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Huanhuan only wanted to use Bai Dis identity to intimidate Tong Fu.

She did not expect him to be so frightened that he would lay on the ground without daring to get up.

It felt as if shed thrown a grenade and realized afterward that it was an atomic bomb.

It was too powerful, far beyond expectations.

Huanhuan asked Tong Fu to stand up.

Tong Fu lay on the ground, refusing to get up.

Helpless, Huanhuan could only say to Jiu Yuan, “Get him up.”

Jiu Yuan grabbed Tong Fu and picked him up from the ground.

Jiu Yuan had already awakened his soul beast, so his strength was far greater than before.

It was very easy for him to carry an adult beast with one hand.

Huanhuan smiled and said, “Since weve proven that your identity as an envoy is real, well naturally treat you with respect.

Lord Envoy, dont be afraid.”

Tong Fu said, “Im not afraid.”

“Then why are you trembling”

Tong Fu wanted to cry.

“I dont want to tremble either, but I cant control myself.”

Huanhuan got someone to bring the two mole beasts up.

She asked, “Lord Envoy, do you remember these two guys”

When the two mole beasts saw Tong Fu, they immediately cried and shouted, “Lord Envoy, please save us!”

Huanhuan frowned.

“Youre a little noisy.”

Bai Di raised his hand and threw out two bolts of lightning, knocking the two mole beasts unconscious.

His movements were crisp and elegant.

Huanhuan secretly gave him a thumbs up.

He was so cool!


Bai Dis lips curled into a doting smile.

Tong Fu trembled even more.

Everyone who had seen the legendary smile of the second prince was dead!

He was smiling now.

‘Hell kill me!

‘High Priest, help!

Huanhuan asked again, “You should know these two beasts, right”

While trembling, Tong Fu said guiltily, “I dont know them.”

“Oh But they told me that you had them secretly come to the rock mountain to release nematodes.

Can you give me an explanation for that”

The moment they heard that the other party was going to secretly release nematodes at the rock mountain, the beasts of the Rock Wolf Tribe were extremely angry.

Those nematodes could kill!

This envoy was up to no good!

Tong Fu hunched his shoulders.

“I dont know about that.

Maybe theyre talking nonsense.”

Huanhuan looked at him meaningfully.

“Are you planning to deny it”

“I didnt do it.

Of course, I cant admit it.”

Tong Fu thought to himself that he could never admit that he had the intention to harm the Rock Wolf Tribe.

Otherwise, the second prince would definitely not let him off.

At that time, he would definitely be accused of plotting against the royal family.

He would die either way!

He had to grit his teeth and deny it.

He could not give the second prince an excuse to execute him!

Huanhuan said slowly, “Alright, since you say so, Ill believe you.”

Jiu Yuan couldnt help but interrupt.

“This person has ill intentions.

You cant…”

“I know.” Huanhuan waved her hand.

“Let me finish.”

Jiu Yuan had no choice but to shut up.

Huanhuan asked, “I heard that you can make a divine medicine that can heal any injuries and illnesses, right”

Speaking of this, Tong Fu immediately felt a little more confident.

He said proudly, “Thats right.

No matter how serious the injury or illness is, as long as you take the divine medicine I make, youll recover quickly.”

Huanhuan raised her doubts at the right time.

“Is it really that magical”

Tong Fu said, “If you dont believe me, you can ask the other beasts.”

The fleeing beasts echoed.

“Thats right.

The divine medicine made by the envoy is very powerful.

Hes saved numerous dying beasts several times.

Hes an envoy sent by the gods.

Hes very powerful!”

Tong Fu puffed out his chest and enjoyed the admiration and praise of these beasts.

Huanhuan asked, “Can you show me your divine medicine”

Tong Fu did not think too much about it and took out a wooden tube that was about the size of a thumb from the hide bag he carried with him.

He handed over the wooden tube.

“I dont have much of the miracle medicine left.

This is all I have.”

Huanhuan took the wooden tube and pulled out the cork.

She saw that it was filled with a white powder.

Was this the legendary divine medicine

It looked no different from ordinary flour.

Huanhuan asked, “Is this divine medicine really as magical as you say it is”

Tong Fu said without hesitation, “Of course.

This is a divine medicine that I spent my entire life researching.

Its effect is comparable to healing techniques.

If you dont believe me, you can try it yourself!”

Huanhuan smiled mysteriously.

“I do want to try it.”

Before he could react, Huanhuan said to Jiu Yuan, “Tie him up.”

Jiu Yuan had been waiting for this moment.

He immediately tied Tong Fu up tightly.

Tong Fu shouted in horror, “What do you want Im an envoy of the Sun God Temple.

You cant treat me like this!”

The beasts who worshiped him also protested.

“You cant treat the envoy like this! Let him go!”

“Youll be punished by the heavens for this!”

They tried to rush over to save him, but they were stopped by the wolf beasts who were already prepared.

Huanhuan said slowly, “Stop arguing.

I dont intend to hurt the honorable envoy.

I just want to do an experiment and show you how magical this legendary divine medicine is.

As long as the divine medicine is as powerful as he says, hell naturally be safe and sound.

If you really believe in the envoy, you should see him complete this experiment with your own eyes.”

Hearing her words, the noisy beasts fell silent.

Some of them had never seen the magic of the divine medicine before.

They had only heard rumors about it.

Now that they finally had the chance to witness it with their own eyes, they were immediately tempted.

The others firmly believed in the effects of the divine medicine.

They were certain that the divine medicine was really powerful, so they were not afraid of Huanhuans experiment.

True gold was not afraid of fire.

They were not afraid!

Huanhuan waved the wooden tube in her hand.

“Lord Envoy, Im sorry about this.”

An uneasy feeling rose in Tong Fus heart.

He struggled desperately, but the rope around his body was so tight that he could not break free.

All he could do was ask in a trembling voice, “What do you want to do”

Huanhuan said slowly, “Dont be afraid.

I just want to test out the divine medicine you made on yourself.”

“No, I dont—”

Before Tong Fu could finish, Jiu Yuan forced his mouth open.

Huanhuan poured all the powder in the wooden tube into Tong Fus mouth, then said to someone, “Throw him into the pit.”

The two wolf beasts carried Tong Fu and walked to the side of a large pit.

Everyone craned their necks to look into the pit and realized that it was crawling with squirming nematodes.

Everyone was disgusted.

These nematodes were the result of them searching the bodies of the mole beasts.

Now, the nematodes could be put to good use.

Tong Fus expression changed drastically.

“You cant do this to me! Let go of me! Let go of me!”

“Since you claim that your divine medicine can heal any injuries and illnesses, Im sure it can heal you from the damage of these nematodes too, right Ive just fed you so much of your divine medicine.

Im sure these nematodes are nothing to you.”


“No! You cant do this!”

Huanhuan waved her hand.

“Throw him down.”


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