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In this battle against the demons, the beasts who were temporarily living here also helped.

Shuang Yun chose a portion of the beasts who were more active on the battlefield and gave them the right to live in the fortress.

In this way, not only did the number of beasts living in the fortress not decrease, but it also increased by more than a dozen.

Huanhuan couldnt forget the armor on Xuan Wei.

That was metal! How astonishing!

The system said, “If you practice alchemy to the intermediate level, you can also refine metals.”

Huanhuan quickly asked, “How can I reach the intermediate level”

“One word—practice more!”

Huanhuan thought for a moment.

“Thats two words, right”

“This is called humor.

You dont understand.”

Huanhuan chuckled.

“I really dont understand the humor of you middle-aged men.”

The system said, “What old man Im very young and handsome!”

Huanhuans face was cold.


The system was bristled.

“What kind of tone is that Dont you believe me!”

“Its not that I dont believe you.

I just cant imagine what a set of young and handsome data looks like.

Can you give me a demonstration”

“Wait for me.

Ill find you a proof sheet.”

A moment later, a data map appeared in Huanhuans mind.

Yes, the map was filled with dense data codes.

If anyone with trypophobia saw this, they would definitely fall ill.

Huanhuan studied it carefully.

“I dont see any attributes of being young and handsome.”

The system was very cold.

“You really dont know anything about the world of our system!”

Huanhuan: “…”

Xuan Wei tried the smoked meat that Huanhuan brought over.

It tasted quite good.

It would be a little salty if he ate too much.

Fortunately, it was acceptable.

He ate the entire string of smoked meat.

There was a puffing sound outside the window.

Xuan Wei wiped her hands clean, put on his metal gloves, got up, and opened the window.

A black crow flew in.

The crow was very beautiful.

It landed on Xuan Weis shoulder and said in a human voice, “The prophet asked me to bring you a message.”


The crow spoke in a standard tone that was almost like that of an announcer.

“The temple has received news that the land on the other side of the Black River has been invaded by the demons.

A large number of the demon army is stationed on the other side of the river.

After discussing it with the priests, the prophet has decided to open a battlefield near the Black River to resist the invasion of the demons.

The army is on its way and will arrive here in a few days.

Please be prepared to receive them.

No matter what, you have to stop the demon army from continuing to invade the beast continent!”

Xuan Weis gaze changed slightly.

He did not expect the demons to be so fast.

They reached the other side of the Black River in an instant.

If they continued to go deeper, the entire beast continent would become a battlefield for the demons.

The crow flapped its wings.

“It smells good.

What were you eating”

Xuan Wei ignored him and strode out the door.

The crow quickly asked, “Where are you going”

“Im going out to do something.

Ill be back soon.”

Xuan Wei walked quickly.

By the time he finished speaking, he was already far away.

Crow snorted.

“If you leave me alone, Ill just find something to eat!”

He spread his wings and flew around the house.

He quickly discovered the smoked meat in the wicker basket.

He picked up a piece of bacon.

It tasted a little strange, but it was quite delicious.

‘Ill have a few more!

The crow buried his head and ate.

Because the smoked meat was a little salty, he felt thirsty.

He happened to see two jars beside him.

He pecked off the seal on the jar and realized that it was filled with water.

He immediately stuck his head in and took two big gulps.

Why did the water smell strange

‘Forget it, Ill continue eating and drinking!


Bai Di was fishing in the pond.

Perhaps because of the lotus, the fish in the pond were abnormally fat.

He planned to make pickled fish tonight.

Xuan Wei didnt bother to walk lightly.

When he approached, Bai Di looked up at him.

Xuan Wei was a beast who did not like to talk nonsense.

He got right to the point.

“I have something to tell you.”

Bai Di threw the big fish hed just caught into the bucket and pressed the lid to it so that the energetic fish wouldnt jump out.

He wiped his hands clean.

“What is it”

“The land on the other side of the Black River has been invaded.

The temple has decided to send troops to open a battlefield near the Black River to stop the other demons from continuing their invasion.”

Bai Dis expression turned extremely serious.

“When did this happen”

Xuan Wei said, “I just received the news too.”

“Why are you telling me”

“If the area near the Black River becomes a battlefield, the first place to be affected will definitely be the rock mountain.

If you dont want to be reduced to cannon fodder, youd better be prepared.”

Bai Di looked at him steadily.

“Im asking why youre helping us.”

Xuan Wei said, “Maybe its because Im kind-hearted.”

“Who the hell are you”

Bai Di asked the question that had been lingering in his mind.

However, Xuan Wei said, “Ive told you everything I can.

The rest is something I cant say.”

He turned to leave.

Bai Di stared at his departing figure and suddenly remembered his brothers back when he left many years ago.

The two figures overlapped at this moment without any conflict.

He couldnt help but shout, “Brother!”

Xuan Wei stopped in his tracks.

Bai Di then asked, “Brother, is that you”

“Youve got the wrong person.”

Xuan Wei strode away without looking back.

Bai Di stood where he was, his mind filled with what Xuan Wei had just said and his back as he left.

Was that person really his elder brother

Bai Di couldnt confirm this guess.

Back then, his brother had led an army on an expedition and encountered an accident on the way.

He died tragically in an assassination.

He saw his brothers remains being carried back.

His corpse was covered in blood and unrecognizable.

His brother was clearly dead.

However, the sense of familiarity he had with Xuan Wei reminded Bai Di of his brother.

If they were really the same person, what about the remains that were carried back

And where had his brother been all these years

If he wasnt dead, why didnt he return to Sun City

A series of questions entered Bai Dis mind, puzzling him.

When Huanhuan looked in the mirror, she was surprised to see the butterfly mark on the back of her neck.

She was puzzled.

“What is this Why didnt I notice such a mark on my neck before”

The system said, “Thats a mark specially left by Xing Chen.

In the future, no matter where you are, he can find you.”

Huanhuan was shocked.

“He installed a GPS positioning system on me!”

“It seems that hes really targeting you.”

Huanhuan was in despair.

“System Daddy, save me!”

The system said, “What can I do Im scared too!”

“Youre just a system.

Whats there to be afraid of Can he reassemble the system”

“You dont understand my woes.”

The human and system hugged each other while trembling in fear.



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