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After washing up, Shuang Yun found a clean place by the river and lit several fires.

With Xue Ling around, lighting fires became a very easy task.

The wolf beasts automatically surrounded him.

They took out the prey they had caught in the forest and placed them on the fire to roast.

Shuang Yun waved at Miu Wei, who was not far away.

“Come and sit!”

Every time they rested, Xue Ling would burn a few fires.

The first time Miu Wei saw them, he was shocked.

His first reaction was to rush forward and put out the fires.

Fortunately, Bai Di had expected it and stopped him in time.

Later on, as time passed, he gradually got used to the existence of fire, and it was the same for those guards.

Not only were they not afraid of fire now, but they gradually experienced the benefits of it and were willing to get close to it to warm themselves.

When he heard Shuang Yuns greeting, he walked over with his guards.

The guards consciously dispersed and surrounded the various fires with the wolf beasts.

They warmed themselves by the fire and ate meat to replenish their strength.

Miu Wei walked over to the fire where Shuang Yun was and sat down cross-legged.

Around this fire were Bai Di, Xue Ling, and Jiu Yuan.

Huanhuan was not here, so Bai Di and Xue Ling were not in the mood to cook personally.

Jiu Yuan picked up the cut meat and was about to put it on the fire to roast when Shuang Yun reached out and took the meat from his hand.

He said, “Let me roast it.”

Bai Di and Xue Ling said nothing as they watched Shuang Yun skewer the meat.

He didnt even deal with the blood or fur before roasting it on the fire.


Jiu Yuan had no idea that his leader was an expert in cooking inedible foods.

He naively thought that his leader was good at cooking and trusted him with the task of roasting the meat.

Eating roasted meat alone was too greasy.

Jiu Yuan got up and prepared to go upstream to get some water to drink.

Bai Di stopped him.

“No need to get water.

Ive brought some wine.

Lets share it.”

Shuang Yun was immediately excited when he heard that there was wine to drink.

“Come on, bring out the wine!”

In order to hide the existence of the contractual ring, Bai Di had brought a hide bag with him.

He reached into the bag and used the hide as cover to take out two jars of wine from his space.

Shuang Yun took a jar of wine with one hand and smiled.

“This is good wine made by my female.

Usually, we cant bear to take it out.

Youre really lucky today!”

He had never drunk alcohol or heard of the existence of alcohol.

His eyes were filled with curiosity.


Shuang Yun took a big sip and shouted that it was good.

Then, he handed the wine jar to Miu Wei.

“Try it!”

When he saw that Shuang Yun was safe after drinking it, he picked up the wine jar and took a small sip.

The wine went down his throat.

It was spicy and stimulating.

He choked and coughed.

Shuang Yun patted his back with one hand and laughed loudly.

“How do you feel Does it feel good”

“It tastes a little strange…”

“Its your first time.

Drink more.

If you dont believe me, try again.”

Hence, Miu Wei tried to take two more sips and realized that the taste of the wine had indeed become much smoother.

Especially the mellow taste of the wine.

It gave him a wonderful feeling when the aftertaste lingered.

He couldnt resist taking another sip.

Bai Di distributed another jar of wine to the guards.

When the guards saw that Miu Wei was fine after drinking so much, they also drank with ease.

The concentration of fruit wine was not high, but it was enough to get these beasts drunk.

Shuang Yun handed the roasted meat to Miu Wei and said excitedly, “Come, try my cooking and see how it tastes.”

Normally, Miu Wei would have noticed the gloating looks in Bai Dis and Xue Lings eyes, but he was drunk and his senses were extremely dull now.

He took the skewer in a daze and took a big bite.

Shuang Yun asked expectantly, “Is it delicious”

Miu Wei opened his mouth and spat out the meat.

His face was pale.

“What is this It tastes disgusting!”

Shuang Yun was speechless.

Bai Di patted his shoulder.

“Stop playing and get to work.”

Jiu Yuan looked confused, not understanding what Bai Di meant.

Shuang Yun told him about Huai Shan getting killed after causing trouble.

Jiu Yuans expression turned fierce when he heard this.

“I know what to do.”

These dregs of the temple actually dared to bully their tribesmen when they were not at home.

They deserved to die!

Miu Wei instinctively sensed danger.

With a jolt, his drunkenness immediately dissipated.

When he saw Jiu Yuan walking toward him, he cursed in his heart.

He wanted to get up and escape, but his limbs were weak.

He had just gotten up when he fell back down.

He couldnt even stand, let alone escape and resist.

In extreme regret, he said angrily, “You actually drugged the wine!”

Xue Ling sneered.

“How can we bear to drug such good wine”

Miu Wei did not believe it.

“Then why cant I even stand up now!”

“Because youre drunk.”

Before he could ask what being drunk meant, Jiu Yuan tied him up with vines.

The other dozen or so drunk guards were also tied up by the wolf beasts.

The wolf beasts put Miu Wei and the guards together.

At this moment, Miu Wei was completely shocked sober.

Unfortunately, his limbs were still limp and he could not break free from the vines.

He could only shout, “What are you doing Were guards sent by the temple to protect the envoys.

If you attack me, youll be offending the temple!”

Bai Di looked down at him.

“Even if we dont attack you, you wont let us go, will you”

“Thats not true.

Our temple would never hurt innocent beasts!”

“Oh Then why did you explore Rock Mountain at night Wasnt it to find out the true strength of the Rock Wolf Tribe”

Miu Wei quickly argued, “I didnt explore the rock mountain at night.

Do you have evidence If not, dont say such things.

Im innocent!”

Shuang Yun was getting impatient.

“Bai Di, stop wasting time.

I want to go home and accompany Huanhuan!”

“Sorry.” Bai Dis right hand transformed into a claw.

Miu Wei screamed in horror.


He only got one word out before the claw penetrated his chest.

The voice stopped.

More than a dozen guards were killed by the wolf beasts.

Xue Ling threw out a few fireballs and burned all the corpses to ashes.

At the same time, in the Dark Moon Temple thousands of miles away, a huge snake beast suddenly opened its eyes with an extremely cold expression.

The divine servant beside him asked respectfully, “High Priest, what can I do for you”

“Invite the beast king over.

Tell him that theres been a change in the rock mountain.

I have something to discuss with him.”


A divine servant ran out of the temple and headed for the palace.

The snake beast turned into a handsome man.

He stretched out his arms.

Two divine servants carried clothes forward and dressed him.

Then, they lowered their heads and silently left the room.

A dark-colored civet jumped through the window and landed silently on the ground.

The high priest stretched out his arms to it and called, “Hei Yao.”

The civet named Hei Yao jumped into his arms and curled up obediently.

He asked, “What did you see with your divine eyes”

The high priest gently stroked the civets back, his pale fingers a stark contrast to the dark fur.

“I saw Huai Shans head being cut off, and his heart was pierced.

Theyre all dead.”

The civet was very surprised.

“Was it the beasts of the Rock Wolf Tribe”


My divine eyes can only see what happened when they died.

I couldnt see the murderers faces clearly.” The high priest paused, his eyes narrowing.

“Whoever the murderers are, I know for sure the Rock Wolf Tribe is involved.”



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