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Xue Hui thought that she was a rare beautiful female, but compared to the little female in front of her, she immediately became a foil.

No wonder Xue Ling liked this little female.

If she were a male beast, she would definitely like Huanhuan too.

Such a beautiful female made one reluctant to look away.

It was easy to trigger the possessiveness in male beasts.

Unable to resist, Xue Hui leaned over and stroked Huanhuans cheek.

“What a likable little female… Huh”

Sang Ye saw the change in her expression and immediately asked, “Whats wrong”

“I smell something familiar.”

“Whats that smell Why dont I smell it”

“Only those from the Divine Wood clan can smell it.” Xue Mei bent down and approached Huanhuan to take a deep breath.

The surprise in her eyes became even more obvious.

“Im not wrong.

She does have the aura of the Divine Wood.”

Could it be that the Divine Wood seed in Huanhuans body had been discovered! Sang Ye frowned.

“You must have smelled wrongly.”


This aura is very faint.

I wouldnt have been able to smell it unless I was close to her.” Xue Ran stared at Huanhuans face, her gaze becoming extremely hot.

“She must be a descendant of the Divine Wood clan!”

Sang Ye: “…”

“Only the Divine Wood clan can have the aura of the Divine Wood.

Even if Huanhuan isnt a direct descendant of the Divine Wood clan, she definitely has the bloodline of the Divine Wood clan.”

When Xue Hui saw the mutated creepers outside the mountain, she suspected that there might be descendants of the Divine Wood clan hidden in the Rock Wolf Tribe.

Now, it seemed that this descendant was definitely Huanhuan.

Sang Ye knew that she had guessed wrong, but he didnt say anything and let her continue to misunderstand.


Ever since the calamity many years ago, the number of people in the Divine Wood clan had decreased.

There were only a dozen or so people alive now, and Xue Hui was one of them.

She did not expect to find a fellow tribesmen in the rock mountain.

She was extremely excited.

It was because of this that Xue Hui was even more determined to cure Huanhuan.

Sang Ye asked, “How many living creatures do you need to cast a healing spell”

Healing spells required the the vitality of other living creatures.

Sang Ye did not plan to look for living people and planned to go to the forest to catch a few prey.

Xue Li said, “When I entered just now, I saw that you had some wild chickens in your courtyard.

I can just catch a few.”

“Will two be enough”

“Huanhuan only has abdominal pain.

Its not like she has an incurable disease.

Two chickens are enough.”

Sang Ye didnt raise any more questions.

He immediately caught two of the strongest chickens from the courtyard.

“Will these two do”

“Yes.” Xue Hui took the necklace from around her neck.

The pendant of the necklace was a green crystal.


This green crystal was very different from the ones they usually saw.

Not only was its texture more crystalline, but the power contained in it was also stronger and thicker.

Sang Ye immediately recognized it as a precious green crystal essence!

Even though it was only the size of a thumb, it was still a priceless treasure.

He didnt expect Xue Mei to have such a treasure.

It seemed that her status in the Divine Wood Temple was extraordinary.

Xue Mei held the green crystal essence in one hand and gently covered Huanhuans abdomen with the other.

She closed her eyes and chanted softly.

The two chickens seemed to sense the danger and began to struggle and cry.

Sang Ye squeezed their sharp mouths and tore off their wings, preventing them from escaping.

After a moment, the green crystal essence began to glow slightly.

The two chickens visibly lost weight, and their feathers fell to the ground.

Huanhuan felt a warm current enter her body.

It dispelled the cramps in her abdomen and made her feel much better.

She opened her eyes, and her gaze fell on the female beside the bed.

“You are” she said hoarsely.

The healing spell was completed.

Xue Hui stopped chanting, and the green crystal essence returned to its original state.

The two chickens were completely dead.

Their corpses were only left with skin and bones.

Sang Ye threw them aside.

Thinking that the little female in front of her was very likely her own kind, Xue Hui couldnt help but soften her tone, and her gaze was extremely gentle.

“Im Xue Hui.”

Huanhuans eyes widened.

“Youre the envoy from the Divine Wood Temple”

Xue Hui smiled rather happily.

“Do you know me”

“Ive heard people talk about you before.” Huanhuans eyes swept over her beautiful face.

“Its true.

Youre even younger and prettier than I thought.”

“Im far inferior to you in terms of looks.”

Xue Hui was telling the truth, but Huanhuan felt that she was being polite.

Huanhuan said, “Did you cure me just now Thank you.”

“Its just a small matter.

Theres no need to thank me.”

Xue Hui saw the fatigue in Huanhuans eyes and said considerately, “Rest first.

Ill visit you tomorrow.”

Sang Ye then sent Xue Hui away.

Huanhuan gently stroked her abdomen.

Thinking that a small life had been born and was inside her belly now, she couldnt help but smile gently.

Bai Di would be thrilled if he knew she was pregnant.

She closed her eyes and gradually fell asleep.

At the same time, a feather beast flew to the forest with Shen Yans message and found Xue Ling.

Almost all the beasts suffering from dead blood disease in this forest had been wiped out.

If nothing went wrong, they should be able to get home before the sun set.

Bai Di and Shuang Yun both wanted to go home quickly.

The process of dealing with the infected was becoming more and more straightforward.

Miu Wei followed behind them with a dozen guards.

Occasionally, they would help block the mutants who tried to escape.

Most of the time, they didnt have a chance to do anything as Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and the others would have already dealt with the mutants.

After several consecutive battles, Shuang Yuns soul beast had upgraded.

He had risen from two stars to three stars, and his strength increased greatly.


Miu Wei was secretly shocked to witness allt his.

No wonder the high priest had told them to be careful of the Rock Wolf Tribe.

It seemed that the high priest had the foresight to not underestimate the Rock Wolf Tribe.

In time, it was very likely that the Rock Wolf Tribe would grow into a super tribe that could contend with beast cities.

Miu Wei thought to himself that he had to find out the true strength of the Rock Wolf Tribe as soon as possible.

Then, he had to think of a way to eliminate the tribe before they could get any stronger.

Xue Ling landed on the ground.

“Ive already checked.

All the mutants in this area have been cleaned up.

Lets go to the river to wash up and go home.”

He could finally go home! Shuang Yun was excited and quickly ran to the river to wash the blood off his body.

Miu Wei and the dozen or so guards barely made a move.

They were all clean and did not need to wash themselves.

They spread out and were in charge of guarding.

Bai Di and Xue Ling walked toward the river side by side.

Xue Ling glanced at Miu Wei, who was not far away.

He lowered his voice and said to Bai Di, “Huai Shan is dead.”

Bai Di looked up at him.

“How did he die”

“Huanhuan asked Little Lotus to kill him.

Even the guards around him were dealt with.”

Bai Di pondered for a moment.

“In that case, they cant stay.”

Xue Lings thin lips curled up, but there was no smile in his eyes.

“Huanhuan is so delicate.

Shes frightened from just killing a chicken.

It seems that Huai Shan had gone overboard.”



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