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Huanhuan touched the smooth wall and was very surprised.

“The effects of this arent bad!”

Shuang Yun nodded in agreement.

“This thing is indeed very good for strengthening walls.”

Ordinary beasts could forget about causing any damage to this wall.

As for soul beasts, they had to be at least four-starred soul beasts to cause substantial damage to this wall.

After confirming that Little Pink was indeed useful, Huanhuan quickly ran Little Pink into the water again to make it grow bigger.

Shuang Yun led the beasts to smear the pink on the surface of the wall.

After two days, they finally painted the surface of the wall with Little Pink.

The walls sturdiness had increased by more than 10 times, instantly making the beasts feel safer!

The only incongruity was the color of the walls.

The wall was pink like a delicate flower standing in the emerald forest.

It stretched its enchanting figure against the wind obnoxiously.

Huanhuan thought it was a little unpleasant to the eyes.

While the Rock Wolf Tribe was busy fortifying the city, a dozen rafts appeared on the Black River.

Every raft was crowded with beasts.

They looked haggard and disheveled.

Some of them were injured and looked rather disheveled.

This group of beasts all came from the land on the other side of the Black River.

They were originally living a stable and peaceful life on the other side of the river.

Unexpectedly, the demon army suddenly arrived.

They fought back, but countless people died.

Corpses piled up, and blood soaked the soil.

Flocks of crows lingered in the sky, flying down from time to time to peck at the rotten meat.

Some of the surviving beasts were captured by the demons as part of their efforts.

Another group, led by an envoy, made rafts and crossed the Black River.

This envoy was from the Sun God Temple and was called Tong Fu.

He was originally ordered to go to the tribe on the other side of the Black River to help eliminate dead blood disease.

He did not expect to encounter the invasion of the demon race.

Under the protection of the guards who sacrificed their lives, Tong Fu was lucky to escape.

Tong Fu knew how to use healing spells and could also make a divine medicine that was said to be able to cure any illness.

Therefore, he was extremely respected among this group of beasts.

They crossed the Black River and landed safely.

This group of beasts first set up camp in the forest and survived for a few days.

They relied on hunting to survive.

Later, someone discovered that there was a large tribe deep in the forest.

Tong Fu was immediately tempted.

To be honest, he was living well here.

These ignorant beasts in the countryside admired him very much.

Not only did they give him the best cave to live in, but they would also share the most tender meat with him every time they returned from hunting.

Among the group of disheveled beasts, only Tong Fu remained clean and tidy.

But that didnt satisfy his ambitions.

He wanted to find a powerful tribe to continue recruiting believers and expand his power.

Only then could he obtain the favor and trust of High Priest Wen Qian when he returned to the Sun God Temple in the future.

If he was lucky, he might even be one of the candidates for the position of the high priest.


At the thought of being able to become a high priest and standing in the temple to be respected by all beasts, Tong Fu felt his heart surge and his blood boil.

When he heard that there was a large tribe in the depths of the forest, Tong Fu immediately felt excited even though someone had just brought him a pillow after seeing him nearly falling asleep.

Without hesitation, he ordered, “Lets go to that tribe and take a look!”

Under Tong Fus lead, the group of beasts approached the rock mountain.

When they saw the flashy pink wall, they were stunned.

Someone whispered.

“What is this It looks like a city wall, but the color isnt right.”

“I think its a wall.

A tribe that can build walls must be very powerful!”

“If only the other party is willing to take us in.”

These beasts were not living well in the forest.

They were very worried that the demons would cross the Black River and continue to expand their territory.

If they could obtain the protection of a powerful tribe, their safety index would increase greatly.

Tong Fu was also quite excited.

A powerful tribe was waiting for him!

He chose a smarter marten and instructed, “Go and find out which tribe this is.”

The marten responded and transformed into a brownish-gray marten that climbed the wall.

The wall was very smooth.

He couldnt find a suitable spot and tried to poke his claws into the wall.

Unexpectedly, the wall was extremely hard.

He tried his best but couldnt leave a mark on the wall.

The marten pulled back while sweating.

“This wall is too strange to climb.

Only birds will have a good chance by flying over it.”

As if to confirm his words, two feather beasts were flapping their wings above them.

They easily flew over the wall that could not be climbed over by ordinary beasts.

Tong Fu narrowed his eyes.

“Why are there birds here Is this their territory”

Since they couldnt climb the wall, they had to find another way.

After the two feather beasts landed, they found Jiu Yuan, who was patrolling.

“Theres a group of sneaky beasts outside.

I dont know what they want.

Be careful.”

When Jiu Yuan heard this, he immediately brought a team to see what was going on.

In the end, they really did discover a group of unfamiliar beasts.

Those beasts looked unfamiliar.

He had never seen them before.

Moreover, their clothes were disheveled, and they looked sneaky as they hid outside the wall.

They must be up to no good!

Patriarch Shuang Yun had instructed them to be careful when they saw unfamiliar beasts.

Perhaps the demon race was pretending to be ordinary beasts to gather information!

Jiu Yuan rushed forward with the patrol team.

Without a word, he attacked and beat up the sneaky beasts.

It wasnt until they were beaten to a pulp that Jiu Yuan spat out coldly, “Get lost!”

Tong Fu covered his swollen face and gritted his teeth in anger.

“I have to take revenge!”

After Jiu Yuan finished beating him up, he turned around and gave the order.

“If you encounter such beasts of unknown origins again, dont waste your breath on them.

Just chase them away!”

The patrol teams held their heads high and replied in unison, “Yes!”

After Shuang Yun found out about this, he got someone to build four watchtowers on the wall.

They were built in four directions—north, south, east, and west.

There were sentries on duty on each watchtower.

In the future, if outsiders were to spy on them, the sentries would immediately discover them and inform the others in the tribe.

Huanhuan looked at the wall and the watchtowers in front of her and realized that the rock mountain was really looking more and more like a military fortress.

At this rate, they might really be able to build a city!


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