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It had to be said that Xue Hui was a very dutiful teacher.

Under her guidance, Huanhuan quickly mastered the trick of communicating with plants.

In order to try her studies, Huanhuan pestered Bai Di to bring her down the mountain.

She circled the foot of the mountain and finally chose the mutated creeper as the target of her practice.

Perhaps because the mutated creeper was very familiar with her, she easily received a response.

The creepers voice was gentle.

“Huanhuan, are you the one talking to me”

Huanhuan was very excited.

“Its me!”

The creeper reached out with its vines and gently touched her cheek.

“Im so happy to be able to talk to you.”

At the same time, the system notification sounded in Huanhuans mind.

“Congratulations to the host for learning the plant language and completing the first round of the branch mission, the legend of the Divine Wood!”

A green crystal bracelet appeared in Huanhuans hand.

There were a total of 18 green crystals strung together into a bracelet.

The quality of these green crystals was very good and far better than the green crystal that Xue Ran had given her.


The system said, “Dont say that I dont love you.

This green crystal bracelet is a precious treasure.

One green crystal can only make a contract with one plant.

There are 18 crystals here.

You can make a contract with 18 plants.”

To be able to form a contract with 18 plants sounded very powerful!

Huanhuan touched the green crystal bracelet lovingly.

“How can I make a contract with plants”

“Ask it if its willing to stay by your side.

If its willing, it can make a contract with you.

You can bring it wherever you want.”

It sounded as if it was very simple.

Huanhuan looked at the creeper in front of her and suddenly asked, “Are you willing to stay by my side”

Ever since the creeper vine grew up, it had been protecting the rock mountain as a guardian.

It made Huanhuan feel that it was very reliable.

The creeper asked, “Do you want to take me with you”

“Id very much like to take you with me, if youre willing.”

There was a hint of happiness in the creepers voice.

“Thank you for being willing to take me with you, but if I leave, I wont be able to guard the rock mountain or hear the bamboos sing.

Im sorry.”

Huanhuan was a little disappointed at its refusal, but she said, “Its okay.

I respect your choice.”

“Ill give you a section of vine.

You can take it with you.

Itll protect you in my place.”

A vine with the thickness of an arm extended from the creepers deepest depths.

The creeper gently placed a section of its vine in Huanhuans palm.

Huanhuan held the vine, and it immediately disappeared.

At the same time, Huanhuan felt an additional connection with this part of the creeper.

She raised her wrist and saw that a small green vine had appeared in one of the green crystals.

The contract between them was successful.

Huanhuan gently touched the crystal.

“What should I call you You look so green.

Why dont I call you Little Green”

A thin vine emerged from the green crystal bead and gently wrapped itself around Huanhuans fingers, indicating that it liked the name.

The lotus hung down and said fiercely, “Mom is mine.

Youre not allowed to touch her.”

Little Green was stunned.

Huanhuan thought that it was frightened and was about to comfort it when it suddenly leaned in front of the lotus and rubbed the petals affectionately.

It said happily, “I like Mistress, and I like you~”

The petals of the lotus immediately turned red.

It stammered, “D-Dont think that just because youre like this, Ill allow you to approach Mom.

Go away.”

Little Green wrapped itself around the lotus stem and giggled.

The lotus wanted to shake it off, but Little Green was very skilled.

No matter how Little Lotus twisted, it couldnt shake Little Green off.

In the end, it could only let Little Green pester it.

Huanhuan looked at them for a while and found the scene quite interesting.

She looked up at the creeper and said, “Ill take good care of Little Green.”

A cool breeze blew.

The creeper leaves rustled.

It sounded gentle.

A month later, the rock mountain welcomed a group of uninvited guests.

The leader was a snake beast.

He was wearing a hide skirt and had snake-shaped star patterns on his chest.

He was a four-star soul beast called Duan Heng.

Duan Heng and his team were from the Dark Moon Temple.

They were under the orders of the Dark Moon Temples high priest to come to the rock mountain to investigate the truth behind Huai Shan and Miu Weis deaths.

As the leader, Shuang Yun welcomed Duan Heng and the others.

Duan Heng was specially instructed by the high priest before coming, so he restrained his arrogance.

He was relatively polite to Shuang Yun.

He asked Shuang Yun about Huai Shan and Miu Wei.

Shuang Yun brought up the excuse he had prepared.

“Huai Shan and Miu Wei were killed by the demons.

We were very sorry about it and tried to save them, but the demons were too fast.

By the time we reacted, Huai Shan and Miu Wei had already been killed.”

Duan Heng asked, “Where are their bodies”

“They were stained with the blood of the demons.

We were worried that their bodies would cause dead blood disease to spread if they were left to rot, so we cremated all of them.”


Shuang Yun immediately explained, “It means burned.”

Beasts infected with the dead blood disease had to be burned after they died to prevent the disease from spreading.

This was common knowledge.

Duan Heng did not think that Shuang Yun was telling the truth.

However, Shuang Yuns words were not flawed.

Without any evidence, Duan Heng could only agree with him.

Duan Heng stared into his eyes.

“When Huai Shan and Miu Wei died, why didnt you send someone to the Dark Moon Temple to relay the message”

“I wanted to go to the Dark Moon Temple myself, but my mate is pregnant and very weak.

Im worried about her and cant leave for long.” Shuang Yun sighed, feeling very helpless.

“Im also worried about sending others there.

After all, theyre not strong.

Itll be worse if they encounter an accident on the way.”

“After all youve said, its your word against mine.

Do you have any proof of what you said”

Shuang Yun immediately said, “I have a witness.”

“What witness”

Shuang Yun said, “Xue Ran from the Divine Wood Temple.

She saw Huai Shan and Miu Wei get killed by the demons.

She can prove that what I said is true.”


Duan Heng frowned slightly.

“Xue Hui”

“Yes, shes an envoy sent by the Divine Wood Temple.

Shes not a beast from the rock mountain, so you dont have to worry about her covering for us.”

Duan Heng said, “Take me to her.”

Shuang Yun brought Duan Heng to Xue Hui for confirmation.

Xue Hui was a very beautiful female.

As a single male beast, Duan Hengs eyes immediately lit up when he first saw her, and his tone involuntarily softened.

“May I ask if youve met Huai Shan and Miu Wei”

Xue Hui curled her fingers around the ends of her hair.

Her skin was as smooth as honey.

She smiled.

“Are you talking about the two snake beasts from the Dark Moon Temple”

Duan Heng nodded.

“Its them.

Do you know why they were killed”


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