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A lingering affair that should have happened was finally forced to stop because of the forceful insertion of the mosaic.

It wasnt until the two of them were dressed again that the world returned to normal.

She was so angry that she wanted to press the system to the ground and beat it up!

Bai Di pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead.

“Go to sleep,” he said, his voice low and gentle.

Huanhuan was filled with anger, but she couldnt flare up at Bai Di.

She closed her eyes obediently.

After a long time, she gradually calmed down and fell asleep.

In her dream, she was surrounded by countless nematodes.

She fled in fear.

Bai Di suddenly descended from the sky and pulled her into his arms.

“Dont be afraid.

Im here to save you!”

Huanhuan was extremely touched.

She looked up at him and was about to say a few affectionate words when she was frightened by the mosaic in front of her.

Her eyes flew open.

Phew, fortunately, it was just a dream.

It was the next morning.

Bai Di, who should have been sleeping beside her, was long gone.

The two tiger babies were sleeping soundly on Huanhuans stomach.

Huanhuan sat up, and the tiger babies woke up as well.

They looked up at her with wet blue eyes.

She reached out and touched their furry heads.

Recalling the large piece of mosaic in her dream, Huanhuan was furious.

She called out the system and questioned it angrily.

“Why did mosaic block my vision when I was making out with Bai Di!”

The system said matter-of-factly, “You were doing something embarrassing.

Of course, it had to be pixelated!”

“But were mates.

Isnt it only right for us to do that Why did you mosaic it! Hurry up and remove the mosaic program!”

The system said, “If you remove it, you wont have a mosaic to protect your eyes if you encounter anything as disgusting as nematodes in the future.”

Huanhuan asked angrily, “Do you think I wont feel disgusted when I open my eyes and see nothing but mosaics!”

“I think its fine.”

Under Huanhuans repeated requests, the system finally helped her remove the mosaic program.

Shuang Yun decided to meet the beasts who fled from the other side of the Black River personally.

Jiu Yuan led his men to release them from the cave and gathered them in an open space.

Before this, Shuang Yun had already learned from others how sorry these beasts were.

However, after seeing them with his own eyes, their sorry state still exceeded his expectations.

Ever since he listened to Huanhuans suggestion and seriously sorted out the hygiene problems in the tribe, the entire Rock Wolf Tribe had become cleaner and more orderly.

He was already used to everyone being clean.

When he saw so many sloppy beasts, his eyes hurt.

If the tribe wasnt short of people, he wouldnt have bothered to take a look at these guys.

Shuang Yun decided to get straight to the point.

“Do you want to stay”

The beasts were stunned.

Seeing that they were all at a loss, Shuang Yun patiently asked again, “Do you want to stay at the rock mountain If you do, let me know.”

These beasts originally thought that Shuang Yun was going to punish them.

They did not expect him to be willing to let them stay and live.

They nodded in surprise and scrambled to speak.

“Yes, yes! We want to stay!”

Shuang Yun gestured for them to quiet down.

As a soul beast, he had an overwhelming air of deterrence against ordinary beasts.

In addition, he had a sharp aura.

A casual move from him immediately made all the beasts present shut up and listen to him obediently.

“You can stay if you want, but our tribe has rules.

Beasts from outside have to be assessed for three months regardless of their race and identity.

During these three months, you can stay in the temporary residence and work hard to earn work points.

When youve gathered 100 work points, youll be allowed to officially become a member of the Rock Wolf Tribe and live in that place with us.”

Shuang Yun raised his hand and pointed at the rock mountain.

The beasts looked at the rock mountain.

It was covered in emerald vines, so they couldnt see what was going on inside.

However, since Patriarch Shuang Yun said that only those who passed the assessment could stay there, it meant that the place was definitely very good.

A bold beast asked, “What are work points”

Shuang Yun glanced at Jiu Yuan.

“Explain it to them.”

Hence, Jiu Yuan explained the work points system in detail and introduced the rules and laws of the tribe.

After these beasts heard this, some of them with better brains couldnt help but look thoughtful.

Some simple-minded beasts said casually, “As long as youre willing to take us in and give us a place to stay, well do anything!”

Shuang Yun emphasized, “I dont care what youve done in the past, but if the demons attack in the future and theres a war in the tribe, you have to obey the deployment unconditionally.

If anyone dares to retreat and escape, youll be treated as deserters.”

He paused and looked around.

“Do you know what happens to deserters”

Everyone stared at him.

Shuang Yuns lips curled up, and an evil smile that was almost cruel appeared in his dark green eyes.

“Ill skin you alive and kill you.”

Everyone was shocked.

Some of the beasts were afraid.

They had seen how terrifying the demons were with their own eyes.

They had almost died at the hands of those demons.

They were already lucky to have escaped with their lives.

How could they dare to fight the demons again!

Shuang Yun took in the changes in the beasts expressions.

He got someone to open the door and said, “If youre unwilling to stay, leave immediately.”

He paused and added, “You have to think carefully.

Once you leave, dont even think about coming back.”

These beasts looked at each other.

In the end, more than 40 beasts chose to stay.

The other dozen beasts walked out of the crowd and left through the door.

Some of them were scared out of their wits by the demons and were afraid that they would be forced to participate in the war against them if they stayed.

Some of them were still brooding over the death of the envoy.

They were fans of Tong Fu and believed that the envoy was powerful, but he was killed by the Rock Wolf Tribe.

They wanted to avenge the envoy, but they were too weak to attack the Rock Wolf Tribe.

They could only suppress their hatred and choose to leave for the time being.

At the same time, they swore to themselves.

When they became stronger in the future, they would definitely come back!

None of those murderers who caused the death of the envoy could escape!

As for the 40 or so beasts who volunteered to stay, they were handed over to Jiu Yuan to be trained and managed.

Shuang Yun found Feng Lan and whispered a few words to him.

Feng Lan brought a small team and left the tribe silently, chasing after the dozen or so beasts that had left.

Especially the few beasts who wanted revenge.

They would disappear from this world forever.

No one saw them again.



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