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After Bai Di left, the system popped up again.

“Why do I feel like Bai Di is more like your father than I am”

Huanhuan said lazily, “That can only mean that youre not good enough as a father.

Youre actually inferior to your son-in-law.

You need to reflect on yourself.”

Huanhuan sat on the bed.

The two tiger babies immediately crawled over and lay on her stomach.

Their little meaty claws stepped on her stomach, making it itch.

She poked the tiger babies, causing them to fall down on their feet.

Huanhuan couldnt resist the temptation of their soft stomachs.

She stretched out her hands and touched the stomachs of the tiger babies.

How soft!

The system thought for a moment.

“I wrote out the code for the mosaic.

Do you want to try it”

Hearing this, Huanhuan immediately perked up.


With the mosaic, she would no longer have to worry about her having nightmares because of the nematodes!

After a moment of silence, she heard the system speak.

“Ive already installed the program for you.

From now on, nothing violent or disgusting will scare you anymore.

Am I a good father”

Huanhuan clapped.

“Daddy, youre awesome!”

“Whos better, me or Bai Di”

Huanhuan pondered seriously for a moment.

“I think Bai Di is better.”

The system was unhappy.


“Because he has abs for me to rub against.

You dont.”

The system was speechless.

It might as well not have such a stupid daughter!

Bai Dis potato cakes were soft and fragrant.

They tasted sweet.

In the past, the sweet soup was brewed with sweet fruits.

It was very sweet, but todays sweet soup was simmered with sweet vegetables.

There were also some shredded pickled radishes in it.

It was sour and sweet.

It wasnt as sweet as Huanhuan wanted, but it was delicious.

She ate with relish.

But Bai Di didnt make much of it, so she ate it all in one go.

Huanhuan said slowly, “Im not full.”

“We have to eat dinner soon.

You cant eat too much.” Bai Di wiped her face and hands.

“Ill make your favorite sour fish soup tonight.”

At the mention of sour fish soup, Huanhuan couldnt help but gulp.

Bai Di couldnt resist pinching the tip of her nose when she looked so hungry.

“Im going to prepare dinner.

Just call me if you need me.”

“Go, go.

Remember to add more pickled vegetables.”

Bai Di got up and walked away.

The tiger cubs squeezed into her arms and pressed their claws against her chest, making soft cries.

They were hungry.

Huanhuan lifted her clothes, revealing her voluptuous breasts.

The tiger babies immediately went up and sucked on them.

Coincidentally, Shuang Yun came back at this moment.

He pushed open the door and saw Huanhuan revealing her upper body.

His eyes immediately lit up as he pounced over.

“I want milk too!”

It was clearly not the first time Huanhuan had encountered such a situation.

She calmly called out to Little Lotus.

The lotus immediately sprang out and bloomed, blocking Shuang Yun from taking a step forward.

Shuang Yun was very unhappy.

“Go away.

Dont block me from making out with Huanhuan.”

Huanhuan said slowly, “Youre already a father.

Why are you snatching milk from children Arent you shameless”

Shuang Yun said confidently, “Youre so cute when youre breastfeeding.

I couldnt help but get hard when I saw you.”

Huanhuan was speechless.

After the babies finished drinking their milk and Huanhuan had adjusted her clothes, she called Little Lotus back.

Shuang Yun sighed at the sight of the well-dressed little female.

Huanhuan snorted.

She asked, “Do you know about Tong Fu”

“Jiu Yuan has already told me.” Shuang Yun walked over and took her and the children into his arms.

“You did well.

People like Tong Fu who have ulterior motives should be dealt with cleanly.”

Huanhuan said slowly, “But hes an envoy, after all.

Since we killed him in front of so many people, wont things end badly”

Shuang Yun lowered his head and nuzzled her neck.

She smelled like milk after feeding the children.

He couldnt help but lick her neck.

Huanhuan trembled from the licking and pushed him out with a red face.

“The children are still watching.

Cant you behave”

“I didnt do anything.

I just licked you.” Shuang Yun hugged the soft female and was a little restless.

“Tong Fu deserved to die.

Leave the rest to me.

You dont have to worry.”

“What do you want to do”

Shuang Yuns lips curled into a devilish smile.

“You want to know Kiss me and Ill tell you.”

Huanhuan was not fooled.

After living together for so long, she had long seen through the nature of this big pervert.

As long as she took the initiative to approach him, he would immediately turn the tables and press her onto the bed to do those indescribable things.

She rolled her eyes and said, “Im a witch doctor of the Rock Wolf Tribe now.

According to the rules, shouldnt you give me some compensation Even if were mates, you cant make me work for nothing, right”

Shuang Yun was very generous.

“What do you want As long as you tell me, Ill get it for you immediately.”

Huanhuan said slowly, “I just want you to promise me something.”

“What is it”

“From now on, youre not allowed to take advantage of me without my permission.”

Shuang Yun thought about it seriously and said decisively, “Im going to the kitchen to see if Bai Di needs any help.


He kissed her quickly, and before she could react, he was gone.

Huanhuan was caught between laughter and tears.

For dinner, Bai Di not only cooked sour fish soup but also steamed egg custard.

The egg custard was prepared for Huanhuan, but in the end, she fed most of it to the tiger babies.

Although she knew the twins were fat, she wanted to feed them, especially since they were lying in her arms.

They were so cute.

Huanhuan was sleeping with Bai Di tonight, and the two fat children were in between them.

She finally managed to get the tiger babies to sleep.

She slowly approached Bai Di, her eyes bright in the night.

Bai Di stroked her cheek with his fingers.

The tenderness in his eyes almost overflowed.

When he pressed down on her, Huanhuan couldnt help but close her eyes.

They kissed intimately.


Unknowingly, they were both already naked.

Huanhuan opened her eyes to touch Bai Dis abs, but all she saw was a mosaic.


The screen was filled with mosaics! The figures were all blurry!

She couldnt even see Bai Dis eyes, let alone his abs!

Huanhuan was dumbfounded.

Sensing her abnormality, Bai Di stopped and whispered in her ear, “Whats wrong”

Huanhuan wanted to cry.

Could she tell him that her eyes were now blurred by mosaic!



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