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He Guang decided to keep Yi Wus fragrance powder as a secret weapon.

At the same time, he accepted Xuan Weis suggestion and ordered people to build fortifications.

It was safer to do both.

Xuan Wei returned to the Rock Wolf Tribe.

He found Bai Di, who was picking fruits with Huanhuan.

The two tiger cubs were rolling around on the grass.

When they saw Xuan Wei, they pounced on him and hugged his ankles as if they had seen something interesting.

Xuan Wei immediately stopped.

These two little babies were too young.

He was afraid that if he was not careful, he would hurt the children.

Huanhuan couldnt help but chuckle when she saw him freeze on the spot.

Xuan Wei took off his metal gloves and bent down to pick up the two tiger cubs.

His pale fingers gently stroked their furry heads.


Although the cubs were young, their senses were sharp.

They sensed that the big guy in front of them would not hurt them, so they rolled around in his palms with relief.

Big White even hugged Xuan Weis fingers and rubbed its teeth against his fingertips.

Big White used Xuan Weis fingers as a teething club.

Xuan Wei was not angry at all.

He even deliberately moved his fingers, making Big White immediately hug his fingers tightly as Big White was afraid that the teething club would be taken away.

Seeing how he interacted with the tiger cubs, Huanhuan felt that Bai Dis guess was probably true.

Only family could be so tolerant and intimate.

Bai Di walked over.

He was wearing only an animal hide skirt for convenience.

His upper body was exposed, and beads of sweat refracted off his well-defined skin.

He took the cotton handkerchief from Huanhuan and casually wiped the sweat off his face.

“Why are you here” he asked.

Xuan Wei held the tiger cubs and straightened his back.

He went straight to the point.

“I want to talk business with you.”

Bai Di had no intention of reaching out and taking the children.

“What business”

“I want to buy the pink stuff you smear on the walls.”

Huanhuan was slightly stunned.

“You mean Little Pink”


Xuan Wei replied seriously, not reacting to Little Pinks shameful name.

It was as if Little Pink was a normal name for him.


Bai Di asked, “Why do you want Little Pink”

“Our army is going to build defenses along the Blackwater River.

If we have Little Pink, our defenses will be stronger.”

Xuan Wei had seen how strong Little Pink was.

He had long been thinking about Little Pink.

Bai Di smiled.

“Little Pink doesnt come cheap.”

Xuan Wei said, “Name your price.”

“This seems to be a big transaction.

Unfortunately, were not short of money.”

“Then what do you want”

Bai Di shook his head.

“We dont need anything.

We dont want to do this business with you.”

Xuan Wei frowned.

“Theres no harm in this deal.”

“But theres nothing to be gained, is there”

Xuan Wei stopped talking.

Bai Di reached out and picked up the tiger cubs.

“Weve picked a lot of new fruits.

Do you want to try them I wont charge you.”

“That wont be necessary.”

Since the business could not be done, Xuan Wei was in no mood to stay here any longer.

He turned around and left.

Huanhuan watched him leave, then said to Bai Di, “Why didnt you agree to do this business with him”

Bai Di placed the two tiger cubs on his shoulder.

“Well keep the good things you invented for ourselves in the tribe.

Well try not to trade them to avoid trouble.”

Who could guarantee that the beast army wouldnt have other desires after experiencing the benefits of Little Pink

Before they could protect themselves, it was best for the Rock Wolf Tribe to keep a low profile.

In any case, they did not lack crystal coins or food.

They did not need to sell anything to get rich.

Bai Di squatted down and put the fruits he had just picked into the bamboo basket.

The tiger cubs squatted on his shoulder and licked their claws leisurely.

Huanhuan said slowly, “We can lie and say that Xue Ling got Little Pink.

Anyway, hes strong.

No one dares to have any ideas about him.”

“Theres no need to go to all this trouble.

Were not short of money.”

Bai Di put all the fruits into the bamboo basket.

He stood up and took Huanhuans hand.

“Lets go back.”

When they got home, Bai Di washed the fresh fruits that they just picked and prepared a fruit platter for Huanhuan to snack on.

The platter was arranged beautifully.

Huanhuan couldnt bear to eat it.

If she had a phone in her hand, she would definitely take a photo of the fruit platter and post it on her Moments.

Unfortunately, she didnt have a phone, so she could only show off to the system.

“Look, I have fresh and beautiful fruits to eat! Do you want to eat them”

The system was speechless.

This unfilial daughter was trying to anger the system to death!

Huanhuan ran to the attic with the fruit platter and found Xue Ling, who was still sleeping in.

She sat down on the bed and pinched his nose.

“Get up!”

Xue Ling opened his red eyes and held her wrist.

He brought her hand to his mouth and licked her fingers with the tip of his tongue.

He narrowed his eyes and said, “Its sweet.

It tastes like fruit.”

Huanhuan retracted her hand and waved the fruit platter in front of him.

“Get up quickly.

Ill let you have some fruits~”

Xue Ling asked with a faint smile, “One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions.

Tell me, what do you need my help with”

Huanhuan approached him with a smile.

“I do have something I need your help with.”

“Lets hear it.”

Huanhuan said, “Xuan Wei came to discuss business with us just now.

He wants to buy Little Pink to strengthen the defenses of the Black River.

He offered to make us a deal, but Bai Di refused.”

Xue Ling wasnt surprised.

“Bai Di did it to protect you too.”

“I know, but I still want to make this deal with Xuan Wei.”

“Why Are you short of money”

“I dont need Xuan Wei to give me money.

I just want him to tell us the truth.

Is he Bai Dis brother”

Xue Ling looked at her in surprise.

“You want to use Little Pink to get Xuan Wei to tell the truth”


Xue Lings expression became complicated.

“Youre doing this for Bai Di, arent you Youre so good to him that I cant help but be jealous.”

Huanhuan said seriously, “You guys are good to me, so I want to be good to you guys too.”

Xue Ling touched her face.

“I realize youre getting cuter.”

Huanhuans cheeks turned red.

She pretended to be calm and asked, “Will you help me”

“What do you want me to do”

“I want the feather tribe to discuss this business with Xuan Wei.

Its best if they reveal that you made Little Pink.

Youre very powerful.

Even if the other party gets jealous, they wont dare to have any ideas about you.”

Xue Ling smiled.

“Im honored to be praised.”



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