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If it were not for Xuan Weis powerful strength, she would have already let the demons break through the defense line and rush into the camp to kill!

Seeing this, He Guang knew that he had underestimated the strength of the demons.

Not only did the number of demons far exceed that of the beast soldiers, but they were all fearless.

Even though they were seriously injured, as long as they were still breathing, they would drag their broken bodies and fight to the end.

They were a bunch of crazy people who did not care about their lives!

The trusted beast soldier said, “Your Highness, Yi Wu is here.”

He Guang got someone to bring Yi Wu over.

Ever since she took the initiative to drug Xue Ling last time, she had been placed under house arrest.

During this period of time, she could only stay in her tent and could not go anywhere.

Yi Chuan, who was originally loyal to her, was already dead.

Additionally, all the beast soldiers in the camp were ordered not to approach her.

After Yi Wu was placed under house arrest, she realized that she had crossed the line.

He Guang was a very controlling male beast, especially in a camp where war could break out at any moment.

He would never allow anyone to make decisions on their own, even if she was a beautiful female!

He Guang had gone to see her once and told her clearly.

“If it werent for the fact that youre still useful, I would have punished you with military law!”

After that, no matter how Yi Wu begged for forgiveness, He Guang ignored her.

At this moment, Yi Wu looked much more haggard.

Her face, which was originally only the size of a palm, now looked even thinner and more fragile.

Coupled with her slightly upturned fox eyes, she looked like a sickly beauty.

As soon as she saw He Guang, her eyes turned red.

“Your Highness, are you finally willing to see me again”

Thinking that he had to use her next, He Guang softened his tone a little.

“As long as you can help me win this battle, Ill let bygones be bygones.”

Yi Wu wiped the corners of her eyes.

“Dont worry, Ill do my best to help you!”

She took out the hide bag she always carried.

She poured the powder into her palm and blew on it.

The powder blew away.

It just so happened that the wind was blowing.

Coupled with the fact that they were high up, the fragrance powder was quickly blown to every corner of the camp.

This powder was only useful to beasts.

The demons would not have a reaction after smelling it.


When the beast soldiers smelled that strange fragrance, the blood in their bodies immediately seemed to be ignited.

They fell into a frenzy, and their combat strength soared.

Xuan Wei did not like the fragrance and deliberately avoided the direction of the wind, but he still accidentally inhaled a little fragrance powder.

The beast soul in his body began to become restless, and its fighting spirit became more intense.

Blood stained his metal armor, and his blue eyes were filled with madness.

On the other side of the Black River, Han Ying watched the entire battlefield coldly.

He quickly discovered that the other partys beast soldiers had suddenly erupted with super combat strength.

Not only did they snatch back the initiative, but they also slowly tilted the victory toward the beast soldiers.

If this continued, the demons would definitely lose.

The night wind blew the fragrance across the Black River and into the territory of the demons.

When the witch doctor, Tao Wei, smelled it, his expression changed slightly.

He said to Han Ying, “Someone on the other side used a special fragrance powder.

After the beast soldiers smell this fragrance, their strength will increase for a short period of time.”

So that was it! Han Ying immediately understood.

He thought for a moment and asked, “Is this powder only useful for beasts Is it useful on animals”

Tao Wei was uncertain.

Han Ying decided to give it a try.

If it didnt work, he would have the demon army retreat.

Han Ying found a higher position and used his control of the wind to forcefully change the direction of the night wind.

He turned the wind 90 degrees upstream of the Black River.

The night wind mixed with fragrance powder blew upstream of the Black River.

The animals that had been resting near the upstream smelled the fragrance and became restless.

They became very aggressive.

After fierce internal strife, many of them died.

These animals were all bloodthirsty.

There was only one word in their minds, kill!

They were divided into two groups.

Some of them ran in the direction of the fragrance, while others ran in the direction of the rock mountain!

The beasts in the rock mountain were sleeping soundly when they suddenly heard the sentries howling!

There was an enemy attack!

Shuang Yun was the first to rush out of the rock mountain.

He transformed into a Silvery Frost White Wolf and jumped onto the wall.

He saw hundreds of animals running toward the rock mountain!

There were many ferocious animals among them.

They were not to be trifled with.

What was worse was that this group of animals had also alarmed the other animals sleeping in the forest.

Soon, more animals were attracted.

After they gathered, they actually formed a small tide!

Shuang Yun wanted to curse.

They had actually encountered a beast tide in the middle of the night, and this beast tide was clearly heading for the rock mountain.

What was going on!

He raised his head and howled, gathering the male beasts in his tribe to prepare for battle.

The entire Rock Wolf Tribe was in an uproar.

The young and strong male beasts raced out of their houses and gathered in the clearing at the foot of the mountain.


Bai Di and Sang Ye took out the stone slabs that Huanhuan had given them and imprinted the beast patterns on the beasts one by one to help them increase their combat strength.

Xue Ling and Shen Yan led the feather beasts out of the rock mountain and stopped the birds that were trying to approach the rock mountain from the air.

Mu Xiang and Huanhuan gathered all the females and cubs.

If the male beasts outside the mountain were defeated, they would immediately leave through the secret passage with these females and cubs.

Huanhuan carried the two tiger cubs.

Big Goody and her three brothers squatted beside their mother, protecting her and their siblings

Mu Xiang and the females did not understand why a beast tide had suddenly appeared.

It was one thing for the beast tide to appear, but they were even targeting the rock mountain!

They gathered to discuss the reason for this.

Huanhuan learned from them that the beast tide was a unique natural phenomenon on the beast continent.

The usual reason for a beast tide was that animals were looking for a more suitable environment to reproduce.

They would not cause direct harm to the beasts, but there had been accidents before.

It was said that there was a tribe in the past where animals had to pass through to migrate.

Not only did those beasts not avoid them, but they even tried to take the opportunity to capture prey.

In the end, they angered the animals and the entire tribe was razed to the ground.

No one survived.

But the rock mountain was not on the path of the animals migration.

Why would they suddenly attack the Rock Wolf Tribe

Huanhuan was puzzled by this too.

The system said, “If you really want to know the answer, you can ask the plants in the forest.

If theyre in a good mood, they might tell you the reason.”


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