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Those chunks of meat were black and hard.

They tasted like stones and were extremely unpleasant.

He had originally planned to destroy these failures and not let anyone know about this matter, but he did not expect Lin Huanhuan to suddenly appear.

All the stupid things hed done had been discovered.

Huanhuan would definitely despise him more and more.

Shuang Yun felt both annoyed and frustrated.

Lin Huanhuan walked over to his side and sat down.

She took the piece of meat that he was hiding behind his back and explained patiently.

“The meat has to be cut before its roasted.

If you put a large piece of it over the fire like this, itll easily cause the outside to burn, but the meat inside will still be raw.”

He pulled a face and asked stiffly, “Then… how should I do it”

“Do you have a knife”

Shuang Yun didnt have a knife.

He directly revealed his wolf claws.

“Will these do”

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His wolf claws were extremely sharp, far sharper than bone knives.

Lin Huanhuan immediately said, “Of course.”

Under her direction, Shuang Yun used his claws to cut the meat into small pieces.

He then skewered them on sticks, coated them with seasoning, and set them on the fire to cook slowly.

The barbecue was more successful this time.

It still didnt taste as good as the meat Bai Di had prepared, but it was better than Shuang Yuns failures from earlier.

He stared at the roasted meat in his hand, feeling frustrated.

No matter how hard he tried to learn, the meat he cooked was no match for Bai Dis.

He was inferior to Bai Di in everything.

How could he compete with Bai Di, then!

Lin Huanhuan had originally planned to go back to sleep, but she acutely sensed that Shuang Yuns mood was a little off.

She asked carefully, “Are you unhappy”

Shuang Yun pursed his lips and asked, “Do you care whether Im happy or not”

Lin Huanhuan did not know how to answer.

Shuang Yun lowered his dark green eyes.

“You only ever pay attention to that tiger.

It doesnt matter to you what happens to me.”

“Of course, it matters!” Lin Huanhuan retorted without hesitation.

“Youre important to me too!”

“Really” He scoffed, clearly not believing her.

Lin Huanhuan was already used to his arrogance.

Seeing his self-deprecating sneer, she felt especially uncomfortable as though something was stuck in her heart.

She couldnt resist taking his hand.

“I mean it.

You mean a lot to me!”

Shuang Yun looked down at her hands that were holding his.

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Such tiny, fair hands.

It made him want to clench them in his palms and never let go.

Seeing that he was still silent, Lin Huanhuan thought that he was still unhappy, so she continued to speak.

“Even though you usually say nasty things, youre actually quite nice.

Youve helped me a lot.

Im very grateful to you.”

He glanced at her.

“Is gratitude all you feel for me”

Lin Huanhuan thought for a moment.

“Of course, theres more than just gratitude.”

He loomed over her.

“What else”

The distance between the two of them had decreased greatly.

The firelight shone on his handsome face, and his originally sharp eyebrows had softened a lot.

There was actually some affection and anticipation in his dark green eyes.

Perhaps the atmosphere was too ambiguous, or his gaze was too gentle.

Or perhaps she was still half asleep.

Lin Huanhuans heart beat faster in spite of herself, and her face grew hot.

This girlish reaction made her understand something.

She was being swayed by Shuang Yun.

This rebellious wolf had unknowingly made her like him.

This made Lin Huanhuan feel guilty.

After all, she had already decided to grow old with Bai Di, but she suddenly had a crush on another male beast now.

If Bai Di found out, hed be devastated.

Shuang Yun stared at her face, taking in the changes in her expression.

A thought struck him, and he asked a sudden question, “Do you like me”

Lin Huanhuan was stunned.

Her mind went blank.

Her face was impossibly red.

Oh my gosh! He could tell!

What should she do

Deny it But she did not want to lie to Shuang Yun.

Admit it What about Bai Di, then

‘I dont want to be a philandering woman!

Shuang Yun saw that she was staring at him in a daze without speaking.

Her big watery eyes were filled with helplessness and panic at having her secret discovered.

The little female was really innocent.

The thoughts in her heart were all displayed on her face, and it was obvious at a glance.

She did like him.

All the bitterness in Shuang Yuns heart dissipated.

A feeling of surprise enveloped him.

He wished he could run out and call out all the beasts to tell them that his feelings for Huanhuan werent one-sided! Huanhuan liked him back!


They were in love!

He tried to suppress the urge and forced himself to look calm.

“Why wont you answer me”

Lin Huanhuan avoided his gaze and lowered her eyes guiltily.

She stammered, “I-I dont know.”

Shuang Yun lifted her chin, refusing to let her back away.

“What do you mean you dont know Its either you like me or you dont.”

This was the first time Lin Huanhuan had encountered such a situation.

She was extremely nervous.

Looking at the handsome face right in front of her, she felt her heart beat faster.

She couldnt help but let her imagination run wild.

If this continued, would she have a heart attack!

Seeing that she was silent, Shuang Yuns lips curved up into a teasing smile.

“Look at you.

You like me but dont dare to say it.

Are you afraid that Ill reject you”

Lin Huanhuan: “…”

“As much as I hate females, Ill give you a chance considering how much you like me.”

Lin Huanhuan: “…”

“Why arent you saying anything Are you so happy that youve gone stupid!”

Lin Huanhuan was speechless.

She didnt know that not only did this guy have a vicious tongue, but he was also an imaginative and domineering person!

She couldnt help herself and said, “Can you stop being so narcissistic!”

Shuang Yun was in a good mood now.

Even though he was being mocked, he wasnt angry.

“I know youre shy.

Its okay.

I wont hold it against you.”

“How am I shy!”

“If youre not shy, why are you blushing”


Lin Huanhuan was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

She immediately exploded.

This guy was really too annoying!

What was even more annoying was that she actually had a good impression of this guy!

She must be blind!

Lin Huanhuan couldnt stay any longer.

She suddenly stood up.

“I wont talk nonsense with you anymore.

Im going back to sleep!”


Lin Huanhuan glared at him.

“What else do you want to say”

“Do you remember what you promised me before I went to save Bai Di”

After his reminder, Lin Huanhuan remembered that she had indeed promised Shuang Yun that as long as he returned alive, she would agree to a request he made.

She snapped at him.

“What do you want me to do”

“I want you to mate with me.”

Lin Huanhuan thought that she had misheard and couldnt help but rub her ears.


Shuang Yun raised his chin slightly, and every word was said extremely clearly.

“I want to mate with you.

Thats all I ask.”



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