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Huanhuans mind raced.

She asked, “Arent there two envoys Apart from Huai Shan, wheres the other envoy Isnt she stopping Huai Shan”

Bei Chu shook her head.

“That envoy is missing.”

Huanhuans heart sank.

It seemed that Xue Hui was planning to watch the disaster happen from afar.

She turned to Sang Ye and said, “Im going down the mountain.”

Sang Ye disagreed.

“Huai Shan is not a good person.

If you show your face, youll be in danger.”

“Shuang Yun and Bai Di are not at home now, and your identity is very special.

Its not appropriate for you to show your face.

Only I can represent Shuang Yun to solve the problem.”


“No buts,” Huanhuan interrupted him, her tone extremely firm.

“I have to protect this family.

I cant hide forever!”

Sang Ye said nothing.

Huanhuan looked at Bei Chu.

“Go to the territory of the feather tribe now and tell Shen Yan what happened at the foot of the mountain.

Ask him to send reinforcements as soon as possible.

We cant let Huai Shan take a step into the rock mountain!”

Bei Chu nodded involuntarily.


Huanhuan took out a stone slab, applied the potion, and pressed them onto Bei Chus legs.

They were beast patterns that could increase speed.

Huanhuan said to him, “Come back quickly.”

Bei Chu did not understand what the beast patterns meant.

He tried to take two steps, but he realized that his steps were unexpectedly light.

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When he ran, he felt like he was flying!

He was full of shock as he ran toward the feather territory.

So this was the use of the beast patterns that Huanhuan had applied on him!

She was really amazing!

In the end, Sang Ye couldnt persuade Huanhuan and agreed to her decision.

He said, “Do whatever you want, but theres one thing.

I have to go down the mountain with you.”

“But your identity—”

“If youre not afraid of danger, why should I be afraid of being discovered” Sang Ye was also very determined.

“While youre desperately protecting this family outside, do you expect me to hide at home and be protected by you Forgive me, but I cant do that.”

Huanhuan had no choice but to compromise.

“Alright, our two sides have already fallen out.

The situation cant get worse.”

“Are we going to fight Huai Shan head-on”

“Try not to attack directly.

After all, he was sent by the temple.

If something happens to him in the territory of the Rock Wolf Tribe, Shuang Yun will definitely have to bear the responsibility as the leader.

We cant cause trouble for him.”

Huanhuan paused and added, “But if he insists on courting death, I dont mind using extreme methods.”

“Then what do you want to do”

“Huai Shan chose to attack at this time because Shuang Yun and the others arent at home.

The wolf beasts are leaderless, so he wants to take advantage of the situation.

But he forgot that in addition to the tribe leader, theres also a witch doctor.”

Sang Ye immediately understood her thoughts.

He asked, “Have you thought it through Are you sure you want to do this”

“Of course.” Huanhuan was calm.

She had been hiding all this time, avoiding all danger.

But her instincts told her that one day, there would be no avoiding it anymore.

Just like now.

What would come would come.

There was nothing to be afraid of.

Sang Ye took out a soft cloak and draped it over her.

“Its cold outside.”

The cloak was sewn from whole pieces of animal hide.

There was a thin layer of short white wool on the surface.

It was very soft and comfortable to the touch.

There was even a circle of white fox fur at the collar.

Huanhuans small face was even more charming, and her bright eyes shone with determination.

Sang Ye stared at her face for a moment, then took out a piece of cloth made from snow silk.

After folding it a few times, he covered most of her face.

Only her eyes and forehead were revealed.

He said, “Its better if no one sees your face.”

Huanhuan had no idea how lethal her face was.

When she saw Sang Yes serious expression, she couldnt help but nod.


As soon as the two of them walked out of the house, four wolf cubs suddenly appeared.

They surrounded Huanhuan and wagged their big tails.

Big Goody said, “Mom, well go with you.

We can protect you!”

Huanhuan wanted to refuse, but she heard Sang Ye say, “Bring them along.”

“But its dangerous down the mountain…”

“I can protect all of you.

Dont worry too much,” Sang Ye said calmly.

“Even if you dont agree with the children going down the mountain, with Big Goodys personality, shell definitely sneak down the mountain with her brothers.

Itll be even worse if she causes trouble.”

Huanhuan was skeptical.

“Big Goody and the others are very obedient.

They wouldnt do such a thing, right”

Big Goodys eyes shifted.

She looked sly.

In the end, Huanhuan listened to Sang Yes opinion and agreed to bring the children down the mountain.

To Huanhuans surprise, Ni Ya, who usually only knew how to eat and sleep, came along as well.

Big Goody carried Huanhuan down the mountain.

Although Big Goody was still underaged, her wolf body was tall and healthy.

She looked very imposing.

Big Goody glanced at the bamboo bear beast beside her and couldnt help but ask.

“Why are you following us instead of staying at home and waiting to die”

Due to Big Goodys strong female might, Ni Ya didnt dare to look Big Goody in the eye.

He could only whisper awkwardly, “Im a male beast, after all.

Theres no reason for you females to take risks while I stay at home.

If my sister finds out, shell definitely despise me.”

Big Goody already despised him.

“Two of your three sentences are about your sister.

Are you so dependent on your sister”

“My sister is good to me.

I like her a lot.”

“Tsk, you can only be a lackey for the rest of your life!”

Huanhuan stroked Big Goodys head.

“Dont always bully Ni Ya.”


Big Goody wagged her big fluffy tail.

With the enhancement of the beast patterns, Bei Chu quickly rushed to the territory of the feather tribe and saw the leader, Shen Yan.

When Shen Yan learned that someone was trying to barge into the rock mountain, he immediately brought his men down the mountain.

The feather beasts all had wings and flew extremely fast.

They set off later, but they arrived at the foot of the mountain earlier than Huanhuan.

When Huanhuans family walked out of the rock mountain, they saw that Huai Shan and the others had been surrounded by the feather beasts.

Shen Yan stood at the front of the feather beasts and stared at Huai Shan sharply.

Huai Shan was not afraid at all.

He said loudly, “This is a private matter between me and the Rock Wolf Tribe.

Its none of your business!”

Shen Yan said, “We also live in the rock mountain.

If you barge into the rock mountain, its equivalent to barging into our territory.

Of course, we have to interfere!”

“Barge in” Huai Shan smiled strangely.

He glanced at the guards behind him.

“I just want to send them home out of kindness.”

Feng Lan, Dong Ya, and the others were dragged out by the guards.

The four of them were still unconscious.

They appeared to be dying.


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