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Big Goody was the first to notice of her mothers abnormality.

She hurriedly asked, “Mom, whats wrong”

Huanhuan said with difficulty, “My stomach hurts.”

“Then what should we do!”

Usually, when someone was sick or injured, Huanhuan would help treat them.

But now that Huanhuan was sick, no one could treat her.

Huanhuan said slowly, “Help me upstairs first.

Perhaps Ill feel better after lying down for a while.”

Big Goody picked her up and put her on her back before sending her upstairs to the bedroom.

The wolf pups helped carry Huanhuan to the bed, lay her down, and covered her with a thick and soft blanket.

Their dark green eyes stared at Huanhuan while filled with worry.

Huanhuan wanted to comfort them, but her stomach hurt too much.

She didnt have the strength to speak anymore and could only curl up into a ball under the blanket.

Sang Ye was back.

His heart sank when he saw Huanhuans pale face.

“Whats wrong Are you feeling unwell”

Huanhuan broke out in a cold sweat from the pain.

“My stomach…”

Big Goody immediately said, “Her stomach hurts!”

Sang Ye said to Big Goody, “Go and get Meng Li to come over.”


Meng Lis medical skills were not as good as Huanhuans, but he had been a witch doctor before and knew some medical knowledge.

Big Goody ran out quickly.

Sang Ye clenched Huanhuans hand.

“Dont be afraid.

Ill always be with you.”

Huanhuan endured the pain and said in a trembling voice, “Get Shen Yan to send someone to inform Shuang Yun and the others about Huai Shans murder.

Shuang Yun and Bai Di will know what to do.”

Sang Ye said, “Okay.

After Meng Li comes, Ill look for Shen Yan.”

“Go now!”

Huanhuan used all her strength to push him toward the door.

She wanted him to inform Shen Yan immediately.

The death of the envoy was not a small matter.

They had to deal with Miu Wei and the guards before the news spread.

In case the news leaked and caused more trouble.

Sang Ye had no choice but to get Dos, Tres, and Little Monster to help watch over her.

He ran to the territory of the feather tribe as quickly as possible.

When Sang Ye returned, Meng Li and Big Goody were already there.

Meng Li first touched Huanhuans forehead and asked her some details about her recent life.

Due to the fact that Huanhuan was in great pain, she could not speak properly.

Big Goody helped answer the questions for her.

After hearing the answer, Meng Li pondered for a moment, then took out a purple fragrant leaf and placed it in front of Huanhuans nose for her to smell.

Huanhuan smelled the purple fragrant leaf and immediately felt her stomach churn.

She immediately turned over, leaned over the bed, and vomited.

Sang Ye quickly held her shoulders.

After she finished vomiting, he wiped the corners of her mouth with a cotton cloth.

His heart ached at the sight of how weak the little female was.

“Elder Meng Li, whats wrong with Huanhuan”

Meng Li said, “Shes not sick.

Shes pregnant.”

Everyone was stunned.

Sang Ye came back to his senses the fastest and asked calmly, “Even if shes pregnant, her stomach shouldnt hurt so much, right”

Meng Li sighed.

“Her pregnancy wasnt stable to begin with.

Coupled with the fact that her mood fluctuated too much just now, it caused her abdomen to ache.”

“Then what should we do now” Sang Ye wanted to say that he would give up on the children if he really had to.

No matter what, he had to ensure Huanhuans safety.

However, when he saw Huanhuans surprised expression after knowing that she was pregnant, he couldnt bring himself to say it.

Meng Li said, “Ill prescribe her some medicine first and see how it works.”

He crushed a few herbs that were beneficial to pregnant women into a paste and boiled some tonic with it.

The medicine tasted bitter, but for the sake of the children in her stomach, Huanhuan gritted her teeth and drank it all.

Sang Ye stuffed two sweet fruits into her mouth to help her get rid of the bitterness.

After drinking the medicinal tonic, Huanhuans abdominal pain showed no signs of getting better.

Meng Li was also helpless.

He said in shame, “My medical skills are limited.

I cant help Huanhuan.”

Sang Ye hugged Huanhuan tightly and stroked her trembling back.

He wished he could shoulder all the pain she was experiencing himself.

Big Goody was very anxious.

“Is there really no way”

Meng Li thought carefully and suddenly said, “Maybe theres someone who can help.”


“Xue Hui from the Divine Wood Temple!” Meng Li said quickly.

“Shes an envoy.

She must know healing spells.

As long as shes willing to use healing spells, Huanhuans abdominal pain can definitely be cured.”

Sang Ye said, “I understand.”

Big Goody volunteered.

“Ill bring Xue Hui over!”

“Stay at home and take care of your mother.

Ill go look for Xue Hui.” Sang Ye slowly covered the blanket.

“None of you are a match for Xue Hui.

If shes unwilling to come, theres nothing you can do.”

He was the only one here who had the strength to fight Xue Hui.

If Xue Hui refused to help, he would kidnap her!

Big Goody hated herself for not being strong enough.

She watched Sang Ye leave, then stayed by her mothers bed with her brothers.

The little flower sensed that Huanhuan was not in good condition.

She rubbed her cheek and called out affectionately, “Mom, get better soon~”

Sang Ye quickly went down the mountain.

As soon as he walked out of the cave, he saw Xue Hui standing not far away.

He strode over.

“Huanhuans sick.

She needs your help.”

Xue Rans lips curled into a smile, and her eyes were charming.

“Huanhuan The mate Xue Ling found”


“I didnt want to interfere in the affairs of your Rock Wolf Tribe, but Im really curious about what the female Xue Ling has taken a fancy to looks like.

Is she really more beautiful than me”

Sang Ye frowned slightly.

“You just have to tell me if youre willing to help.”

Xue Ran chided, “What an insensitive blockhead.

Come on, show me the little female.”

Under Sang Yes lead, Xue Hui successfully walked into the rock mountain.

When she saw the interior of the rock mountain, even she, who had seen many storms, couldnt help but look shocked.

An exquisite fortress like this was really unique in the world!

No wonder Shuang Yun did not allow outsiders to step into the rock mountain.

Anyone who owned such a powerful fortress would do their best to keep a low profile and not let outsiders discover its existence.

Unable to resist, Xue Hui asked, “Who came up with the idea of building this fortress”

Sang Ye led the way and remained silent.

He did not say a word.

As time passed, Xue Hui tactfully stopped asking.

Sang Ye brought Xue Hui into the house and went up to the second floor.

The wolf cubs were all guarding the bedroom.

Even Ni Ya was beside them.

Everyone was worried about Huanhuans safety.

When they saw Sang Ye and Xue Hui, they made way.

Huanhuans face was so pale.

Her hair was stuck to her cheeks because she was drenched in a cold sweat.

Her eyes were closed, and her thick eyelashes were drooping, casting a thick shadow on her face.

Even though she looked a little disheveled, Xue Hui was still stunned by her beauty.


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