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The two of them exchanged blows, each move extremely powerful.

Wherever they passed, a large area of bamboo would come tumbling down as if they were rotten wood.

The soil and grass were overturned as well.

The wind swept past, sending dust and sand flying.

In the end, the white tiger pierced Xing Chens chest with his claw.

However, no blood flowed.

Xing Chen asked without changing his expression, “So youre a divine guard.

Are you Xuan Wei”

“Thats me.”

Xing Chen chuckled mysteriously.


He lowered his head and kissed the back of Huanhuans neck.

“Well meet again.”

His body began to distort like a phantom, gradually becoming transparent until he completely disappeared.

Huanhuan fell to the ground.

There was a butterfly-shaped dark purple mark on the back of her neck.

That was a mark Xing Chen had deliberately left.

In the future, he would be able to find her wherever she was.

The white tiger frowned.

“It turns out it was just a shadow.”

He returned to his human form.

He was still wearing heavy armor, and his face was hidden under his helmet, revealing only a pair of blue eyes.

Xuan Wei picked up Huanhuan with one hand and the tiger babies with the other.

He turned around and returned to the rock mountain.

Bai Di and Shuang Yun had returned to the rock mountain.

All of the wolf cubs had been found, and they were all safe.

They learned that Huanhuan was missing and were about to look for her when they saw Xuan Wei return with Huanhuan and the tiger cubs.

Bai Di and Shuang Yun quickly went forward and took Huanhuan and the tiger cubs from Xuan Wei.

Bai Di and Shuang Yun were nervous when they saw Huanhuan unconscious.

They quickly checked her for injuries.

Xuan Wei said, “Your mate just fainted.

Shes not injured.”

Bai Di asked, “Where did you find them”

“In the bamboo forest at the back of the mountain, I snatched them back from a demon.”

Bai Di said, “Thank you.”

Shuang Yun also said, “I appreciate your kindness.

Ill definitely repay you double in the future!”

Xuan Wei said calmly, “Its my duty to eliminate the demons.

I just happened to save them.”

Even so, Shuang Yun would remember this favor.

Xuan Wei glanced at Bai Dis arm and said, “When we were fighting the demons by the Black River, I saw that your arm was injured by the rhinoceroses.

Are you alright”

Bai Di said, “Its just a flesh wound.

Its nothing.”

“Remember to apply medicine when you get back.”


Xuan Wei had no intention of saying too much.

He said goodbye and left.

Bai Di stared at his back for a long time.

Shuang Yun sensed Bai Dis gaze and asked, “What are you looking at”

Bai Di looked thoughtful.

“Xuan Wei feels familiar.”

“Do you know each other”

Bai Di shook his head.

“I dont remember.”


Huanhuan had to escape right after giving birth.

Coupled with the shock she received, Huanhuan had a high fever that night.

The whole family was terrified.

The Divine Wood seed in her body worked at this moment, and her temperature quickly decreased.

When Lin Huanhuan woke up, it was already the next afternoon.

As soon as she raised her arm, she felt sore all over.

“Little Brat, why do I feel like Ive been run over by a car It hurts!”

The system said, “You lack exercise to begin with.

Youre as weak as a chicken.

You suddenly ran for so long yesterday.

Of course, your entire body aches.”

Huanhuan struggled out of bed and rubbed her sore waist.

“Can you block the pain for me”

“No way.”


The system was very cold.

“Its to make you feel pain.

Thats the only way to remind you to exercise harder so that you wont be chased around again.

You werent able to put up a fight at all.”

Huanhuan had tears in her eyes.

“Youre heartless.”

“Im doing this for your own good.”

Bai Di came in with hot water.

He soaked a cotton cloth in it and helped her wash her face and hands.

He said, “I made sour radish bone soup.

Do you want some”

Huanhuan had not eaten anything since she gave birth yesterday.

She was starving.

She nodded quickly.

“Yes, yes, I want it.”

Bai Di brought her the warm bone soup.

He knew she was hungry, so he made some biscuits for her as well.

Huanhuan buried her face in the big bowl and ate with relish.

When she was full, she was ready to feed the little ones.

In order not to disturb Huanhuans rest, the tiger babies were placed in the wolf cubs rooms last night.

The children slept on a shared bed.

The wolf cubs were very interested in their two tiger siblings.

They surrounded them and teased them for a long time until the tiger cubs fell asleep.

Only then did the wolf cubs let them go.

Bai Di carried the tiger babies to Huanhuans room.

The two little ones were already covered in a thin layer of white fur.

One could vaguely see a few black stripes.

They smelled Huanhuan and knew that she was their mother.

They immediately rolled into her arms and stuck out their pink tongues to rub against her cheek.

Huanhuan was extremely adorable by these two cubs.

She hugged the tiger babies and rubbed against them.

Suddenly, she remembered the gender problem and quickly asked Bai Di to determine their gender.

Bai Di explained, “When we tigers maintain our beast form, both males and females will have testicles.

The difference is that male tigers hide a penis inside their testicles.

When they mate, theyll reveal their penis.

Female tigers only have testicles and no penis.”

Huanhuan blinked.

“Can we only tell if the tiger babies are male or female when they grow up and mate”

“Of course not,” Bai Di said with a chuckle.

“Just wait until theyre over a month old and see how they pee.

Youll be able to tell their gender then.”

“Oh, so thats how it is!” Realization dawned on Huanhuan.

She pinched the tiger babies flesh.

“You have to grow up quickly.

When you grow up, we can see how you pee.”

The system couldnt help but complain, “Ive never seen such perverted parents.”

Huanhuan snorted softly.

As the gender of the tiger babies was still uncertain, their names had not been decided yet.

They were only given nicknames, Big White and Little White.

Well, such simple and straightforward nickanmes were obviously given by Huanhuan.

She hugged the two furry balls and smiled.

“From now on, youre Big White and Little White.”

After slowly feeding the two children, she asked where the rest of the family was.

Bai Di said, “The surprise attack by the demons was very ferocious.

There were many casualties in the tribe.

Even the situation at the feather tribe isnt good.

Shuang Yun and Xue Ling are counting the number of injured patients and arranging for people to treat them.”

As for those who were already dead, they were given pensions to appease their families.

The price of war was too high, especially for ordinary beasts.

They fought with their lives on the line to protect their homes.

Huanhuans heart sank.

There was not much she could do.

She bled a little and handed her blood to Shuang Yun so that he could mix it into the medicine for the injured.

She hoped it would help them heal their wounds as soon as possible.


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