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Huanhuan slept very deeply.

When Huanhuan woke up, she realized that it was already the next morning.

She had actually slept for a day and a night!

Huanhuan got up and rubbed her throbbing temples.

She remembered what had happened yesterday and immediately called the system to ask about the Dance of the Gods.

The system stammered, “I casually found a dance teaching video for you.

I didnt expect it to be the Dance of the Gods.

I didnt know about this either.”

Huanhuan didnt believe it at all.

“Youre still pretending If you keep this up, Ill refuse all missions in the future!”

When she was dancing, her body was in a completely uncontrollable state.

That was definitely not the strength an ordinary dance tutorial video could have.

She knew she wasnt smart, but she wasnt stupid enough not to have noticed such an obvious abnormality.

Seeing that it couldnt fool her, the system could only say vaguely, “The Dance of the Gods is a dance specially used for sacrifices.

It was very suitable for your needs.

I gave it to you for your own good.”

“Then tell me clearly what this Dance of the Gods is about.”

“Its just a dance for sacrifices.

Nothing special.”

Huanhuan was skeptical.

“Really Are you fooling me again”

The system said loudly, “Im your father.

No matter what I do, its for your own good!”

Huanhuan snorted.

“In any case, I wont dance the Dance of the Gods anymore.”


“I dont like the feeling of being controlled.”

She felt like a puppet as she danced.

None of her actions were voluntary.

She felt very insecure.

The system didnt respond to that.

Instead, it suddenly said something else.

“Congratulations on completing the sacrificial mission.

Ill give you the reward now.”

Speaking of rewards, Huanhuans attention was immediately diverted.

She asked expectantly, “Whats the reward this time”

The system said proudly, “Its a good thing.

I wouldnt give it to just anyone.”

A square wooden box appeared out of thin air in front of Huanhuan.

She opened the wooden box and saw a full set of dresses neatly arranged inside.

There was a pure white floor-length dress and an ink-black wide-sleeved smock.

There was also a pair of silver bell bracelets, a pair of thin black crystal anklets, and a pure white mask.

Huanhuan picked up the mask.

The eyes were hollowed out.

The lines were curved and smooth.

The ends of the eyes were raised like two beautiful fox eyes.

A small lotus flower was depicted in between the eyebrows of the mask.

It was simple and exquisite, revealing a hint of mystery.

Huanhuan was very curious.

“Little Brat, what are these clothes and masks for”

The system said, “Clothes are specially used for sacrifices.

As long as you wear them, youll be the most powerful witch doctor.

The level of pretentiousness will be sky-high!”

Huanhuan: “…”

“As for the mask, its name is the Prediction Mask.

As the name implies, it allows you to see at random what might happen in the future.”

“Thats amazing!” Huanhuan was very interested.

“How do I use it”

“Just put it on your face.”

Huanhuan tried to put the mask on her face.

As if by magic, the mask automatically fitted tightly to the skin on her face the moment she put it on.


Then, a heavy feeling enveloped her, and everything around her became extremely blurry.

In the void, she slowly saw a familiar figure appear not far away.

The figure was wearing a white dress and a black shirt.

He had a white mask on his face, and there was a small red lotus between his eyebrows.

She took off her mask with one hand, revealing a face identical to Huanhuan.

She said to Huanhuan, “You have to be careful.”

Her voice was ethereal and very unclear.

It took Huanhuan a lot of effort to hear what she was saying.

Huanhuan quickly asked, “What do I have to be careful about”

“Theyre not to be trusted…”

Huanhuan was confused.

“Who are they Tell me clearly!”

The figure tried to say something, but as soon as she moved her mouth, her eyes suddenly widened in disbelief.

A bone knife pierced her chest from the front!

Blood splattered!

Huanhuan screamed in fear.

She hurriedly tore off her mask and threw it aside.

She was breathing hard, her face pale.

The system quickly asked, “What did you see just now”

Huanhuan recalled what had just happened and was still very afraid.

She said with a trembling voice, “I saw myself being killed, and it was with a knife.”

The system was surprised.

“How With me protecting you, no one should be able to hurt you.

Did you see who killed you”

“No, I only saw a bone knife go through my chest.” She paused, then added, “The knife went in from the front.

I looked shocked.”


Anyone would be shocked to be stabbed in the chest.”

Huanhuan hugged her shoulders, her throat dry.

“I mean,I looked like I knew the person who stabbed me.”

The system was stunned.

“Are you saying that the person who killed you is an acquaintance of yours Someone close to you wants to harm you”

Huanhuan buried her head between her arms like an ostrich burying its head in the sand.

“I dont know.”

The system didnt know what to say.

Huanhuan held onto her last hope and tried to ask, “Will what the Prediction Mask sees definitely happen”

“Its not 100% certain.”

Huanhuan was about to heave a sigh of relief when she heard the system continue.

“But theres at least a 99% chance that itll really happen.”

Huanhuans breath caught in her throat.

She was panicking.

“Then what about me”

“The most direct and effective way is to find the killer and finish them off before they can do anything.”

When the system said this, its tone was cold and sharp.

It was completely different from its usual playful and angry self.

Huanhuan said slowly, “But I dont know who it is…”

The system asked carefully, “Did you see anything other than the scene of you being killed”

Huanhuan shook her head.


“Did you hear anything”

Huanhuan remembered what her other self had said and whispered, “I heard her say to be careful.

Theyre not to be trusted…”

“Who are they”

Huanhuan shook her head again.

“She didnt make herself clear.

I dont know who she meant.”

The system said, “From the looks of it, the person who killed you must be an acquaintance of yours.

You have to be careful in the future and try not to be alone with others.”

Huanhuan replied, “I understand.”

Seeing that she was down, the system comforted her.

“You dont have to be too afraid.

Ill protect you.”


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