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Lang Zhu glared at him after hearing what Shuang Yun had to say.

“You just dont know the right words to say! Do you know what females like best Sweet nothings!”

Shuang Yun was very disdainful.

“Im the most powerful alpha wolf in the Rock Wolf Tribe.

Every time I hunt, I always hunt the largest prey.

I dont need to say sweet words.

I can crush those male beasts with my strength!”

Lang Zhu rolled his eyes rudely.

“If youre so good, why arent you as important to the little female as Bai Di!”

Shuang Yuns expression immediately turned ugly after being ruthlessly rebuked.

“My next words will be unpleasant to hear.

Not only is Bai Di a three-starred soul beast, but hes also very capable.

Moreover, hes especially gentle and considerate.

He takes care of the little female meticulously.

Its not unusual for her to like him!”

Shuang Yun wasnt happy to hear that, but he couldnt argue.

Lang Zhu advised him earnestly.

“Other things aside, you really have to learn from Bai Di about taking care of females.”

Shuang Yun was very reluctant.

“Im not going to learn from that tiger!”

“If you dont learn, youre likely to lose the little female.”

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Shuang Yuns eyes turned red again.

He could tolerate anything except losing Huanhuan.

He definitely couldnt!

Lang Zhu clapped him on the shoulder.

“A little impatience can spoil a great plan.

You need to be as calm as you usually are when leading a pack to hunt.”

Shuang Yun recalled his usual mood when he hunted, his irritable and uneasy heart gradually calmed down.

Lang Zhu said, “Just treat Huanhuan as your prey.

Getting your prey in one move is what you do best.

You should know what to do now.”

Shuang Yun looked thoughtful.

Seeing that he already had an idea, Lang Zhu changed the subject.

“Why dont you stay for dinner with me tonight”


Huanhuan is still at home waiting for me to have dinner with her.”

With that, he stood up and walked away without looking back.

Lang Zhu shook his head and scolded jokingly.

“This brat has forgotten all about his elders after getting a mate!”


Shuang Yun returned home to find Bai Di roasting meat.

The rich aroma of meat filled the house.

In front of Lin Huanhuan was a large bowl of steaming vegetable soup.

When she saw Shuang Yun return, she immediately waved at him.

“Come and eat!”

Shuang Yun walked over and sat down.

Lin Huanhuan cut off a large piece of roasted meat with the bone knife and handed it to him.

“Try it and see how it tastes.”

Shuang Yun took a bite and didnt comment on the taste.

He said, “I still have some jerky in my house.

Ill bring it over later.”

Since they were a family, food naturally had to be placed together.

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Lin Huanhuan said, “Its alright.

We have enough food stored anyway.”

However, Shuang Yun pulled a long face and said with a very serious expression, “Its only right for male beasts to feed their partners.

Are you complaining that I didnt hunt enough prey!”

Lin Huanhuan quickly waved her hands.

“No, no! Youve already hunted a lot of prey.

Im definitely not looking down on you!”

She paused and then added.

“If you dont mind the trouble, you can bring the food over.”

Bai Di cut the cooked meat into thin slices and placed them in a bowl in front of Huanhuan.

“There might not be enough space in the cellar,” he said.

“Ill dig out some more space later.”

Lin Huanhuan nodded.


The meat was roasted until it was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

It was juicy and tasted amazing!

She stuffed her mouth with roasted meat and gave Bai Di a thumbs-up as she ate, praising his cooking.

Bai Di smiled.

“Eat slowly, or youll burn yourself again.”

Recalling her previous experience of being scalded, Lin Huanhuan chuckled in embarrassment.

Shuang Yun watched the warm interactions between the two of them and felt bitter.

He looked down at the roasted meat in his hand, realizing that he was not only inferior to Bai Di in terms of strength and character but also in cooking.

In comparison, he really didnt seem to have anything that Lin Huanhuan would like.


After eating and drinking his fill, Bai Di went to the cellar to dig out more space.

Shuang Yun carried his own stored food into the cellar, while Lin Huanhuan helped to arrange the food neatly.

The three of them worked together and quickly finished their tasks.

Lin Huanhuan was sweating.

She boiled some hot water and gave her body a quick wipe.

Bai Di helped her make the bed and light the fire beside it.

He looked at Huanhuan with a gentle gaze.

“Go to sleep.

Call me if you need me.”

Lin Huanhuan sat down on the stone bed and reached out to touch the soft yet thick tiger fur.

She couldnt help but ask, “Arent you going to sleep here”

“Ill sleep next door.”

Bai Di remembered how he had hurt Huanhuan.

Even though Huanhuan didnt blame him, he could not forgive himself.

Hence, he offered to sleep in a different room.

He was afraid that if he got any closer to Huanhuan, he would do that beastly thing to her again.

Lin Huanhuan understood his feelings.

She had tried comforting him, but unfortunately, it was useless.

Bai Di was the gentle, caring type.

However, he was stubborn to the core.

No matter how much anyone said, it would be useless unless he could move on from the incident himself.

Lin Huanhuan could only watch him leave.

His back looked very forlorn.

When Lin Huanhuan was slowly falling asleep, she started to feel a little thirsty.

She opened her eyes, casually pulled a piece of firewood from the fire, and headed to the kitchen with the firewood to light up the way.

Unexpectedly, the aroma of food came from the kitchen.

Who would be cooking in the middle of the night

Could it be a thief!

Lin Huanhuans heart tightened.

She carefully sneaked into the kitchen and found a beast squatting by the fire while roasting meat.

She saw his face clearly in the firelight.

It was Shuang Yun!

Shuang Yuns senses were very sharp.

Almost as soon as Lin Huanhuan entered the kitchen, he realized that someone had entered.

He immediately looked up, his gaze slowly meeting Lin Huanhuans.

Both of them were shocked.

Shuang Yun quickly hid the thing in his hand behind his back.

He was even more frantic because of his panic.

“What are you doing here!”

Lin Huanhuan walked over.

First, she looked at the charcoal on his face, then at the few pieces of roasted meat beside him that had yet to be put away.

Without exception, all of them were charred black and looked very unappetizing.


She blinked.

“You came here in the middle of the night to roast meat instead of sleeping Did you not eat enough at night”

He turned away.

“Its none of your business!”


Earlier in the night, when he saw how Huanhuan praised Bai Di for his cooking, he was envious and jealous.

He remembered the old witch doctors advice, so he decided to learn how to cook as well.

Of course, with his pride, there was no way hed ask Bai Di for advice on cooking.

Hence, he crept into the kitchen in the middle of the night.

He tried to recall the process of Bai Di roasting the meat and tried to practice the method.

Unfortunately, he failed even after roasting several pieces of meat.


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