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After Xue Ling returned, he went straight to the territory of the feather tribe to discuss with Shen Yan.

Huai Shan and Miu Wei were killed one after another, and no one from the Dark Moon Temple was left behind.

This was not a small matter.

If the Dark Moon Temple found out, there would be another fierce battle.

During this period of time, the feather tribe and the Rock Wolf Tribe had to send more people to patrol the surroundings.

Once they discovered any changes, they would immediately prepare for battle to prevent themselves from being caught off guard.

After returning home from the feather tribe, Xue Ling found out about Huanhuans pregnancy and congratulated Bai Di with a smile.


Youll be a father soon.”

Bai Di was happy, but he maintained a gentle and humble smile on his face.

His tone was steady.

“Its still early.

The most important thing now is to take good care of Huanhuan.

Elder Meng Li said that the babies in her stomach arent stable.

She has to recuperate carefully.”

Xue Ling nodded in agreement.

Nothing was more important than Huanhuans physical health.

The family was very concerned about Huanhuans health.

In addition to the normal three meals every day, they prepared all kinds of medicine to nourish her body.

Huanhuan drank bowl after bowl without stopping.

It caused her to go to the toilet more frequently.

The annoying thing was that no matter where she went, Bai Di, Shuang Yun, Sang Ye, and Xue Ling would always follow her.

They wouldnt even let her go to the toilet by herself.

There was no need to mention going out.

They were determined not to let her walk with her own legs.

She had to be carried wherever she went.

Huanhuan was very upset by their pressing gazes.

If this continued, she would definitely suffer from prenatal depression!

Huanhuan tried to reason with Bai Di.

Although he always agreed gently after listening to her, he would turn around and hand her another bowl of nourishing soup.

He would also look at her affectionately.

If she didnt drink it, he would keep looking at her like that until she couldnt take it anymore and had to force herself to drink the soup.

As for the other three guys…

Every time Huanhuan told them not to follow her, they would bring up Bai Di.

“Bai Di said to take good care of you.

We have to listen to him.”

Huanhuan was so angry that she slammed the bed.

“Im the head of the family! You should listen to me!”

“Then you have to get Bai Di to listen to you first.”

Huanhuan: “…”

She couldnt live like this anymore!

Huanhuan turned to look for Bai Di again.

No matter what she said, he would agree to it.

But he would stare at her with various supplements and a look of urgency… so everything would go back to square one again.

She wanted to lose her temper, but when she saw Bai Dis gentle smile, she couldnt.

How could she bear to lose her temper at such a good husband!

At this moment, Xue Ling, Shuang Yun, and Sang Ye were chatting in private.

Xue Ling said very confidently, “I knew it.

As long as we bring up Bai Di, Huanhuan will be helpless.

Shes under Bai Dis control.”

Shuang Yun gave him a thumbs-up.

“Youre brilliant.”

Sang Ye was silent.

Just as Huanhuan was about to fall into misery, Mu Xiang gave her a suggestion.

“You could find something to distract them so they wont keep staring at you.”

Huanhuans eyes lit up.

This was a good idea!

The male beasts had to work every day, but apart from that, they had a lot of free time.

During this period of time, only Shuang Yun was relatively busy.

As the tribe leader, he often had to deal with many things.

For example, the beasts who lived in the temporary residence.

Last time, Huanhuan got someone to deal with the group of traitors.

The scene of those beasts getting their legs cut off was too bloody and cruel.

The beasts who were forced to watch were so frightened that their faces turned pale.

From then on, the entire temporary residence became especially peaceful.

The beasts lived every day carefully.

No one dared to try to challenge the laws of the Rock Wolf Tribe anymore.

The frequency of crimes plummeted.

Shuang Yun was quite satisfied with the outcome.

In order to maintain this effect, he would personally go forward to teach them a lesson.

If anyone dared to betray the Rock Wolf Tribe again, those fellows would get their legs chopped off and be thrown out of the tribe like the past traitors!

The beasts trembled in fear.

Shuang Yun called out a few beasts.

When Huai Shan was causing trouble, these people had stepped forward to help Feng Lan and the others control the situation.

Although their efforts were not very effective, Shuang Yun still praised them and gave them the right to live in the rock mountain.

This made the others envious.

Under everyones envious gazes, these beasts walked into the rock mountain with their heads held high.

After they entered the mountain, they were stunned by the amazing structure inside.

In any case, it was the carrot-and-stick approach.

Shuang Yun used it to subdue the beasts in the temporary residence.

While Shuang Yun was handling tribe matters, Bai Di, Sang Ye, and Xue Ling became very free.

The three of them had a lot of time to keep an eye on Huanhuan.

Distracting them sounded easy, but it wasnt easy to actually do it.

These three guys all had extraordinary backgrounds and had seen a lot of the world.

Ordinary little things definitely could not divert their attention.

It had to be something novel and fun.

Huanhuan pondered for a moment and searched the space for a long time.

Finally, she found a very large piece of bark.

This tree bark was peeled off a tree.

It was soft and tough, and it was slightly thicker than ordinary bark.

If it was ground into powder, it could be used as medicine.

It had the effect of stopping itchiness.

There was a lot of it in the space, so there was no need to worry about it being used up.

She cut the bark into palm-sized rectangles.

She cut a total of 54 pieces.

Then, she used some flower leaves to make red and black ink.

Using feathers as pens, she dipped them in ink and wrote words and patterns on the bark cards.

After everything was done, a set of homemade bark poker cards was ready!

Huanhuan sat cross-legged on the bed and waved at Bai Di, Sang Ye, and Xue Ling.

“Come, come.

Ill teach you a new game to play.”

The three of them were summoned.

Huanhuan took out the poker cards and asked mysteriously, “Guess what these are”

Naturally, the three of them did not know.

Huanhuan grinned.

“Its a fun game!”

She introduced all the names of the 54 cards, then explained how to play poker.

Since the three beasts in front of her were all rookies, she told them aboutFive Card Draw.

The three of them had never played such things before.

After listening to her explanation, they all showed interest.

Huanhuan rolled up her sleeves and said excitedly, “Come on, lets play!”

The four of them sat cross-legged on the bed and played poker in a circle.



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