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Xue Ling sent a feather beast to the camp by the Black River to inform Xuan Wei that they were willing to trade with him for Little Pink.

However, because his identity was unknown, he was stopped by the beast soldiers.

The message could not be delivered.

Xue Ling had no choice but to personally bring Huanhuan to the camp.

Due to Xue Lings powerful strength, the beast soldiers in charge of guarding the place could not stop him.

They could only watch as he brought Huanhuan into the camp openly.

The entire camp was very disciplined.

The beast soldiers did their own jobs, and no one was free.

Huanhuan was wearing a veil on her face.

Her and Xue Lings sudden intrusion immediately attracted the attention of many beast soldiers.

The beast soldiers immediately surrounded the two of them, looking rather vigilant.

Xue Ling did not care about these beast soldiers at all.

He said casually, “Call Xuan Wei out.

We have something to tell him.”

Seeing that he had no intention of attacking, the beast soldiers did not dare to act rashly.

The two sides maintained a standoff.

Not long after, Xuan Wei rushed over after hearing the news.

He waved his hand to dismiss the beast soldiers.

Seeing that it was someone Xuan Wei knew, the beast soldiers dispersed, but some of them still glanced at Xue Ling and Huanhuan from time to time.

Xue Ling had never cared about how others looked at him.

He got right to the point.

“Im here to talk business with you.”

Xuan Wei thought for a moment and realized what business it was.

“Youre willing to sell me Little Pink”

Xue Ling said casually, “Theres no problem selling Little Pink to you.

We have a lot of it anyway.”

Xuan Wei asked, “Can you make the decision”

“Of course, I can.

I made Little Pink.

I can sell it to whomever I want.

No one cares.”

Xuan Wei thought for a moment and said cautiously, “I know you dont lack crystals, but I dont have anything good except crystals.

Can you tell me what you want to trade Little Pink for first If I dont have what you want now, Ill have to find a way to get it.”

Xue Ling smiled faintly.

“Dont worry, what I want is very simple.

You definitely have it.”

The more he spoke like this, the more cautious Xuan Wei became.

“What do you want”

Xue Ling looked down at Huanhuan.

“Are you going to say it, or should I”

“Ill say it.” Huanhuan looked at Xuan Wei and said seriously, “I hope you can answer a question truthfully.”

“Tell me.”

“Are you Bai Dis brother”

As soon as she asked this question, Xuan Weis gaze changed slightly.

He was silent.

Huanhuan couldnt help but say, “I know this question might make things difficult for you, but this is very important to Bai Di.

He really misses his brother.”

Xuan Wei glanced at Xue Ling.

“Can I talk to her alone”

Xue Ling refused readily.

“No, Im worried about her being alone with you.”

“Im here, and you know who I am.

If anything happens to her, you can come straight to me.”

Xue Ling was still worried.

Huanhuan tugged on his sleeve and pleaded softly, “Just leave for a short while.

Ill look for you after talking to him, okay”

Xue Ling was insistent.

“I have to watch over you, or I wont be at ease.”

“Xuan Wei saved me and the tiger cubs before.

If he wanted to harm me, he wouldnt have saved me back then.”

Xue Ling thought about it and felt that she had a point.

Coupled with her coaxing and pestering, he finally chose to compromise.


He casually broke a branch.

He produced a flame and lit the branch.

“Ill look for you when this branch is done burning.”

Huanhuan jumped up happily and hugged his neck to kiss him.

“Youre so nice!”

Xue Ling pinched her cheek.

“Come back quickly.”

Xuan Wei said, “Come with me.”

Huanhuan followed him into a tent.

This should be Xuan Weis temporary residence.

Other than a few animal hides and some animal bones, there was nothing else in the tent.

It was very simple.

They were alone in the tent.

Xuan Wei looked at her calmly.

“I can tell you the truth, but you have to promise me that no matter what you hear or see next, you wont tell a third person, not even Bai Di.”

Huanhuan nodded.

“I promise.”


You can ask your questions now.”

Huanhuan held her breath and looked at him expectantly.

“Are you really Bai Dis brother”

Xuan Wei said clearly, “I am.”

Huanhuans eyes widened.

Although she was mentally prepared, she was still very surprised to hear the answer with her own ears.

She couldnt resist asking, “Bai Di said you died a long time ago.

How did you suddenly come back to life”

“The beast who died on the battlefield was just an adjutant beside me, not me.

His face was scratched.

He wore my clothes and disguised himself as me so that everyone would think I was dead.”

Huanhuan was even more puzzled.

“Why did you fake your death”

“Because someone was trying to kill me.

I had to fake my death and escape to survive.”

“Who wanted to kill you”

“Wen Qian.”

The name was familiar.

She remembered that Wen Qian seemed to be related to the death of Bai Dis mother.

What feud did Wen Qian have with Bai Dis family First, he wanted to harm Bai Dis brother, then he killed Bai Dis mother.

Wen Qian even drove a wedge between Bai Di and Bai Luo.


Xuan Wei saw her confusion and took the initiative to explain, “The royal family has been taught that the status of the temple has always been above that of the royal family.

Sometimes, the temple will even directly interfere with the replacement of the throne.

This makes the royal family very dissatisfied, and the conflict between the two parties naturally grows deeper.

Almost every royal family in the beast cities has a bad relationship with the citys temple, and Sun City is no exception.

If Wen Qian wanted to maintain his status above the royal family, I, the uncontrollable eldest prince, had to be eliminated first.”

Huanhuan still couldnt understand.

“If youve only been pretending to be dead to escape, why havent you gone to look for Bai Di or Bai Luo all these years You could just secretly send them a message.”

“Its not that I dont want to look for them but I cant.”


Xuan Wei stopped talking again.

After a long silence, Xuan Wei finally moved.

He raised his hand and removed his metal helmet, revealing an unrecognizable face.

Huanhuan looked at him in shock.

There was almost no intact skin on his face.

There were ferocious crisscrossed scars on his face.

He was as terrifying as a ghost from hell.


Xuan Wei put the helmet back on his head and whispered, “Im sorry for scaring you.”


Huanhuan asked with a trembling voice, “What happened to your face”

“I wanted to live, and this was the price.”

Xuan Wei had no intention of going into detail, but from the scars on his face, Huanhuan could tell that he must have suffered inhuman torture.

Ordinary people might have gone crazy.

On the other hand, he had managed to survive until now.

Huanhuan had to admire his amazing rationality and willpower.

Xuan Wei said, “I hope you can keep your promise and not tell anyone about this, especially Bai Di.”


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