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Huanhuan gripped the green crystal bracelet with both hands and closed her eyes.

“Little Green, go to the forest.”

Little Green emerged from the green crystal.

Its vines grew crazily.

They quickly spread along the wall.

After leaving the rock mountain, the vines extended along the ground to meet the creepers on the wall.

Then, they continued to spread outward.

No one noticed that the creepers had silently spread throughout the entire battlefield.

Huanhuan couldnt see what was happening outside, but the power of the contract allowed her to hear voices outside with Little Greens help.

Those deafening shouts could have pierced the sky.

The beasts roared.

Huanhuan tried to find the voice she wanted to hear in the chaos.

She heard Shuang Yun commanding the wolf beasts to fight, Bai Di shouting for Sang Ye to retreat, and Xue Ling whistling as he flew.


Animals kept falling in the war, but more animals came from all directions.

Sang Ye took the time to tell Shuang Yun, “Theres something wrong with these animals.”

Shuang Yun also felt that there was something strange about these animals.

Animals attacked because of food and mates, but they didnt look like they wanted to eat at all.

They just seemed to want to fight and kill every living thing they saw.

“I smell something familiar on these animals.” Xue Ling threw a fireball that burned the pouncing animals until they rolled on the ground.

Shuang Yun shouted as he fought, “How can you still remember to smell the fragrance at a time like this Are you hungry!”

Their conversation was slowly heard.

Huanhuan thought the scent might be a clue, so she tried to smell the animal corpses with the help of the creeper.

In addition to the strong smell of blood, there was indeed a faint fragrance.

Huanhuan opened her eyes and immediately called the system out.

“Little Brat, is the sudden appearance of the beast tide related to the fragrance”

The system said, “That fragrance must have come from a special spice with rosemary added to it.

It can make animals lose their minds and attack living things.”

Huanhuan immediately took out Ancient Flora and Flora Illustrations and found records of rosemary.

This was a rare and precious plant.

It grew in the very remote northwest desert.

Its roots were thorny and poisonous.

Ordinary beasts would immediately be poisoned until their bodies swelled and festered.

However, if this plant was cut into pieces and mixed with other ingredients in a certain proportion, it could make a strange spice that could make animals and beasts lose control.

Animals, in particular, reacted especially strongly when they smelled this fragrance.

They would completely lose their minds and attack living creatures crazily.

Huanhuan read quickly.

In the last two lines, she saw a way to neutralize the rosemarys effects.

This method was very simple.

The affected animals and beasts just had to take a cold shower.

Huanhuan was stunned.

There were at least three to four hundred animals.

How should she bathe them one by one

This seemingly simple request seemed especially tricky at this moment.

Huanhuan closed the book and asked with a bitter smile, “Little Brat, do you have any way to bathe three to four hundred beasts at the same time”

Unexpectedly, the system really gave her a suggestion.

“Just make it rain.”

Huanhuan said slowly, “Im not the rain god.

I cant make it rain just like that.”

“Go dance and itll rain.”

Huanhuan was speechless.

“This isnt the right time to be joking.”

“Im serious.

Im not joking.”

Huanhuan still didnt believe it.

“What kind of dance can make the heavens rain”

“The dance you danced before can do it.”

Huanhuan froze.

The system continued, “The original purpose of the sacrificial ritual is to pray for good weather.

Especially in the years of natural disasters, sacrificial rituals became the main method of praying for rain.

The Dance of the Gods is a dance used in sacrificial rituals and can help you successfully pray for rain.”

It seemed to make sense.

Besides, Huanhuan had no choice but to believe it.

The system guided her patiently.

“If you dont believe me, you can try it yourself.

Even if you dont succeed, you wont lose out, right”

That was true.

It wouldnt hurt to try.

Huanhuan was wavering.

She remembered the last time she danced and couldnt help but frown.

But the situation was urgent now, and she couldnt make a fuss.

Huanhuan told Mu Xiang that she wanted to hold a sacrificial ritual.

Mu Xiang didnt understand why they were holding a sacrifice at this time, but as a witch doctor, Huanhuan must have a reason for saying that.

Hence, Mu Xiang immediately used her strength as the person in charge of the neighborhood committee and called for the females to help lay out animal hides on the ground.

Then, they set up prey and fruits as sacrifices.

Huanhuan brought a basin full of water and placed it in front of the offering.

She took out the set of clothes given by the system and put them on.

It was unknown what material this dress was made of, but it was delicate and smooth.

With a slight movement, the dress fluttered like waves.

Huanhuan put on the bell bracelets and anklets, but when she touched the Prediction Mask, she involuntarily paused.

She remembered the last time shed worn it.

The impact of that image was too great for her to escape the shadow it created.

The system sensed her hesitation and said, “Dont feel too burdened.

The Prediction Mask sees the future at random and requires a certain amount of luck to trigger it.

Most of the time, its actually not much different from an ordinary mask.”

Huanhuan took a deep breath and tried to suppress her uneasiness.

She closed her eyes and gently pulled the mask over her face.

As soon as the mask touched her face, it automatically stuck to her skin.

It was so light that it was as if it was nothing.

She did not feel uncomfortable at all.

Huanhuan opened her eyes and realized that everything was normal in front of her.

There was no prophecy.

When she walked out after changing, everyone was stunned.

Even Big Goody, Dos, Tres, and Little Monster felt that the female in front of them was very unfamiliar.

Those eyes behind the mask were filled with a mysterious power that made these females and cubs want to crawl at her feet and become her most loyal believers.

Huanhuan walked barefoot on the ground.

The bells on her wrist swayed gently, making a distant bell sound.

Her white dress swayed behind her, leaving a beautiful silhouette.

On the outer black gauze, one could vaguely see ancient and mysterious dark patterns that emitted a solemn aura.

Huanhuan danced the Dance of the Gods again.

The dance this time was even smoother and more beautiful than the last time.

The hem of her dress slid along with her movements, and the bells rang gently.

The ink-black anklets were a stark contrast to her fair and delicate feet.

After the last movement, she knelt on the ground facing the basin.

She crossed her hands and pressed them to her chest.

She lowered her head in prayer.

The originally calm water rippled.


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