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Huanhuans medicine was very effective.

Those seriously injured patients who were about to die miraculously came back to life after drinking the medicine.

What was even more surprising was that after these injuries healed, 15 beasts awakened their soul beasts!

This number was too shocking.

Even though Shuang Yun tried his best to block the news, Xuan Wei still found out in the end.

Xuan Wei came from the City of 10,000 Beasts and had seen many soul beasts.

15 soul beasts were nothing to him, but to awaken 15 soul beasts at the same time was a matter worth paying attention to.

Even he, who had seen many things, had never seen such a magical thing happen before.

Xuan Wei suspected that there was a secret hidden in the Rock Wolf Tribe.

It was this secret that allowed them to awaken more than 10 soul beasts in a short period of time.

What was this secret

He stood in the doorway of the divine embassy and looked thoughtfully at the rock mountain.

Huanhuan came to Xuan Wei with the two tiger babies in her arms.

Bai Di accompanied her.

They were here to thank Xuan Wei.

This was the first time Huanhuan had officially seen Xuan Wei.

He was one of the 12 divine guards who was rumored to be very powerful.

He looked even taller and more powerful than she had imagined.

His silver-gray metal armor shone in the sun.

There was a thick and cold murderous aura around him.

Huanhuan was a little surprised.

It was actually armor made of metal!

Could metal have appeared in this era

Huanhuan wanted to ask about the origin of the metal armor, but because they were not familiar with each other yet, it might be annoying to ask too many questions.

She could only suppress her curiosity and smile as she explained why she was here.

“Thank you for saving me and the children before.

I have nothing to repay you with, but I made these smoked meat and wine myself.

If you dont mind, please accept them.”

Bai Di placed a basket full of smoked meat and two large jars of fruit wine in front of Xuan Wei.

Xuan Wei smelled the smell of smoked meat and couldnt help but look surprised.

“Did you smoke this meat with firewood”

Bai Di said, “Well, we smoke a lot of meat at home.

It tastes okay.

I hope you like it.”

Xuan Wei thanked her and asked her subordinates to bring the smoked meat and fruit wine into the house.

The two tiger babies still remembered the smell on Xuan Weis body.

They popped their heads out of Huanhuans arms and waved their little paws at Xuan Wei.

Huanhuan quickly hugged the two little guys tighter to prevent them from falling.

Xuan Wei looked into the wet blue eyes of the cubs and suddenly asked, “Can I carry them”

Huanhuan and Bai Di were surprised.

Xuan Wei deliberately took off the metal gloves on his hands, revealing a pair of well-defined hands.

His skin was pale because they had not seen the sun for a long time.

He took the two tiger babies from Huanhuan.

The tiger babies had only been born for a few days.

They could not even stand steadily.

They were like two white and fat furballs.

They lay in Xuan Weis palm and let out soft cries.

Xuan Wei stared at them.

Huanhuan looked at them and then at Bai Di.

“I just realized that both your eyes are blue!” she said in surprise.

Bai Di looked at Xuan Wei, who happened to look up at him.

They both indeed had blue eyes.

Bai Di smiled.

“Maybe its a coincidence.”

Xuan Wei lowered her eyes and looked at the cubs in her palm.

“Theyre cute.

Have you chosen names for them”

His face was hidden behind the metal helmet.

Huanhuan couldnt see his expression change, but she could tell from his tone that he was in a good mood.

Perhaps he was smiling now.

Huanhuan said slowly, “I havent named them.

Their nicknames are Big White and Little White.”

“Lets call them Bai An and Bai Hao.”


Huanhuan was slightly stunned.

She did not expect Xuan Wei to suddenly think of naming the tiger babies.

Xuan Wei looked up at her.

“Are these two names okay”

Huanhuan quickly replied, “Yes, these two names are very good.”


Xuan Wei returned the tiger cubs to Huanhuan, then took out two golden crystals the size of fingernails and handed them to her.

“I didnt bring anything good with me this time.

These two golden crystals are the only things I can give to Big White and Little White as gifts.”

Huanhuan quickly waved her hand.

“Youre too polite.

These gifts are too precious.

Youve already saved us.

We cant take anything else from you.”

“Just accept them since Im giving them to you.”

Xuan Wei had no intention of retracting his hand that was holding the golden crystals.

It seemed that if Huanhuan did not accept them, he would remain in this position.

Huanhuan turned to look at Bai Di.

When he nodded, she accepted the two gold crystals.

“Thank you.”

This was the first time Huanhuan had seen a golden crystal.

The golden crystal was extremely transparent.

When the sunlight landed on it, it refracted a dazzling light.

The cubs seemed to like the shiny things very much.

They hugged the golden crystals and refused to let go.

From time to time, they would bite it with their teeth.

Xuan Wei glanced at Bai Dis arm.

“Are you feeling better”

Bai Di raised his arm.

“Its fine now.”

“Im glad youre okay.”

On the way back, Bai Di took the cubs from Huanhuan.

These two little cubs were still holding onto the golden crystals.

It seemed that they really liked them.

Huanhuan poked their little noses with her finger.

Recalling what had just happened, she couldnt help but say, “I thought Xuan Wei was a very cold beast.

I didnt expect him to be so easygoing.

Moreover, he likes Big White and Little White so much.”

Especially when Xuan Wei carried the two tiger babies, his entire body was covered in a gentle glow.

In an instant, he went from a cold war god to a down-to-earth big brother.

The change was very big, but it did not feel strange at all.

Bai Di looked thoughtful.

“He seems familiar.”

“Youve seen him”

Bai Di thought for a moment, then shook his head.

“I cant remember.”

Huanhuan was very open-minded.

“Since you cant remember, hes definitely not someone important.

Dont worry too much about it.”

Bai Di smiled.


After counting, the Rock Wolf Tribe lost 29 beasts in this war.

The feather tribe had lost 11 beasts.

The other small tribes attached to the Rock Wolf Tribe had also lost many people.

All together, they had lost more than 30 beasts.

Even in the temporary residence, 27 beasts had died in battle.

This was the best outcome after Huanhuan used a cheat and saved many people using medicine.

Without Huanhuans medicine, the number of people who died would have been double of what it was.

The remains of the victims were collectively cremated.

Their ashes were placed in clay pots and buried in the bamboo forest at the back of the mountain.

The clear and tall bamboo swayed in the wind, producing low singing sounds.

It was like a requiem to appease the souls buried here.


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