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Huanhuan saw the dying Dong Ya, Feng Lan, and the others, and her chest was filled with anger.

She questioned, “Were they harmed by you!”

Without hostages, Huai Shan would have no leverage to threaten the Rock Wolf Tribe.

He knew that his plan had failed.

He would definitely not be able to enter the rock mountain again today.

He was filled with hatred.

Facing Huanhuans question, he smiled extremely hideously.

“Yes, I did it.

Their vitality has been sucked away by me.

They wont live until dawn tomorrow.

Just wait to collect their corpses! Hahahaha!”

Huanhuan clenched her fists, her eyes almost spitting fire.

Seeing that she was angry, Huai Shan felt almost perverted joy.

Since she didnt let him have it easy, he definitely wouldnt let her have it easy either!

He laughed.

“Healing is a divine technique bestowed by the gods.

Its their honor to sacrifice themselves for it!”

In other words, Dong Ya and Feng Lan deserved to die!

The wolf cubs growled angrily.

The wolf beasts also glared at him, wishing they could immediately pounce on him and tear him into pieces.

Huanhuan was no better.

Meng Li lowered his voice and advised, “Dont be rash.

We cant attack him yet.”

Huanhuan could only be silent.

Huai Shan smiled extremely proudly.

“Do you want to kill me Unfortunately, you dont dare to! Im an envoy sent by the temple.

If you attack me, its equivalent to provoking the entire temple.

At that time, the entire rock mountain will be razed to the ground by the army sent by the temple!”

Big Goody was furious.

“Mom, let me kill this arrogant guy!”

Huanhuan turned around and said in a low voice, “Lets go back.”



“Dont say another word!”

Big Goody could only lower her tail and shut up reluctantly.

Seeing that Huanhuan was about to leave, Huai Shan became even prouder.

With his status as an envoy, he knew that no one would dare to attack him.

He smiled arrogantly and said, “Even if you dont let me enter the rock mountain today, the Dark Moon Temple wont let you off.

Sooner or later, the army of the temple will take over the rock mountain.

Everyone who stops me today will die!”

Huanhuan stopped, her eyes hidden in the shadows.

Huai Shan was still shouting, “If I were you, Id kneel down and submit to me.

Ill let you live on account that youre a female!”

Huanhuan raised her hand to touch the small bud by her ear.

“What if I dont”

“Then Ill kill your family! Ill let you see them die without a grave!”

“Youre too arrogant.”

Huai Shan said proudly, “So what Unless you kill me today, Ill definitely make your Rock Wolf Tribe bleed!”

“Since you want to die so much, Ill fulfill your wish.” Huanhuan touched the lotus petals.

“Little Lotus, kill him.”


Before she could even finish her sentence, the lotus suddenly darted out.

Before anyone could react, the lotus had already opened its petals and bitten off Huai Shans neck!

Huai Shans eyes widened in disbelief.

He was indignant.

Huanhuan really dared to kill him!

With a violent tug, Huai Shans head fell to the ground and rolled twice.

Huai Shans corpse fell to the ground, and blood quickly spread.


The lotus returned to its small bud form and retracted to Huanhuans head.

It was extremely quiet and obedient.

It was as if the ferocious flower that had bitten Huai Shans neck was not it at all.

The change happened too suddenly.

By the time everyone reacted, Huai Shan had already died.

The guards expressions immediately changed.

They transformed into snake beasts and pounced at Huanhuan!

However, Sang Ye and the wolf beasts did not give them the chance.

They stopped them halfway, and the two sides fought.

Seeing that the wolf beasts had the upper hand, Shen Yan had no intention of interfering.

Before long, the dozen guards were all captured.

Only then did Huanhuan turn around.

Her gaze swept over Huai Shans corpse before stopping on the guards.

“Lock them up and wait for Shuang Yun to return.”

At this moment, Shen Yan suddenly interrupted, “I think its best to kill them now.”

In any case, the envoy had already been killed.

These guards could not be left alive.

They had to be eliminated!

Huanhuan was silent.

Shen Yan frowned.

“At this point, do you still want to retreat”

Huanhuan touched the ring on her ring finger.

After a while, she whispered, “Kill.”

As soon as he finished speaking, more than a dozen guards were killed on the spot.

The thick smell of blood was almost suffocating.

Huanhuans fingertips were trembling as she held her ring finger.

Sang Ye suddenly held her hand.

“Go back.

Leave this to me.”

His palm was large.

It was not as warm as Bai Dis but reliable.

Huanhuan gradually calmed down.

“Its okay,” she said.

“I can do it.”

Sang Ye said, “Dont force yourself.”


More than a dozen beasts died at once, and they were all from the temple.

It was said that they were very noble.

All the beasts present were shocked and did not even dare to breathe.

Especially the 70-odd beasts who were won over by the crystals offered by Huai Shan and helped Huai Shan fight against the Rock Wolf Tribe.

They were all pale with fear and trembling.

They all knelt down and begged for mercy.

Meng Li glanced at the beasts and asked in a low voice, “What should we do with these guys”

Huanhuans voice was cold.

“The Rock Wolf Tribe doesnt need such traitors.”

“You mean to drive them out of the Rock Wolf Tribe” Meng Li frowned slightly as he felt that this punishment was too light.

“Cut off their legs first, then throw them out.”


Meng Li clapped his hands and smiled.


Huanhuans gaze swept across the surrounding beasts.

She was unprecedentedly calm.

“Do it in front of these people.

Let them see what happens to traitors.”

Meng Li clapped his hands again, clearly in agreement with this decision.


Huanhuan did not want the children to see such a bloody scene.

Coupled with the fact that she was a little dizzy now, she said to Meng Li, “Ill leave this to you.

Well go back first.”

Meng Li replied, “Okay.”

Huanhuans family returned home.

As soon as she entered the house, Huanhuan blacked out and almost fainted!

Sang Ye quickly caught her.

“Whats wrong”


Im just nervous and a little dizzy.” Huanhuan rubbed the bridge of her nose.

“Ill be fine after a rest.”

Sang Ye poured her a glass of water.

After drinking the water, Huanhuan felt a little better.

She asked Sang Ye to make four bowls of soup.

Then, she cut her finger and mixed a drop of blood into each.

Huanhuan asked Sang Ye to send the medicine to Feng Lan, Dong Ya, and the others.

After Sang Ye left, Huanhuan wanted to lie on the bed for a while.

She got up and walked upstairs.

However, just as she reached the stairs, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach.

She clutched her abdomen and doubled over in discomfort.



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