same time, she struggled to get up, inadvertently revealing her alluring breasts and white buttocks.

“Someones trying to kill me.

Please save me.


At this moment, Xue Ling had already caught up.

He saw that Yi Wu was naked, then looked at the lion beside her.

He suddenly sneered.

“What a licentious female who cant live without a male beast.

In the blink of an eye, shes now hooking up with another male beast.”

However, Yi Wu did not seem to hear his mockery.

She moved closer to the lion again, her chest trembling slightly.

The lions mouth was dry.

He couldnt help but reach out and touch her chest.

He put his claws away, so he didnt scratch Yi Wus skin, but he still left a bright red mark on her chest.

It made her look even more pitiful, and it made him want to torture her.

Xue Ling showed his claws.

“This is a grudge between me and this fox.

Those who have nothing to do with it, get lost immediately.”

He was strong and obviously not an easy opponent.

The lion was still hesitating about whether he should fight with him for a female.

Yi Wu quickly hugged the lions leg and deliberately rubbed her chest against it.

“Please save me,” she begged.

“I dont want to die yet.”

The lion really liked her.

Being rubbed against by her, the lion felt a wave of heat in his abdomen, and his reaction became stronger.

He licked her face and smiled evilly.

“Dont worry, little beauty.

Ill protect you.”

Yi Wu smiled through her tears.

“Thank you! Youre such a good person!”

The lion was in a good mood.

After he saved this little beauty, he would enjoy himself tonight.

Xue Ling stopped their conversation.

Since this lion insisted on standing up for Yi Wu, he couldnt be bothered to be polite and rushed toward the lion!

The lion casually threw Yi Wu to his subordinates behind him.

Then, he raised his sharp claws and grabbed Xue Ling!

After a few moves, the lion immediately understood that the other party was very strong.

In particular, Xue Lings strength far exceeded the lions expectations.

When the lion was gradually at a disadvantage and was about to lose, he suddenly shouted, “Im the second prince of the City of 10,000 Beasts.

If you dare to hurt me, my father wont let you off!”


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