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Huanhuan was bitter.

“Run Where can I run to”

The system made a prompt decision.

“Find Bai Di and Shuang Yun.”

“But I dont even know where they are.”

“Dont you have a contractual ring Close your eyes and feel the power of the contract.

Thats how you can determine the direction theyre in.”

Huanhuan followed the systems instructions and closed her eyes to carefully sense the connection between the contracts.

Soon, she had their locations.

She opened her eyes and looked straight ahead.

“Theyre in this direction.”

“Lets go!”

There was a bamboo forest ahead.

Huanhuan had to pass through it to reach Bai Di and Shuang Yun.

Huanhuan carried the children and ran into the bamboo forest.

A cold wind suddenly blew behind them.

An ethereal mans voice carried on the wind.

“I found you.”

Huanhuan was so frightened that she staggered and fell forward!

Little Green stretched out its vines and held her steadily, preventing her from falling.

At the same time, the lotus bud suddenly rose.

The bud expanded, and the petals bloomed layer by layer.

They turned ink-black and pounced on the black shadow!

However, the other party grabbed the stem.

His pale, slender fingers suddenly exerted force, and the flower stem was broken.

The lotus was in pain.

It raised its flower and bit the other partys wrist.

A faint black aura crawled into the skullcap through his wrist, and its black petals quickly turned grayish-white.

The skullcap sensed that its vitality was quickly draining, so it quickly let go of the other party and retreated to Huanhuans side.

Huanhuan fled quickly.

The black shadow followed behind her unhurriedly, like a big cat teasing a mouse and admiring her fleeing appearance.

It was only when she was about to run out of the bamboo forest that the black shadow sped up and chased after her.

Huanhuan was pushed to the ground from behind.

Fortunately, she was quick enough to protect the tiger babies in her arms.

The lotus and Little Green jumped out at the same time, trying to stop the black shadow from approaching.

But they failed.

The petals of the lotus scattered on the ground, and Little Greens vines were broken into many pieces.

Huanhuan struggled to get up, but the black shadow sat on her back.

SHe didnt know how big the guy was, but he was extremely heavy.

Huanhuan was pressed to the ground again.

She couldnt see who was behind her, but she could feel his extremely low body temperature.

It was like a glacier that hadnt melted in 10,000 years.

The chill could almost reach her bones, and it made her scalp tingle.

Xing Chen gently stroked her neck.

It was fragile and delicate.

It could be broken with a little force.

He lowered his head and chuckled against her ear.

“You cant run away.”

Huanhuan tried her best to avoid his approach and tried to reason with him while trembling.

“Hey, we have no grudges between us.

Why are you chasing after me!”

“I want to take you home.”

Huanhuan said quickly, “This is my home.

I just want to stay here.

I wont go anywhere else!”

Xing Chen gripped her neck.

“You cant stay here,” he said in a flat voice.

“You have to come with me.”

Huanhuan sensed danger and trembled even more.

“Even if you want me to go with you, you have to tell me your name and where you live, right”

“My name is Xing Chen.”

Huanhuan: “…”

“Do you remember me”

“Will you let me go if I say I dont remember”

“I wont.”

Huanhuan shouted in despair, “Why are you here instead of in the Sea of Illusions!”

Xing Chen smiled, his amber eyes sparkling.

“Because I miss you.”

“Do you want to kill me again”

Xing Chen didnt hear her clearly.


“Its nothing.” Huanhuan tried to twist her waist and negotiate with him carefully.

“Since weve been through thick and thin together in the past, can you move your butt to the side and let me sit up to talk Were in an awkward position.”

“Are you uncomfortable I think its quite comfortable.”

Huanhuan felt wronged.

“But I dont feel well.”

“Where do you feel unwell”

“Hands.” She was protecting the tiger babies with both hands and hadnt been able to move.

They were almost stiff after a long time.

Xing Chen said indifferently, “If your hands feel uncomfortable, chop them off.”

Huanhuan was so frightened that her face turned pale.

‘Little brother, wheres your humanity!

She had almost forgotten that he was a demon.

He had no humanity.

With tears in her eyes, she said, “My hands dont feel uncomfortable.

But I have children with me.

Let them go.”

Xing Chen gently stroked her hair.

“Its getting late.

Its time to go back.”

“Are you going back” Huanhuan was very excited.

“Then hurry up and leave.

I wont send you off.

Well meet again if fate allows it!”

No, they should never meet again!

But Xing Chen said, “Come back with me.”

Huanhuan quickly refused.

“No, no! Im living well in the rock mountain.

Im not thinking about going on a trip for the time being.

You can go back yourself.

Have a safe trip!”

Xing Chen gently pressed her head down.

“Sleep first.

Youll be home when you wake up.”

“Dont! Im not sleepy yet! Dont…”

Before she could finish, she blacked out.

Xing Chen stood up and reached down to pick her up.

Her arms hung limply, and the two chubby tiger babies fell to the grass.

Xing Chen glanced at the two little things.

They were Huanhuans children

They were as fragile as she was.

The two tiger babies had just been born and could not stand steadily.

They sensed danger and instinctively moved closer to their mother.

Xing Chen was about to leave with Huanhuan when a silver-gray figure suddenly darted out from the side and pounced at him!

The other party was extremely fast and aggressive.

Xing Chen had to take two steps back to barely avoid the other partys sneak attack.

It was Xuan Wei.

He was dressed in silver-gray armor, and his tall figure was as mighty as a god of war.

“Let her go!”

His voice was very hoarse, but it was as distant and powerful as a bell.

Xing Chen held Huanhuan tightly in his arms like a child hugging his favorite toy.

His amber eyes were full of paranoia.

“No, shes mine.”

She could only be his.

She would always be his.

“In that case, I apologize.”

Xuan Wei transformed into a huge white tiger.

The tigers back and head were covered in heavy silver-gray armor.

Even his claws and tail were equipped with sharp fangs.

He suddenly jumped up and pounced at Xing Chen.

Xing Chen dodged again.

When the white tiger landed, the ground shook.

The entire bamboo forest shook.

The white tiger didnt care about Xing Chen.

Instead, it lowered its head and picked up the two tiger babies before placing them on a large rock.


“Stay here obediently and dont move.”

The tiger babies looked at him with wet eyes.

The white tiger stroked their heads.

Without any worries, he could finally fight Xing Chen without any worries.


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